What's your main gonna be?


    I played this last alpha with a... very unsuitable stat spread, and have projected that my main will most likely be an Udoadra (wolfkin) focusing on CON and CHA.

    I didn't have a good time playing a mage, as I wasn't able to live long enough to unlock any spells beyond Magic Mithilth. I would probably have been much happier after acquiring a few more spells, especially the ones from Wisps. I would make a deer lady to be my mage after I figure out a roadmap to raise one up.


    I think partying with a person or two will solve your starting with a mage issue right up. I started as a tanky build this Alpha and I was tempted to call the quits on it after seeing mages in my party tear through mobs like butter.

    It wasn't until they started moving ahead of me and I saw their life drop quickly that I realized I still served a purpose there.

    I plan to force myself to do a different build each Alpha if possible. Not sure what my main will be yet.

  • At this point, the maxed-out INT mages are the most powerful class by a big margin once you farm spiders a couple of hours. I expect a lot of gameplay changes until release, so I'd say it is way too early to call a main. So far, can narrow it down to 3 possible choices: deer abomination nuker, hellfire/bear abomination mdps, human necro. Hopefully, the upcoming tests will help me decide what I like the most.

  • as it stands i feel a shadow demon str per agi will be an auto attack god and if heals from other players dont take from your life then i think in group fights it will be easily the best race in the game for melee and constitution is somewhat a dumpstat, if other players heals do take from your life then i think it will be a very effective assasin in group fights but will quickly wither if too much heat is put on him and his life bar depletes quickly under pressure and you will feel the lack of constitution (this is my preferred reality 😄 )

    in that case then a beastman bear with high con str and semi high int would make someone who can hang around in the thick of it healsponging for longer sacrificing attack speed, evasion, accuracy and crit chance/damage but giving me wider variety of abilities to use from strength and constitution (and magic if i choose to use less armor but i have trash evasion) in my build and maybe even a self heal idk ^.^

    for me it hinges on the final product of the endurance and life system i think it will be amazing if heals to endurance mean a subtraction from life always (barring some special skills maybe) and you could have heals to life subtract from the healers life getting more efficient as you gain knowledge meaning people could maybe play a constitution healer and feed life to glass cannons to keep them on the frontline for another layer of interesting to fights


    @Razvan I'm not basing my main on meta (which will change wildly through beta and after release), but rather on what kind of character I'd be most interested in playing.

    Assuming the current affinity and stat points numbers remain true, I've already plotted out the stat build for my wuff.


    I am having my eye on the Wolf-kin, simply for the social boosting aspects, but I am not going for a final decision during Alpha or even Beta. There's too much in flux, so...


    Currently planning maxed strength Hellfire demon with maxed INT (for a Hellfire Demon). Idea is to dive in with 2H weapon for a battle stomp, switch out unarmed for a fire-based AoE to thin the herd, switch back to 2H to smash face with slows and stuns, then switch back to unarmed for a long range fire-based finisher for anyone trying to get away.

    But will likely need a mage or two to keep my endurance topped up.

    Goal is to move fast and hit hard. Strategy is to find a town and a guild that wants a good front-line meat shield and party up.

    But of course, everything could change between now and release. Mage is hella fun in the test right now. 😉


    I really like the idea of going for the angel route. Probably a Mage although I honestly don't know


    Always been a huge fan of tanks myself. And, since I’m the head of a mercenary company, I have family to protect, so I’ll definitely be going a Nheedra tank. Haven’t played any of the tests yet unfortunately.

  • I would probably make an Angel-Paladin type of class from a Hellfire demon. A lot of tankiness and protective spells with an angelic appearence sounds pretty exciting 🙂

  • @FibS said in What's your main gonna be?:

    @Razvan I'm not basing my main on meta (which will change wildly through beta and after release), but rather on what kind of character I'd be most interested in playing.

    We have very little actual information about the gameplay at this point. If the game turns out to be aoe-heavy when most skills are implemented, then single target dps will be useless in zvz, which means it will be very hard to find a spot in a good guild as mdps (in a game where a big chunk of content depends on being in a good alliance). If the armor durability remains the same as it is now, financially it makes a lot more sense to play mage. If you can create awesome coop spell effects (combine spells with other people), then mage gameplay will be more interesting than melee or archery. If debuffers turn out to have interesting mechanics as well, I might play a necro instead because it might be the most fun and versatile class. It's not about meta, it's that we don't have enough information on gameplay.


    Can't say for now, as we don't have everything implemented yet.

    Usually I like playing "hunters", but for now "mage" felt most fun to me here.


    I will try to focus on a Hellfire Angel, either assasin or tank archetype but still not really sure which one to go.
    I can just imagine a big Angel (if it keeps the size of the Hellfire class) being a monster in battle, but doing it for the good of the people!

    And not as a main, but as an alternate char that will receive lots of love, I intend in having a Lich that will be the "pets guy", either by necromancy or by taming pets.


    Depending on how the healing part of the game is going to develop, it will be a heal/support/caster role


    Chadra martial artist I think to go unarmed and focus on harvesting and crafting other than that.


    Most likely I am going to play as a human even I will also try out demons and Beastmen as well. The final choise depends a lot with who I end up to play with. I might end up to play as a caster, a melee damage dealer or a tank. Based on tests so far I have been most interested to play as a melee damage dealer or a tank. I guess I am going to change between those melee roles depending of the content I am playing at that moment. I guess the best solution for tanky melee class is Nheedra the bear-kin or Hellfire demon.


    @Tuoni That depends what you mean by "tanky". You can get command or shout-type spells to buff the party that are CHA-based, so Udoadra with its +3 CHA is also a suitable choice.


    @FibS said in What's your main gonna be?:

    @Tuoni That depends what you mean by "tanky". You can get command or shout-type spells to buff the party that are CHA-based, so Udoadra with its +3 CHA is also a suitable choice.

    With tanky I meant a heavy armored frontline meatsack like tank, melee dps or some kind of hybrid of those two. What I checked from the Race Spotlight I think the Bear would be better in that role than the Wolfie. However, the Wolf is very group oriented and will be a great support race so perhaps some kind of support/tank hybrid is suitable and also interesting as well.


    I plan to create 3 toons but my main will probably be a wolfkin ranger type.


    I think i will play Beastmen as Mains.
    I will have at least 2 Mains, because of roleplay.
    But they will be likely Beasts, but for one of them i want to aim to become an Abomination.

    As for the stats, i am not sure yet.
    But i think one of them will be a kind of a Druid and the other one rogue like.

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