• TF#5 - LEGATE

    Do you think they will add more and more classes and races?


    there are no classes. you pick a number of skills you want to use with limited slots available.

    i'm sure they'll add more races post-launch.


    If by classes you mean skills than probably after launch, as Jetah said. @spystranger


    You can build a class, and its my guess you will find that picking a particular class and building to it will most likely bear the most fruit. Necromancers with awesome bow skills might not find the most groups when fighting top tier bosses. You will bet that there will be a few skill combos that work better than others, where you can make a paladin a fighter and a tank. Likewise you will have elementalists and necromancers, rouges and rangers. Full freedom is more of a interesting possibility but I have yet to see a good example of a true odd duck that leads the pack.


    I hope so, adding more gear/classes will spice things up

    I am already excited about this necro class


    the game will have 400 skills, not saying it'll be all but that's plenty for a while.


    @lx15 there is no classes but with 400 skills u will get a lot of differences.


    I am very hopeful we see more races. Right now, Lich is at least in consideration - that will be an evil evolved human, I'd assume, like the Beastman Abominations. I'm going to further guess that there is a Saint (working name) version, too - Human gone full good.

    After that (cause, really, that is the the obvious stuff), I'm hoping that we pick up 2 more Beasts, and 3 more Demons - give each side a full count for each stat Affinity, and crank out some more options for weird and zany powers. Like, Beast Strength-favored gaining an AoE control ability that drags targets towards them and expands their weapon range, giving it splash damage while transformed. Make it a Cape Buffalo. Or a Hippo. Something territorial, mean, and causes significant human mortality.

    Or a demonic eye critter (Intelligence Affinity) that let's any ally (itself included) target anything that any other ally sees with a ranged attack, regardless of intervening space or obstacles. Bit of an Udo power-counter favoring a group play dynamic - doesn't grant any stats directly - power balance to having it always on - but, for example, if a blood lands an attack by this method, it still gains it's blood boost.

    Kind of stuck on the Perception-beast. Bat would work, but that's a little off, given that all the other critters are large. Easy buff though - while transformed, sees through Concealment and Illusions, and randomly blinds enemies on hit for a few seconds - in game terms, interface screw in pvp.

    Hm...Demon Constitution - obvious buff is obvious (boosted by being damaged) - but we already have blood and Hellfire, so, that's boring. How about reflecting a percentage of damage taken? Make it a walking thorn/spike thing? but, less lame than that sounds.

    Demon Dexterity - Spidery thing? or go full cenobyte and make a multi-legged walking mutilated corpse? I dunno. Power is easier - does more damage the more it moves between hits while still in combat. favors charge in/evade out style to build "momentum" to increase impact. Seems boring though. meh. Hits establish a Damage over Time that hurts based on how much the other person moves? specialty then becomes kiting and using push/pull control moves. That feels better. more evil - just shoving a dude around like a puppet and making them bleed to death. Proper cold hearted bastardly conduct. proper villain stuff.


    @therippyone lich is not evil, he retain his old karma.


    The thing I like about the knowledge system is that you could pretty much make up your own class in a way. Want to be a melee fighter with some minor magic stuff? Sure, that can work. With 400 skills, I believe there will be a lot of room for experimentation.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Well, regarding jobs you can chose kind of classes^^ If you become Trader, Blacksmith etc. And of course this is also depending on your abilities. 🙂


    is there like racial skill alongside with job skills?


    @grofire yeah, but Lich doesn't conjure up warm and fuzzy images, either? I'm assuming that the Lich transformation is going to revolve around making a sacrifice of some sort for power, even if it doesn't involve an actual karma shift to accomplish (and that they get hit with the same transformation effects as the Abomination and Angels do - a stat rebalance and a new power - but seeing as humans don't have a power, I imagine the rebalance will be mostly negative?)

  • @therippyone Humans have access to technological augmentation. It could be possible (and makes sense) that liches would lose access to that.


    @target A good point! It will interesting to see how the devs call the balance.


    Post launch I think I'd like to see more races for Syndesia. Beastmen and demons both get some variation, but Humans do not. Might be nice if other races get 'discovered'.

    Elves and dwarves would be the two obvious ones, but that's a little cliche even for me. Not sure what would be good, but I'm not a game designer. ^_^


    @kairosval said in Classes:

    Post launch I think I'd like to see more races for Syndesia. Beastmen and demons both get some variation, but Humans do not. Might be nice if other races get 'discovered'.

    Elves and dwarves would be the two obvious ones, but that's a little cliche even for me. Not sure what would be good, but I'm not a game designer. ^_^

    it doesn't take a game designer to think of some races.

    Beast style

    • Naga
    • Turtle
    • Honey Badger
    • Lizard
    • Bat
    • Rabbit

    Human is pretty used up to me. I'd prefer to not see humans but some other beast and demon that are neutral but it is what it is.

    • dwarf
    • elf (really it's over used)
    • Giant

    Humans could even have half human

    • centaur


    • minotaur
    • beholder


    @Jetah how would beholder work


    @dj35 said in Classes:

    @Jetah how would beholder work

    how wouldn't it? it'd work just like every other race. just a different visual.


    The no-classes and pick your skills to build what you want is yet another major reason why this game appeals to me.

    Been so long since we had that in a game

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