Fall Alpha 2021 Survey

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    Hi all,

    here's something you haven't seen in a while: a feedback survey on the test that just ended - the Fall Alpha 2021!

    As always, completing it will reward you with 1,000 Foundation Points and will be of great help to us ❤

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    Thank you all and stay tuned for the upcoming roadmap! 😉



    The discuss button after doing the survey brings you to some old page (https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/12097/alpha-2-test-3-surveys)


    Would you be willing to share some key parts of the feedback afterwards (like the percentage of people thinking the game's ready for beta)?

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    @Logain said in Fall Alpha 2021 Survey:

    Would you be willing to share some key parts of the feedback afterwards (like the percentage of people thinking the game's ready for beta)?

    That would be amazing.

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    Sorry for the wall of text. 😄
    2 hours for the survey 😂


    How did you spend 2 hours? each box was limited to a max number of characters. -confused-

    But any way...
    One big suggestion and takeaway from this alpha was the need for node exclusion. If an ore/coal node is not in a -=Claimed=- territory then it should not be harvestable at all. This would encourage the spread of towns and increase reliance on trade instead of the 'why should I buy/trade for it when I can just go get it on my own'. I believe this was the standard case two alphas ago and while there were problems, lack of trading and resource scarcity was not one of them.

    Please, please, finish the implementation of the 3rd city upkeep crop - vegetable/greens- without it we all are getting a incomplete picture of how city growth and management will be. If the current field count, 60 external, and fertility levels are balanced with 3 necessary crops then having us test the system with only 2 necessary crops implemented is just giving us false information and makes fertile territories useless in comparison to high ore concentration territories.

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    @OlivePit said in Fall Alpha 2021 Survey:

    reliance on trade instead of the 'why should I buy/trade for it when I can just go get it on my own'.

    The thing is, there are still some extremely solo'ist players who want to do just that, go out and get it on their own. They may never want to trade, or only want to trade for those things they aren't interested in making themselves.


    I discovered the fall beta late so only got to play for a few hours. I don't think I even got out of the tutorial. I appreciate the player base since they responded when I started talking in global chat. I harvested all of the rye in the start area and the game informed the shortest wait to for the node to respawn was around 10 more minutes. I looked around and it appeared to me that the respawn timer is set to 20-30 minutes? Or is it just 15? For me longer than 5 minutes is too long. It will be much too hard to gather resources if the respawn is longer than that. I'm open to discussing it so I can understand the thinking behind making it so long. Also, I don't agree that nodes shouldn't be active until an area is claimed. That's not sandboxy to my mind. I don't believe we should be forced to constantly be socially interacting. I think there should be motivation for it, but I think you'll lose players if you force it.

    Contrary to that, I also think you should never implement anything that will make solo play easier or preferable to social play. There needs to be a good balance of the two without acquiescing to the demands of those that ONLY want to solo. In the short 2-3 hours I played the game I can tell it has great potential, but the balance must be achieved and then not arbitrarily altered just to inflate the game's income through tiny p2w applications of monetization.

    I also believe that you should never stop working on improving the graphics of the game. Ever. The game seems like it might be designed to be played "forever," so neverending updates and fixes, along with periodic expansions are something that should already be under consideration. In order to continue to grow the game and the player base, the constant work on improving graphics would only be a plus from the perspective of players. I know it might be more expensive than not doing it, but the game should get to realize its potential. Sorry for so many words.

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    Respawns is one way that they keep from really overwhelming the playerbase with too many resources at one time. As it is now, there is already quite a surplus generated everywhere on most resources. Far more than there are crafting stations generally available to process those same resources.

    If anything, the respawn rate might need to be made longer, at least until the population is built up a little bit more. Once there is a much bigger player base, like in Beta or at Release, then shorter refresh rates on resources might need to be implemented, although in release, there will (or may, anyway) be far more areas to explore to obtain said resources. (See talks about staggered release in other threads)

    Finally, this is not a Beta, it is only an Alpha. Beta hasn't even been scheduled to start yet.

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    @DarkShorn I think you are referring to the big rye fields right inside the starting city, right?
    Those could indeed be set to a 30 second respawn time if needed, since you can't harvest them after the tutorial is completed.


    I just wanted to come here and express how much I enjoy this game and its community. Even though I don't interact much, I DO browse the forums and watch interactions in game. I'm glad to be here. Hope you all have an epic day!


    You could still give open access to the resources of a region once claimed, that way anyone could still go harvest them but they would be at a disadvantage to those who have invested in the region and have a shorter trip.

    Note that there is nothing preventing a solo player from buying a house in a region and getting the same special access to a restricted node in my original proposition.

    As always solo and small group players have the most freedom as they can just move between cities to get the benefits of the region and tech without doing any real work (building the town, feeding the town, ranking up the town, defending the town) other than paying the 4k for the plot.


    I tried to tell in survey about pvp/pk system i had in other game but i got limited space so couldnt that i will try to explain it here.
    Everyone have white nicknames. If someone hit other player then he get purple nick (marked as pvp) if hitted person hit answer with hit then he get purple nick too. If u kill person who has purple nick then its all fine , no long term punishment. If u kill white person then u turn red nick (pk player). Killing a red nick player when he not fight back will not give red nick but only purple nick. Red nick player will drop more loot than normal players. To lose red nick u need to kill some amount of monsters , to lose purple nick u need to wait some time outside of any combat. Including our already implemented full inventory drop, i would suggest pk players to drop some of their equipped items on death too. Every time u PK a player and get red nick u get counting on your pk number. More PK count u have , more chances to drop items from you and more monster u need to kill to lose your red nick back to white.
    There need to be npc that will lower your pk count by some amount for gold/quest/resources so ppl could keep pk others without spending long time of losing pk status (red nick) after like 10th or 27th pk.
    Its best pvp/pk system i found in games over nearly 20years of my gaming activity.

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    @Eidans although I see some positives to this system, it has some major downsides too.

    just being always able to attack anybody anywhere, even if they are 'white' and minding their own business is a drawback, but allowable on Syndesia I guess, at least to an exstent. Fighting back when attacked unprovoked should not give the defender a new status, however. I definitely disagree wholeheartedly with that. You shouldn't have to just take it.

    For the most part, the most recent iteration of PvP/PKing is not bad for Syndesia. Still needs a little work, but it is far better than most suggestions I've seen.

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    @Eidans This is the system used in Legends of Aria, and while it works decently, it has one major flaw.
    You can't defend first. Even if you know that the guy right there is obviously going to attack you, you can't attack him first. You have to wait while he casts his buffs and casts his biggest spell on you, or he simply follows you and waits until you are low on hp. It puts the victim at a severe disadvantage.
    The system currently implemented, makes it so that if you want to be a bad guy, you have to flag in the city. If I see you approaching, I can attack on sight since you already declared your intentions.

    By the way, PK already drop their full equip right now.


    @Prometheus I really wanted to do this survey but I have been too busy to get to it. I think I missed my chance as when I try to go to the survey I get the following response "FALL ALPHA 2021 SURVEY This survey hasn't been released yet." I can see that others have already done it so I assume that it has been released and perhaps closed. Is it just no longer available?

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    It definitely was available at a certain point in time.


    @spoletta said in Fall Alpha 2021 Survey:

    The system currently implemented, makes it so that if y

    You could make it so that the first aggressive action doesn't have any effect on the defender.

    The defender can then fight back at no consequence.

    Meanwhile the initiator cannot have any effect on the defender for, say 1-2 seconds.

    This grants the defender a slight advantage, instead of the crippling disadvantage of having to absorb the first attack.

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    You can exploit that. And then you find a solution to that exploit too. And then it gets exploited in a different way, and then you find another fix...
    As soon as you enter the game of "if this, then that", you open the doors to a constant fight between fixes and new ways to exploit the system.
    The current system is very straightforward. If you are hostile to me, then I know that from the start and can react. It is simple, clean and very hard to exploit.

  • @spoletta
    I am recently here, but I like your product, I hope you will succeed. I absolutly support your creativity. I am impatient to start the Winter testing phase, it would be great if we got it for Christmas.

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