• RE: Would love to see mob loot drops tied to knowledge

    @Roccandil I think RNG should still have a part. Artificial extensions to games make them longer, and grinding becomes less mechanical. I reckon you have an amazing idea, however, I personally believe that removing RNG isn't an option. When I got to this test, i was happily surprised that trees didn't give 5 twigs every time, regardless of tree. Variation makes the game more fun.

    However, I believe, coming from your idea, the knowledge system should give a higher chance to drop rarer loot, such as rabbit feet. For example, at 0% knowledge on a rabbit you have 5% chance to get a rabbit foot, at 25% knowledge, you have a 10% chance, at 50% you have a 15% chance and at 100% you have a 20% chance. Considering how fast your knowledge goes up, and that rabbit feet are SUPPOSED to be rare, even 20% is a bit high potentially, but it's a rough draft ^c^

    As much as i know some people hate RNG... for the most part, it keeps the game interesting. Seeing the exact thing over and over gets stale very quickly. RNG is the staple of most games today and it adds major replayability.

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  • RE: [Wiki] Info box upgrade

    I think you're worrying about something that may not ever happen. Currently the only items like this are armor with each having 3 variations.

    I modified the Scholar Clothes page to account for this information using the same layout items already present. If at some point an item can use 4 variations of 3 different items then maybe it's time to rethink - until that point building complex items into the wiki seems premature since we have no idea what that future looks like.

    If the game does eventually have a different look for these items based on materials used, we can make a "variations" table with each variation of "Scholar Clothes" since they're all the same base item.

    Unfortunately I haven't had a ton of time lately to do anything with the wiki due to work so I definitely appreciate others stepping in to help. Usually no one makes it past one test cycle once they realize how much work it is 🙂

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  • RE: How is bow build viable? seems underwhelming...

    @Prometheus does bow damage stat off or PER? it's hard to tell how its' damage goes up looking at stats, as there is no mention of bows in the character creation. Perhaps there should be a tip put into it in future updates? I got my str to 15 this test in case bow damage statted off of that, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

    I have been trying to do a bow build from the get-go in this game, but the lack of info does make it difficult. I havn't read up much on the news, because i like to discover things for myself instead of be spoiled for info and not have the excitement of discovery, so it is probably my fault... BUT, when the game is eventually released as open beta or a full game, New players with no background knowledge (like I, in effect would be testing as) NEED to be able to find out how they need their build on their own through wit and the descriptions of the different stats before them.

    To add to this, my suggestion would be to add some kind of 'advanced descriptions' to the game. Have the basic description of everything that u do now, but then an extra button to open up more detailed notes on EXACTLY what each stat does for you in-game. Of course, this probably can't be done until all the stats are fleshed out completely and are exactly what u guys want, but I hope to see it implemented ^c^

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  • RE: Unintentional movability of objects in other player's house

    That's really neat 😮 pretty sure it was part of the rescent patches too.

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    Daily message

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  • Suggestion: Toggle for Fullframe/Window

    My first suggestion was a success, so I'm going to try a second one! One thing I'd find VERY helpful is a hotkey that toggles btw ff/window.

    There are a couple of googledocs put together by brilliant & helpful trailblazers (e.g., which gatherable items have specific enchanting properties). Being able to consult them quickly would be very helpful.

    That may already be in there - if it is, thanks for a clue 😉

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  • RE: Mele combat need and improvement to hit targents in movement

    @Eigus Glad I'm not the only one having trouble with melee. The 3d UI isn't familiar for me at all - I've mostly done builder games and RTS - so I got knocked down a LOT before I figured out how the hot keys worked 🤣 😵

    Now I do a little better, but I still get killed regularly. Not giving up! Gonna get those goblins one day! #learningcurve

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  • RE: 'Bookmarks' on map?

    Also thought of this, found some good spots for herbs.

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  • RE: Would love to see mob loot drops tied to knowledge

    I wonder if crafting will be open to any class, or if you will need to put points into it.

    I made a new char with high charisma and luck trying to see the difference in drops.

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  • RE: 'Bookmarks' on map?

    @Specter said in 'Bookmarks' on map?:

    @PeachMcD It's currently not possible to place bookmarks on the map but it's a good suggestion. 🙂

    THANKS! One possible way to do this 'believably' in-game might be a little 'notebook' that takes up one inventory slot and could hold up to x# of bookmark/notes. When a player marks a spot, the PC would make a little (deletable) note in their notebook.

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