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  • Week 156 - Weekly Drawing Winners

    Hey everyone!

    Engagement Drawing - Week 156

    Each of the winners below has gained 1,000 Foundation Points!


    Congratulations to everyone and thank you for being part of this awesome community! See you at next week's drawing!

    If you're wondering what types of drawing exist and how to participate, check out this explanatory thread.

    Please note: Drawing winners are drawn on Wednesday - so Week 156 ended on January 13th (last Wednesday).

    Please note: the leaderboard is updated once per day. If you've won a drawing and want to trigger the update immediately, you have to open your own foundation page first 😉

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  • RE: Guilds and new players

    just to nitpick a bit. Most players wont be wearing metal armor at all.
    You could easily be a mage or an archer in a day, but a tank is a real investment.

    A currently unimplemented system is that skills will have 3(?) tiers.
    (this next part is hear say and I hope it's implemented)
    -Novice : players can mentor another player. the mentored player can use the skill load out of their mentor. The skills are lesser versions of the proficient tier skills (about 25% reduce damage)
    -Proficient : skills gain thought knowledge or enemy's
    -Master : Skills that are further studied by other quest and grinding (only a few skills can be mastered at a time, you can lower a skill back to proficient anytime to pick up new master skills)

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  • RE: [Feedback] Rock, paper, stack evasion... and a list of other things

    The problem was not that there should or should not be 1 v 1. The Game is meant to be a group pvp game. fixing the current skills to be 1 v 1 (melee's not doing any damage or mages doing less damage) could be problematic.

    It's not early to talk about balance. We've been balancing for the last 2 test.
    We saw problems with a few builds. We saw that heavy weapons could be super DPS for a bit,
    Assassins' were able to infinitely stun, and bandages were insane that they could outheal anything.

    I do think to balance some classes, the game will require other skills to help balance skills out.
    But we don't want to get into a "it's required to use this skill in all fights" sorta deal.
    IE: a skill that drops a bubble down that reduces damage by 50%.


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  • RE: Карта Миира (Myr), Все Города и Узлы Ресурсов

    @Drey Fractured is going to have a Russian localization but I don't know when it'll happen. 😉

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  • [Feedback] Rock, paper, stack evasion... and a list of other things

    This is such a mixture of thoughts and balance is so hard to do. I've tested and pvp'ed with nearly every possible build even tried early game builds and late game builds fully enchanted, none enchanted, types of points progression in the talent tree (30,40,60).
    These are some of my conclusions to how things should be balanced a bit, but I welcome people to poke holes into why or why not things to be change or add onto ideas of how to possibly balance something.

    One problem with balancing in this game is~ it's by no means 1 v 1 game. Balance should be around group pvp, and I sadly did not find much group pvp this test; BUT without a doubt there is things that need balance still.

    Currently I find Archer beats mage, mage beats Warrior and warrior beats Archers with 100% correct builds.
    Assassin's, MeleeDPS and unarmed beat nobody.
    when I say 100% correct builds, I mean currently there is a few builds that are king.
    Evasion stacking is always needed and unlocking the talent to dodge projectiles.
    Evasion is not the problem, lack of enchants and lack of skills are.

    Melee (light weapons + medium weapons) ~~~
    Melee Feels bad mainly for the fact that most melee attacks miss the enemy when they just walking away.
    Either telegraphs need to be better used for combat or click combat needs to hit when the attack is click on the enemy and your guy goes to hit them. (telegraphs seem more in line with the play style)
    Larger hit boxes need to be given to most melee attacks.

    Evasion and damage ~~~
    the current trend for armors is to stack evasion; This is not a bad thing. Enchanting your gear with full evasion + fox necklace you can hit 1000 evasion. 90ACC vs 1000EVA is 75% dodge rate.
    What ends up happening is Warriors can't hit each other and Archers have a MUCH harder time fighting tanks.
    Anyone not stacking evasion gets blasted away by high damage.
    I don't see any proper balance for this currently.....
    BUT I DO see a balance for enchanting to make heavy armors unable to stack so much evasion.

    ARCHERS ~~~
    For archers are currently a little OP, it's mainly because anything other then a tank gets blasted away by them.
    They do much more damage then Melee DPS. It would be better to dial the damage down a little + give them more of a supporting role. Ideally (to me) archers should be quicker movespeed, low damage but able attack the backline putting pressure on healers and casters while also being the primary player who can kill people who are trying to run away.

    Nerfs they could use.

    -Do less damage the closer they are to the target.
    Archer would have to have a bit of distance to get full damage. if an archer hits an enemy at less then 3m it will deal that much less damage. (1.5m = 50%, 1m = 25%, 1cm=1%, ect)

    -Friendlyfire - This seems like a pain in the ass to deal with but would help with a few fights, also there should be more archer type skills that would allow for rain arrow type of shooting, fire arrow's and other hazard type skills.

    -Add arrow damage to arrows and lower bow damage (wood, stone, bone, metal); this will reduce no effort archers and give them more of a cost to use them at full build. (Stone = 50% less damage, bone 40%, metal 0%)

    Melee light ~~~
    Unarmed and light weapon users have a full list of skills they can use, but the damage from those skills are so low compared to heavy 2h great sword using concussion strike and archers.
    Melee light users using strike skills need their effects/wounds to last longer.
    Strike skills use up a lot of skills slots, for the little damage they do & miss a heck of a lot.

    Unarmed ~~~
    Unarmed needs to have a better clear defined use. Their talent is very useless (5% chance to bash). it would be better if unarmed had 5% chance to bash & 30% chance to cripple. atm Unarmed skills are most light armor skills, they do very little damage. I would like to see Unarmed develop into different paths.

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  • Enchanting system changes for balance

    One of the current problems of the enchanting system is that's hard to balance.

    To make it easier to balance and better to understand, enchanting should be enchanted onto a middle man then onto a item.
    An enchanting rock.
    The enchanting rock can then be placed on a bench with a item and enchanted onto the item.

    The Enchanting rock would tell you the tier (1,2,3,4) and what it can do.

    Armor enchant - Accuracy bonus Tier 2
    Light Armor - +50 Accuracy
    Medium Armor - +40 Accuracy
    Heavy Armor - +30 Accuracy

    if a possibly of different out comes happen the rock can say that

    Weapon enchant - Multiple (8) possible bonus enchants Tier 2
    Enchant possibility's: Acid Damage, Cold Damage. Damage Increase, Fire Damage, Magic Damage, Poison Damage, Shock Damage, Spell Damage.

    Light Weapon - +50
    Medium Weapon - +50
    Heavy Weapon - +50

    This can then later be used with my other idea to fix and make enchanting system more interesting 😛

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    daily post

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  • RE: Alphabet Game!

    @Mata said in Alphabet Game!:



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