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  • Week 156 - Weekly Drawing Winners

    Hey everyone!

    Engagement Drawing - Week 156

    Each of the winners below has gained 1,000 Foundation Points!


    Congratulations to everyone and thank you for being part of this awesome community! See you at next week's drawing!

    If you're wondering what types of drawing exist and how to participate, check out this explanatory thread.

    Please note: Drawing winners are drawn on Wednesday - so Week 156 ended on January 13th (last Wednesday).

    Please note: the leaderboard is updated once per day. If you've won a drawing and want to trigger the update immediately, you have to open your own foundation page first 😉

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    Daily Post

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  • RE: The value of Information

    For far too many people, CHAT fulfills the Socialization aspect of the game, and it is a main reason they play an MMORPG in the first place as opposed to a Solo game. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone plays MMOs for the Guild structure, raiding and shared dungeon experiences, sometimes they want to play solo, but have conversations in various chat channels with other players of the same game, on the same server.

    This being the case, I seriously doubt that any MMO would gut themselves by removing global chat.

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    Daily Post

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  • RE: Карта Миира (Myr), Все Города и Узлы Ресурсов

    @Drey Fractured is going to have a Russian localization but I don't know when it'll happen. 😉

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  • RE: Aggressive and predatory creatures chase range way too low.

    Most obvious reason is Resource Management. In this case, Coding resources. the more complex the AI, the more server coding resources it takes to run said AI snippet, the more processing power the overall game requires, and the less available resources there are for other parts of the game (or the higher PC requirements and Network load the game will require, or both)

    As general Wildlife is considered more incidental AI in the game, they are generally treated just like rank and file town NPCs that aren't used as quest nodes. They are given a limited area of influence and range of actions they can utilize.

    More important NPCs, and this includes more important Hostile Mobs will hopefully have a more in-depth AI system with a a more robust area of influence and/or set of actions they can utilize. This is important as these are the NPCs in the game that the entire story revolves around. A major quest giver in a game obviously need to have more optional reactions in order to hand out the major quest chains players might pursue through them. The more quests they manage or are a node of, the deeper their coding. Same is true when you get to Boss-type monsters, larger, harder to kill monster challenges will often be only limited by the size of their lair as to how far they can pursue you, and their responses will determine all the various attack sequences they may utilize, and a more robust Boss makes for a more engaging game, overall.

    As to my source for this information, I have both been a game designer in the past, and taught game design theory and I utilize my own experiences, and those of my students and contemporaries.

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  • RE: Stone Stockpiles Won't Accept More if One Side is Full

    @Trug You can look at a Coding issue as a bug, but often times its more of a shortcut used during earlier testing phases of a game for expediency sake. It's intentional and allowed for by the developers in order to make the feature associated with it available for testing sooner without overuse of resources. Each of these types of shortcuts can literally shave months off of wait time to test a new feature in the Alpha stage of the game.

    A Bug is, on the other hand, an unintentional piece of code or code interaction, often causing a feature to not work at all, or to conflict with other features in the game. Bugs can sometimes develop because of coding shortcuts, but then that's why we try to get in as many features for testing at the same time as possible, so we can see how the interactions between features might cause coding errors (bugs) and then determine how to address them...and yes, sometimes it's a simple matter of not using a shortcut that will indeed fix a bug or series of bugs, while other times you have to develop a work around for one or more features in order to eliminate the bad coding reactions in game.

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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    Daily Post

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  • RE: FRACTURED - The DETAILED Breakdown of A Full Loot MMO! (MMO Alpha)

    @PeachMcD said in FRACTURED - The DETAILED Breakdown of A Full Loot MMO! (MMO Alpha):

    Hey hey @Nekrage great stuff! Thanks so much for doing these. I always learn a lot. This time, the demo on PvP gave me a little more encouragement that maybe I wouldn't just fall over dead right away 🤣

    I'm rewarding you by using yr ref-link to upgrade (at last) to get my own alpha key at last.
    🎺🍾 🔑 💃 🎺 @Specter's Win-A-Key thread will miss me, I know!

    Probably shouldn't spend the $$ but wtf is a stimulus check for if it all goes to pay the rent and buy groceries? 🖖

    UPDATE: The confirmation system used by Xsola glitched on me so I'll have to try this transaction again later. 😞

    Ohh wow. Thank you so much @PeachMcD I really REALLY appreciate your continued support.


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  • RE: Aggressive and predatory creatures chase range way too low.
    1. For obvious reasons, the AI is rather limited in resources for things like wildlife, so it is easier to code them with a set routine, and slight variance than to have a much wider range of dispersal.

    2. The Aggro threat range of the Predatory animals I believe is set where it is on purpose to make it so that characters have a reasonable chance to escape these 'natural hazards' without getting their corpse locked until death all the time. The code is also probably linked to their area of influence as referenced in the AI coding discussed in point 1

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