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  • RE: Fractured Tools

    @Tajger said in Fractured Tools:

    Something feels like a big code refactoring to is coming this fall.
    I didn't expect that. Holy Moly

    There isn't that much refactoring you have to do really, the enchanting system (now called imbuing) is the same aside from the fact you have to add the property to a gem first and then to an item πŸ™‚ I think the most annoying part is going to be changing the aspect values of reagents, since we're probably going to rebalance them πŸ˜„

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  • RE: Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021

    @Farlander said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    A PvE player should be able to do anything on the beast world without having any involvement with PvP because that is the playstyle they chose. In contrast a PvP player should be able to do anything they want in PvP on the demon world without any penalty.

    Indeed πŸ™‚ It's stated multiple times in the post that these changes are for Syndesia, we haven't planned anything new for Tartaros and Arboreus.

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  • RE: Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021

    @OlivePit said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    Interesting shift with alignment, but I am concerned that by restricting 'lawful' cities -but no benefit- in comparison to 'lawless' cities the vast majority of the cities will just default to 'lawless' as they have nothing to loose

    They have a ton to lose, Olive πŸ™‚ You can be attacked in your own city while crafting, banking, building, or just chilling... and no one will use your marketplace. We think almost no one will go lawless really.

    @OlivePit said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    I feel this substitution removes the excellent system of hunting for enchanting reagents all over for a much more boring, and isolate, money grind.

    I think you've misunderstood the post πŸ™‚ The old enchanting system has just been renamed to imbuing, with the only difference being that you need to imbue a gem first, then socket it into an item, instead of adding properties to items directly πŸ™‚ The new system to increase the power level of equipment is a replacement of the old quality system.

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  • RE: Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021

    @Hathos said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    If neutral is better than evil in almost every way, what is the incentive to be evil? The one thing we can do over neutral is kill good players, but as mentioned, they drop the least amount of gear and will probably be the least encountered in the world. I feel that you have to have pros and cons for each, making them evil as possible. The way I see it, neutral and good have mostly pros where evil is now mostly cons.

    Hi Hathos πŸ™‚ We actually don't want to make the alignments "balanced" on Syndesia. Neutral is more rewarding than Good, because it's more dangerous, and we want most of the population be one of the two. Evil is the very hard path you take if you want to be a PK, which allows you to kill random merchants trading around the world for instance, or players gathering resources. You can make a huge profit there, but the punishment is indeed equally huge, because we want as few players as possible to take that route.

    @grofire said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    and i think its very good you guys added the changes, but i do not think its enough, its still feel like you will not make changes in your gear frequently, nor that you would not want to work hard for getting something that will help your gear.

    We'll see, it should be quite different now. Come back in the next test and let us know how it feels! πŸ™‚

    @Logain said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    Interesting update, thank you, I'm looking forward to participating in the test.
    Do you think that the 'interaction limitation between evil characters and cities' is really going to be a hindrance? The only 'annoying' part I could see in that is not accessing the tavern, the rest is easily mitigated through smurf accounts.

    As for adding neutral to the mix, it seems like this is basically altering the 'beginner protection timer' to people being able to determine when they want to engage in 'complete gameplay'. Is there still going to be a 'beginner protection timer' and what happens if you choose to go neutral before it ran out?

    Can 'evil players' not simply 'camp the vicinity of busy city hubs' instead of PoIs to get players who're returning from the 'random events'?

    It's actually mitigated by creating alts, you don't need separate accounts. The purpose of the change is not to exclude Evil players from crafting etc, but to prevent them from easily banking the loot they've just stolen and such πŸ™‚

    The Young status is still around and you can't change alignment if you're in it, you need to renounce it to go Neutral.

    Evil players can camp city hubs, sure, but there are a ton of cities in the world, they are easy to guard, and so on. We may even expand the protection area a little to make it hard to just "camp" exits.

    @Meziljin said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    I see no mention about cities and how they worked into spring alpha...

    I don't think all accepted and are agree about the resources management (free access to all).

    I hope there will be a tweak about this point

    There will be, but we're not sure we'll have time to implement it before the next test 😞

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  • RE: Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021

    @Vialli said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    I don’t think this will stop the big issues with PVP. In the Spring Alpha all the Points of Interest were β€œcamped” by large groups of evil players killing everyone.

    Hi Vialli, perhaps you've missed the second half of the post where we're describing world events πŸ™‚ Not only there are going to be way more POI, but you're going to find the same monsters in the whole region around each POI thanks to world events. It's harder since you have to move around more (less risk, less reward), but you can stay away from PK campers now πŸ™‚

    Also, with killing Good players being less rewarding and big incentives to PvP as Neutrals instead, we hope the number of Evil players is going to be substantially lower... But clearly we have to see what happens in practice.

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  • Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021

    Hello everyone!

    We know you've been waiting for this post for a while, and we're happy we've finally found the time to deliver it to you.

    Dynamight Studios has grown considerably in the last couple months, and a good chunk of the work for the next test has been completed already. As it is likely to start in the second half of September, we've decided to officially name the next test Fall Alpha 2021, lest we end up in the same situation of the Winter/Spring Alpha 2021 πŸ˜‰

    We'll soon be able to open up on the business news we've been hinting to for a while. For now, however, let's stick to the roadmap!

    Read the roadmap

    Enjoy Fractured!

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  • RE: Siege Bugs

    @Harleyyelrah said in Siege Bugs:

    Ah I see!

    By the way, is it intended that only the leader of a group of settlers can declare a siege? I understand the need for having settlers to become new citizens in case of the attackers' conquest, but the way this system is currently set up means that a current governor will never be able to declare a siege, since they cannot make a settlers' group due to already being a governor. Would it be possible to change the system so that a governor can declare siege from the town hall after a settlers' group has also been formed at the town hall? It seems weird that currently only a vice-governor would be able to make a settlers' group and then declare siege from the town hall.

    (Of course the situation is different with guilds declaring siege on hamlets, but my question was specifically about the town hall siege declarations)

    It's intended. Settler groups are only linked to players, not to cities. Making them so would take a while, just to remove a slightly "weird" feeling that doesn't really have an impact on gameplay πŸ™‚

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  • RE: Siege Bugs

    @Harleyyelrah said in Siege Bugs:

    The siege tent and banners are visible, but it is the siege tent map icon that seems to be bugged. My character declared the siege and placed the tent, but nothing shows on the world map for me, meanwhile when Nekrage opens his map then the siege tent icon shows on the location. The siege tent icon on the MINI-MAP shows for me, but not on the world map.

    That's because you are not an attacker - you're the initiator and the future governor in case of victory, but not a combatant πŸ™‚ You need to sign up at the siege tent like everyone else.

    We're going to make the world map icons visible to everyone by the way, it doesn't make much sense on the minimap they're already that way but on the world map they're just for combatants πŸ™‚

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  • RE: City Sieges Live & All-Backers Event

    @Logain said in City Sieges Live & All-Backers Event:

    Either citizens can't see that, or I'm too stupid to find it.
    Does that mean it's a 12 hours window depending on your choice, or what's considered prime time for each?

    Citizens can't see that, it's for govs and vice govs only, although it would make sense to show it on the Overview page too. Each prime time is a 3h window, the attacker chooses the exact starting time within that window.

    @OlivePit said in City Sieges Live & All-Backers Event:

    So unless I am very wrong -which is possible- I encourage @Prometheus to make it so Vice-Governors can initiate sieges for the rest of this test.

    As a matter of fact, only vice-govs can initiate a siege eheh. This is because the person who initiated must be the leader of the group of settlers, and in case of victory he/she will become the governor of the new city.. so the "initiator" can't be the governor of the attacking city which would become governor-less πŸ™‚

    @Logain said in City Sieges Live & All-Backers Event:

    Does anybody have a list or can you see sieged cities marked on the map?
    Like, if you're a normal-non-Governor player, what's the best/easiest way to participate in defense/attack testing of a city?

    We're going to introduce a "mailbox" system in the summer alpha that will take care of this and much more πŸ™‚

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  • RE: Siege Bugs

    Thanks a lot for the report!

    1. Definitely a bug, an admin will fix your banners.
    2. Bug, seems that temporary change wasn't committed.
    3. Another bug, Officers of the attacking guild should be able to accept as well.
    4. The siege tent and banners should be visible to all attackers and defenders. Are you sure they're visible only to the guild leader, who by the way wasn't the person who declared the siege?
    5. Not a bug, countdowns are always displayed using UTC time... but there's a piece of text missing on top in the screenshot eheh.
    6. Nice catch, we'll rename everything to Trebuchet.
    7. It should give out a warning if you try to pack it when loaded, will fix, sorry for that!
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