I asked yesterday about if there will be any secret guild system or sth. From that idea i wonder about this spray idea too. Will there be any open world Spray or Sign thing be put on anything?

    Example : There could be some kind of spraying tools and spray remove tools. So people would work together to remove sprays in a specific area like roleplay. And some secret organisations may do some secret meetings and do their sprays in that place....

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    That just lead to masses of spayings all around the world.
    But i would like placeable signs with possibility to write things on them.
    They should be just placable at your own Town/Settlement.

  • Things like this are really open to abuse, and would mostly hurt the atmosphere of the game. The amount of people who would use sprays responsibly are far outweighed by those who wouldn't. In theory, I wouldn't be opposed to governors deciding to allow them in their own town, but that opens up a can of worms about what DS should and shouldn't allow, how policing sprays would actually work, the punishment for offenses (should governors decide? DS?), how culpable governors would be for the things that are sprayed (say if someone sprayed swastikas everywhere, and a governor didn't take them down, how should DS respond?), etc.

    I think it would be more trouble than it's worth.

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    we could have banners!

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    I already see HUGE _____ drawn on the ground everywhere! 😂


    @gothix for sure 🍆 would be everywhere.

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    I don't see sprays as a good idea. Because of the idea already said, and maybe because it would not fit with the camera view, it would be easily missed by the player, except if there is something that say there is a spray here.

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    I can't really see spray cans being a thing in the world of Fractured. It's more suitable for games likes Grand Theft Auto.

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    That's a nightmare to 'moderate' in MMOs, I hope they are going to use their resources for other things, which benefit more players at a lower cost.

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    @logain said in Sprays:

    which benefit more players at a lower cost.

    Like... a Mobile Game? 👀


    I can already see the massive amount of dicks that will be spray painted across the game world...

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    You see it in Red Dead Redemption 2 where ppl draw dikcs in the snow. Will be worse in an mmorpg where there is lots of player interaction and many random ppl will see your "creation".

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    @eurav said in Sprays:

    (...)Like... a Mobile Game? 👀

    No, I meant features (like... different battle mechanics).

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    This would create a huge mess for the planets, imagine you walking to hunt a rare two-headed dragon and on the way you find several _____ painted by the map. ✌

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    If the ability to make world notations had to be earned (so no spam), were abstracted/curated in some way (you can't write/draw whatever you want, but must select from a predefined set), and decayed over time, I could see it working.


    As others have noted, this is a troublesome thing to keep clean. If it is too limited, then it is better just to have a sign system with town leadership working on the town signs (and possibly allowing things like stores to have one)!

    Less spam means it is easier to tackle offenders who want to produce rotten stuff. For example, in a not too long ago sandbox style game I had fun writing SOS on a beach (because the map showed terrain changes such that it showed up for everyone). I actually did this with a screenshot and report to highlight the abuse potential. The next day, the world had a dozen dicks strewn across the landscape. As soon as the cool something that was fun was seen, it was abused. Sadly, that game never really learned it's lesson.

    Where it is easy to clean up things where people in charge can be held accountable, any game will see a swarm of alt accounts used to produce such... 'wonderful art' if it is something so simple as sprays or landscape terraforming.


    I would also question how common some stuff like that would be. To create it I would guess would be magical or equivalent of tinker made, aerosol cans would be pretty exotic. You could do the spit method that was used in ancient times by some cultures. If its explain by magic.. it would be really expensive I would imagine to get.

    It would be interesting if we could upload some digital art to a data base that then could be used online in a picture frame (much like Archage) that we could hang in our homes.


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