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  • RE: Guil creation

    Hi @ScarletLotus , did relogging fix the issue?

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  • RE: Advanced smelters broken again.

    @OlivePit @M1ckGO thanks for the report, I've just been to Northguard and used an advanced smeltery in the blacksmith shop. It was working, so I claimed a private land parcel in the city and then another one as far as possible from the city in a residential area. Again the advanced smeltery always worked.

    I need more details on the issue to be able to reproduce it, such as:

    • Id of the character who were trying to smelt
    • Role of the character (citizen? vice gov? gov?)
    • Exact coordinates of the smeltery on the map


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  • Patch Log - b.0.1g

    Hi all,

    today's patch is a minor one, mostly focus on preparing the game for a successful run of the Open Week.


    • Fixed a couple vulnerabilities in the game server / webserver code that could have been exploited by hackers to create resources and to spam the global chats.
    • Added the Game Master and Moderator access roles. Yes, moderators and game masters can finally intervene in the game now, clearly with limited powers compared to those of full admins (Dynamight Studios devs & gamigo CMs).

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that made weapon damage splitting (e.g. a bow with 50% Pierce Damage, 50% Cold Damage) not functional is some limited circumstances (the arrow would deal no damage).
    • Fixed a trick that allowed players to reset the cooldown of abilities to 10 seconds by dragging them repeatedly in and out from the “active” hotbar to the “memorized abilities” hotbar.
    • All crafting stations in NPC cities are now usable (aside from those with internal inventories such as Imbuing Tables, Smeltieries & Tanning Tubs).
    • The Kick Player admin command now works properly.
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  • Patch Log - b.0.1f - IMS Zeuz Transfer

    Hi all,

    today we are performing a major transfer of our game servers. Here's a few more info on it.

    As many of you know, SpatialOS is our backend engine of choice. So far, we're run our servers on the SCP (SpatialOS Classic Platform). We are now moving to IMS Zeuz, the new hosting platform, which is way more flexible (and potentially cheaper) than the SCP, enabling us to eventually use dedicated bare-metal servers instead of cloud servers.

    Other than doing it for advantages mentioned above, this move was necessary because the SCP is eventually going to be deprecated. The process of getting used to the new platform took some dev time, and that is why we don't have a game patch this week bringing "visible" changes to the game.

    Thank you all and stay tuned because we have some big news coming very soon!


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  • Patch Log - b.0.1e (Crafting Taxes, Harbor Protection & Bug Fixes)

    Hi all,

    today's patch also includes the following changes/fixes.

    Crafting Taxes

    Crafting fees and taxes are live. The system is meant to introduce gold sinks into the game and reward cities who decide to open up their crafting stations to the public. Here's a few bullet points on the system.

    • If you craft from your inventory crafting menu, there's no gold fee to be paid whatsoever, but all items (T1 weapons, Commoner Clothes, Hide Armor) are of Poor quality.
    • If you craft from a crafting station, be it in a city or at home, you pay a base gold fee plus (possibly) a tax of to the city you are in / the city that controls the region. Below is a list of the base fees.
      o armor tier 1: 100 (x2 if main piece)
      o armor tier 2: 300 (x2 if main piece)
      o weapon tier 1: 50 (x1.5 if 2-handed)
      o weapon tier 2: 400 (x1.5 if 2-handed)
      o shield tier 1: 50
      o shield tier 2: 400
    • The base fee is burned, while the city tax goes to the treasury of the city.
    • The city tax is always a % of the basic fee, and can be chosen by the governor of the city. There are 5 options: none, low, medium, high, very high. They are respectively 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of the base fee.
    • The governor can choose a different taxation level for citizens, residents of the region and foreigners.

    Harbor Protection

    No more harbor camping by player killers! Harbors are now PvP-free, like cities, up to 50 meters from the Harbor office building.

    A nice particle effect shows where the protection ends. After that, you're fair game! 😉

    Player Animations

    • Player characters holding a mage staff no longer move like they have a mage staff up their derrière.
    • Player characters now also play a proper animation when being knocked out and standing back up.

    Praise our new (and first) animator!

    Bug Fixes

    • Land claim owners can now again pick up carts left by other players on their claim and move them out.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed player to become permanently invisible under some very specific circumstances.
    • Poison and Acid staffs can be crafted in the Wizard Bench.
    • When going stealth, you now gain 100% Critical Chance. It applies to the first weapon attack (melee or ranged) when coming out of stealth, which will always be critical. Doesn't apply to spells!
    • Lower Mana Cost now works correctly. It reduces mana cost! 😛
    • The Tough II talent now does what it's meant to.
    • Death Bargain now ends and makes you recover HP if you kill a creature when it's active, instead of knocking you down.
    • Poison can be applied again to bows.
    • Dash spells now do damage to enemies in melee range.
    • Totems now grant loot rights to the caster.
    • Fixed some instances where picking up items would not assign / remove the Encumbered status when... encumbered 🙂
    • The Quality selector in the marketplace now works correctly (for newly listed items only). Moreover, the Armor category now contains all armor sets as sub-categories.
    • The Composite Longbow and Dual Daggers crafting recipes no longer drop.
    • Lore tablets can no longer be consumed at campfires in the wild.
    • Pins of POI now show correctly as ? if undiscovered (there's still a visual bug where the pins reset at relog though).
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  • Patch Log - b.0.1d (Weather System)

    Hi all,

    together with the weather system, today's patch also includes the following changes / fixed.


    • We've significantly optimized memory usage by resource assets in the world (plants, trees, deposits), which are now loaded dynamically from disk to memory (ram), just like the rest of the world, instead of being pre-loaded on startup. This makes both ram usage lower overall, and the initial loading time shorter (you'll notice those few seconds of "loading harvestables" are gone.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that made the client hang indefinitely when changing continent.
    • Fixed a very significant memory leak on continent change.
    • Pieces of equipment put on sale on the marketplace no longer lose data when the creation of a sell order fails because the player has "too many orders".
    • Processed leather no longer disappears if a player tries to move it from the tanning tub to a chest.

    Want to provide feedback on the weather system? Please do so here! Thank you!

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  • Patch Log - b.0.1 (Bug Fixes)

    Hi all,

    this is the list of bugs that have bene fixed in the patch released today, which brings to life the temperature system, plus minor changes.


    • The Tanning Tub now requires 5 raw materials per slot, and produces 5 processed materials per slot. This means the ratio of loot to equipment is the same, but players need to build 1/5 of the tanning tubs they had to build previously.


    • Catapults can be moved after being built.
    • Wizard Clothes no longer give an insane amount of Spell Damage.
    • Carts should no longer sometimes cause players to fail to logout and not be able to relog.
    • Mage Armor was broken in several ways. It now adds the correct amount of Physical Armor (i.e. raises the 3 physical resistances), which doesn't stack with equipment, and adds Energy Resistance (not all the magical resistances!), which does stack with equipment.
    • Magnetize no longer takes the opponent's Shock resistance down to 0 instead of reducing it.
    • The bonus to critical damage when hidden wearing Assassin Clothes now actually works - and it's only when wearing Assassin Clothes.
    • All the recipes in the Fleshing Beam now work correctly.
    • Totems now grant loot to the summoner.
    • Items no longer disappear when trying to create a new sell order on the marketplace after having reached the cap of 20 orders per marketplace.
    • Spells that add Warm / Chilled stacks now correctly remove Chilled / Warm stacks from the victim (if any). Also, when losing the Frozen / Burning status, the player restarts from 40 Chilled / Warm stacks instead of 0.
    • Fixed several possible hacks related to memory points, talents and other undisclosed ones. More fixes in this regard will be coming in the next patches.
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  • On Bug Reporting & Exploiting During Beta

    Hi everyone,

    a few days ago, we had to deliver a permanent ban to multiple accounts, all belonging to the same guild, who were using a hack to bypass memory limits (for spell presets) and talent point limits (for talent presets). The hack allowed these players to memorize more spells than due and, way worse, to completely fill their talent trees (having 200+ talents instead of 60). They then used this to gain an unfair advantage, particularly in PvP.

    The hack was possible due to a bad oversight on our part - a lack of server validation for those functionalities. A fix for the issue, together with many other bug fixes, is coming in a big patch next week.

    I'm telling this story because I want to communicate an important message. This is a beta. Part of its purpose is to receive your feedback and develop the game together. Another is to find bugs and vulnerabilities and have them fixed before release.

    Everyone in the community is therefore encouraged to find bugs, exploits and even hacks, but these are all to be reported immediately and in no way exploited. Failure to do so will lead to a ban that could range from days to permanent, according to the seriousness of the exploit. Like all MMOs, we have player action logging systems. Abuse of an exploit will always get caught eventually.

    On the matter of bug reporting, rest assured we monitor the forums, discord and other systems daily. The fact fixes aren't coming the day after a bug is posted doesn't mean we haven't added it to our backlog. We can't make a patch every day, and we have new content to develop together with bugs to fix.

    Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy Fractured Online!


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  • RE: Siege feature is too punitive and should be a multi-stage siege

    @Elixor @spoletta thanks for the feedback. Other than to fix all the bugs, we have disabled city sieges because indeed conquests are way too easy right now. The system should absolutely involve multiple steps, be it multiple sieges or other activities with a siege at the end. We are still working on the details, but we assure you it's no longer going to be a single battle 🙂

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  • RE: Thoughts so far

    Thanks for the feedback @Jameow, a few points:

    • Poison: we have a plan to rework it as a whole.
    • Street rat: clearly it's not meant to be like this. Could you open a bug report thread with more details?
    • Character creation: we do have have a plan to add tooltips for stats there, it's a must indeed!
    • Ports: yes, this is planned, and high priority.
    • Continents: Myr is older, and indeed not on par with Aerhen visually. We would like to rework it by splitting it into 2 continents with more biomes, but it's a HUGE work. Unlikely we're going to be able to do it any time soon given we have Arboreus and Tartaros coming 😞
    • Creature names: coming soon!
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