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    @ahfanasiy галка справа снизу

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  • Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs

    Hi everybody!

    As the start of our Kickstarter campaign approaches, it’s time for us to submit one of its key components to your evaluation. Today is the turn of Pledge Packs!

    We’d like to hear your answers to questions such as:

    • Do you think prices are fair? If not, how would you change them?
    • What pack would you be interested in?
    • Is there anything missing you’d like to see – or perhaps something you think is “too much”?
    • Do you think Foundation Points should be included as reward?

    As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, and it will be crucial in deciding the success of our Kickstarter campaign. So please check them out and let us hear your voice!

    Click here to discover the packs

    A couple clarifications:

    • Buildings require maintenance. Your own house, farm or other constructions will decay over time and eventually collapse if not maintained. The Carpenter NPC takes care of the issue for you!
    • VIP membership includes bonuses such as additional Learning Slots, increased Knowledge Point gains, discounts on Store items and unique cosmetic rewards for accumulated VIP time. It's only time savers and cosmetic stuff - we're not selling power there!
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    @kainnex welcome aboard new friend 🤗 here you don0t have to grind levels for example. we ahven't classes every one can make their own build by selecting 8 abilities from a pool of 400. It's RP based. 3 different planets with different ruleset. Races are align restriceted and so on. It's an amazin concept.

    Quotes from the original post Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I play Fractured?
    Fractured is still in development. The pre-alpha and first alpha wave are scheduled for late 2018.

    What's the release date for Fractured?
    It's still way too early to give a release date.

    How do I get access to the pre-alpha, alpha and beta?
    You can win a pre-alpha key through the Foundation. Alpha and beta keys for the testing phases after the pre-alpha can be bought through the upcoming Kickstarter.

    When does the Kickstarter start?
    The Kickstarter will start in June.

    Can I play Fractured on mobile?
    Fractured is only being developed for the PC.

    What's Fractured's payment model?
    Fractured will be buy to play with a cash shop, selling cosmetics only. No lootboxes.

    What are the system requirements?
    The developers are working to keep Fractured available on mid-range computers and laptops, including those a few years old.

    Will Fractured be released in other languages besides English?
    The developers want to offer Fractured in various languages. The developers will prioritize the languages ​​from countries with a strong language barrier first.

    Does Fractured have classes?
    No, Fractured uses a skill building system called the Knowledge System.

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    @finland said in всем привет:):

    Вы можете выиграть пера-альфа ключ через The Foundation. Альфа-и бета-ключи для этапов

    Определённо нет, в Fractured используется система формирования навыков под названием Knowledge System.

    [Knowledge System]- Система знаний
    [The Foundation]- Фонд

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    @finland Oops what we tricky ass^^ 😜
    /This comment was not made to insult

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    @ahfanasiy Добро пожаловать новый друг 🤗

    Цитаты из исходного сообщения Frequently Asked Questions:

    Как начать играть в Fractured?
    Fractured все еще в разработке. Пре-альфа и первая Альфа-версия запланированы на конец 2018 года.

    Какая Дата выхода на Fractured?
    Еще слишком рано назначать дату релиза.

    Как получить доступ к пре-Альфа, альфа и бета версии игры?
    Вы можете выиграть пера-альфа ключ через The Foundation. Альфа-и бета-ключи для этапов тестирования можно купить через предстоящий Kickstarter после пре-альфы.

    Когда начинается Kickstarter?
    Кампания начнется в июне.

    Могу ли я играть в Fractured на мобильном телефоне?
    Fractured разрабатывается только для ПК.

    Будет ли донат в Fractured?
    В Fractured будут продаваться только косметические вещи, которые не будут мешать балансу игры. Лутбоксов не будет.

    Каковы Системные требования?
    Разработчики работают над тем, чтобы сохранить Fractured доступным на компьютерах и ноутбуках среднего класса , в том числе тех, кому несколько лет.

    Будет ли Fractured выпущен на других языках, кроме английского?
    Разработчики хотят сделать Fractured на разных языках. В первую очередь разработчики будут отдавать предпочтение языкам из стран с сильным языковым барьером.

    Будет ли в Fractured система классов?
    Определённо нет, в Fractured используется система формирования навыков под названием Knowledge System.

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    @kainnex said in Mmo’s:

    What makes this game different to other MMO’s?

    The choice of race determines the style of play
    Players influence the economy
    The game is friendly to single players in PVE, unlike Albion online

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  • RE: Mmo’s

    @kainnex Hello, and I'm not a bot, I'm SUPER BOT! 0_1526933477723_ecdb9d1f-f30e-4c8f-8207-ceed69d6db6f-image.png
    0_1526934197466_d04b8acb-d330-4100-abb3-bbe161df7fd2-image.png Here is all the information you may need0_1526934265814_3d5c8ca7-5b7f-4484-90c2-f752da9a50d9-image.png

    Review sections, what's what:

    News & Announcements - this information on the forum about the news, they can also be viewed on the official website in the "news" section

    Development Updates - short reviews of game development, not advertised on the official website

    Welcome to Fractured - here greet new arrivals

    General Discussions - here we publish the ideas of the players (you can get a reward in the form of points Fund)

    It is desirable to create topics in the section with discussions in two languages-in English and in your native language, so you will be able to understand more people

    Questions & Answers - in principle, questions are asked, which try to answer as quickly as possible

    Guild Recruitment - information about existing guilds and about willing to join in them

    Non-English Discussions - appeal of users to their language community

    Off Topic - there is information about opportunities forum, theme with daily task and many

    Also, if you posted a topic in the wrong section, you can write a moder with a request that it be rescheduled. 0_1526934764325_39fbe6fa-ffce-4909-aba4-1fc819d56ae0-image.png
    In addition, you can ask him to remove your deleted post ( to make it disappear from the public, as there are comments and the link to the post).


    -Free alpha key will give the top 100-1000, or participants kickstarter
    -Kickstarter June 1st!
    -Fractured is still in development. Pre-alpha and alpha version of the game will be available in 4Q 2018
    -The game at the time of release will cost somewhere around $20 - $30 and is B2P
    -Fractured is not going to be on Steam anytime soon. The devs want to make sure the game is really polished before putting it there
    -The game will not be on Android and ISO
    -Localization of the game will be on Spanish, (Brazilian) Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Polish and other languages
    -The servers will be located in North America, possibly in Europe
    -FAQ+(RUS, ITA, FRA, DE) https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/2421/frequently-asked-questions

    Pss, I have some interesting things in my profile 0_1526933865049_6f1601e5-8169-45fd-8049-3317d3a340cb-image.png

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    @muker по поводу гильдии... если вам нужен нубас, который только 5 минут назад узнал о проекте, то я готов вступить, с радостью

    Игры ещё нет, так что мы все мало информированы. Всегда рады новым людям)

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    @skaro bienvenue à bord d'un nouvel ami: hugging_face: si tu veux tu peux nous rejoindre mais la langue officielle est l'anglais.

    Citations du message original Frequently Asked Questions:

    Comment jouer à Fractured?
    Fractured est encore en développement. La pré-alpha et la première alpha sont prévues pour la fin de 2018.

    Quelle est la date de sortie de Fractured?
    Il est encore trop tôt pour donner une date de sortie.

    Comment accéder aux pré-alpha, alpha et bêta?
    Vous pouvez gagner une clé pré-alpha via The Foundation. Les clés alpha et bêta pourront être achetées lors du Kickstarter.

    Quand commence le Kickstarter?
    Le Kickstarter débutera en juin.

    Puis-je jouer à Fractured sur mobile?
    Fractured est en cours de développement pour PC.

    Quel est le modèle de paiement de Fractured?
    Fractured sera de type « acheter pour jouer » avec un magasin vendant des cosmétiques seulement. Pas de coffres à butin (lootbox).

    Quelles sont les exigences du système?
    Les développeurs travaillent pour garder Fractured disponible pour les ordinateurs de moyenne gamme et les ordinateurs portables, y compris ceux datant de quelques années.

    Est-ce que Fractured sera publié dans d'autres langues que l'anglais?
    Les développeurs veulent offrir Fractured dans différentes langues. Les développeurs prioriseront les langues des pays avec une forte demande.

    Est-ce que Fractured a des classes?
    Non, Fractured utilise un système de développement de compétences appelé Knowledge System.

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