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    Some MMOs have mail and COD in game. Just curious if we will see anything like this to encourage cross-world trading. I know they will have NPC vendors but some players don't want to be merchants or may just find that one off valuable item. Plus some players may not be able or willing to travel across worlds to purchase just one item.

    Plus I always thought mail was a fantastic way to support players (unlike myself) who only have one account and want to mule stuff between alts without a home. Unless all storage (NPC) is planned to be shared.


    Good question, mail is always cool. WoW it was instrumental in trading and its a great way to give players gifts and such..... gifts make happy players (hint!)

  • Being able to send gold or items through mail would remove a lot of interesting player interaction, and conflicts with the sandbox nature of Fractured. I'm completely against it.


    @Tsoo cross world mail, and cross town mail will surely not exist. Fractured is all about travelling with your goods and risking the travel dangers for better profits.

    Cross town mail system would just be going around that, and I can tell you with pretty high certainty that we will not see that.

    Intra- city mail with COD, like a local cargo bay, where you could leave your item with COD, for buyer to come pick up on the spot where you left it and then pay for it could be interesting.

    Something like this we already will have (market stands to sell your goods). Just the reservation system wasn't mentioned (unless I'm mistaken), but it would likely be easy enough to implement.

    So reservation system tied to market stands, I can see that.

    Normal market stand with all the items you placed on it, but as an extra option you reserve item X, for person Y, with price tag Z, for time duration T, and if this person fails to come pick it up in designated time frame, then this item just transfers to your general item assortment on market stand and becomes available for anyone to buy at designated price tag. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @gothix normal mail with just messages should be in-game. Otherwise people will have to go to forum or something like that and the effect will be the same just more bothersome.

    With items - your idea seems cool and reasonable in Fractured ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I think it would take too much away of what makes Fractured, which is highly dependent on travel and player interactions.

    If someone find something valuable on Syndesia and doesn't want to travel, I have no doubt there will be people who buy things local and transport to other towns/worlds for trade. Granted, the local seller will likely be selling for 1/3rd the going rate, but that's the price they pay for not wanting to take the risks.

    Some enterprising groups might create the equivalent of UPS/FedEx you can hire to send stuff (for a price of course) - I find that far more interesting than a mail system that removes all risk.


    @gothix I have no problem with mail - as long as it's understood that the person hupping the parcel is a player. Now, it would probably be handy to have some "sealed envelopes" for the purpose of not encouraging greed, signatures, and/or having some 3rd party operate as an escrow, but in the end, having a mailperson move your goods to a buyer, rather than having a merchant player randomly arrive with goods you may want, seems like a reasonable service to purchase.


    Good point from Target, but need to learn to compromise. Of course we shouldn't be able to mail a wagon of wood. Mail should be limited by weight and number of items. The weight may increase a bit the longer we've known a person. Gotta control all that chinese government-sponsored mmo gold farming you know.

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    I'd rather see there be some impetus toward a player based mail delivery service. Want to send something somewhere? You contact them. They take the risk of the trip in everything other than what you are sending.

    Get a bad reputation with them for killing them to get stuff? Well, they certainly won't run your mail (unless maybe you are paying a fee so high that your ill gotten gains are small by comparison).


    Letting things be sent without any risk to the buyer or seller isn't good if you ask me. Everything we know about the game so far is risk v reward. The singular element is the driving force behind ones actions. Taking that away from one aspect may make other choices not worth it. Why would anyone dare take a caravan of some sort to send items if there is no real reason to? It's a risk that has absolutely no benefit if C.O.D. is available. Then that's not even considering the potential for abuse as storage. Why leave an item somewhere where it can be stolen? Leave it in the mail instead and retrieve it later.

    It's just too easily abused, and seems to go against the very core of the games design?


    I play lotro alot and use the mailing system all the time. Most the time to send items between toons so yes would be nice to have something ingame


    For me, sending items through mail does not fit with Fractured.

    If you want to give an item to an alt / twink you can probably just put it in a chest in your house. Since the house is shared for all your characters I guess you can retrieve it without any problems.

    Mail as in only text messages... I donยดt know, I actually have never used the mail system in any game for that. Would not mind having it, but since the game has survival mechanics and is as realistic as you have to carry heavy items per hand, the mail would maybe need an actual implementation as well (letters bois, which then could also get lost during delivery... a heavy system for something probably not needed)


    there should be players that do that. instead of Mail it'd be contracts. Someone on a planet creates a contract to have an item of whatever weight (contents are unknown) delivered to a certain destination. the player visits the contract location to accept the create of something then travels through the world(s)/gate(s) to the destination.

    it'd be similar to how Eve Online has it.


    @eurav small point - each of your characters will have their own house, from what I've seen. We can give all of our toons access to all of our houses, for the sake of sharing goods, but a particular toon must travel to the proper house to pick up whatever it is you left for yourself.


    Mail set up correctly creates a need to reach out and be reached by other players. Multiple levels of interaction allows for more diverse levels of social actions, guilds and solo alike.


    @therippyone said in Mail & COD:

    @eurav small point - each of your characters will have their own house, from what I've seen. We can give all of our toons access to all of our houses, for the sake of sharing goods, but a particular toon must travel to the proper house to pick up whatever it is you left for yourself.

    I am pretty sure it was once mentioned in a Q&A that you will most likely have one house per planet per account; if it was one per character you could have a one man town, which will not get downgraded, cause you can keep it alive yourself (with the character slot expansions :D) lul

    Yeah, a delivery system where other players can deliver items for a reward is something I can see. Would also most likely be an intereaction between older and newer players, which is never wrong ๐Ÿ™‚


    I think a players run mail, is great, as long as there is a contract system, and it's not trust base.

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    @grofire Even with a contract system there will likely be some level of trust involved, but it gives more options for dealing with problem people (such as if somebody joins to run mail and absconds with the goods, they can be held in breach of the contract, lose alignment, and be put on guard attack lists).

    Still, there's likely to always be some level of risk in trusting anyone in a game like this. Any system which went so far as to make there be no such risk would be effectively turning it into the mail of so many other MMOs.

    Part of the reason why, then, having a dedicated group to this would be nice is that they would not only be punitive toward any players that did such things, but also toward any groups that sheltered such players. Meaning we would likely end up with a good/neutral mail, and an evil mail. Which turns into options for both sides to have various gameplay and strategies around that.

    Speaking of which, since there would then be an evil mail service it might potentially be possible to attack them for positive reasons in the good/evil spectrum, which would be an interesting way for alignment points to the positive.


    @eurav HM...that...yeah, that sounds more correct. I was reading your statement as "n-characters in 1 house" - which would mean an easy way to get goods from Arboreus to Tartaros (and vise versa) though that house.

    I don't remember the devs saying that, but I'm not paying too much attention to the housing materials atm, so I'll believe you XD I'm not sure that the town requirements are low enough that one person can incorporate (And I can't help but think the strain would be a monster - 1 dude building 6 houses - ow), but the point is well taken.


    Wurm Online has a magic mail system through which most items can be sent, bypassing travel through worldspace, and while very convenient (travel times can be measured in hours), it degrades immersion and makes for a "flat" economy across all servers, which destroys local economies.

    No reason to buy from the local blacksmith, if you can buy from the best/cheapest a world away!

    So, I'd be reluctant to see a mail system, especially one that bypassed worldspace travel times and danger.

    Granted, I suppose a lore case could be made for magical teleportation of objects, and that could work if sufficiently expensive in some way.

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