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  • Patch Log - v.a.2.5.1c

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a city not to earn gold from purchases of land parcels in the region, even though an entry stating "1,000 gold gained from purchase" was added to the city's journal.
    • Fixed a bug that in rare circumstances could cause an item to duplicate when taken out of the storage of a marketplace.
    • Citizens are now able to place packaging stations everywhere within the region of their city.
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes made a city that received an invite to join a nation unable to accept it.
    • Fixed a bug with the game's physics that sometimes caused very fast projectiles (arrows) to go through targets in the server (they disappeared in the client, but didn't do any damage).
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  • RE: Patch Log - v.a.2.5.1b + Moderation News

    @GiaoCodex said in Patch Log - v.a.2.5.1b + Moderation News:

    Will this be expanded so Parcel owners can also drag out wagons that are inside their parcel that they don't own?

    Carts and wagons are the same rule-wise 🙂 If you can't move it, it's possible it's bugged because it was left there before the patch. You can always PM @Specter on Discord and he'll delete it for you 🙂

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  • RE: New Limits on Locating Packaging Stations Is Unrealistic & No Fun

    @Harleyyelrah said in New Limits on Locating Packaging Stations Is Unrealistic & No Fun:

    Oh geez! You mean it's not intended?! lol 😥 harvesting the wheat fields took so much extra time because of that!

    Why did no one report report it or complain about it for 10 days, it's probably a 10 minutes fix 😢 😢

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  • RE: Is this Alpha just PVP development

    @LonelyCookie said in Is this Alpha just PVP development:

    We have a saying here, "Slibem nezarmoutíš" which (brutal translation) is roughly "Cant do any wrong with a promise".

    Ahah I'm afraid I totally disagree with that saying 😆 It's a long discussion and better suited for the official Roadmap to the summer alpha 🙂

    (and yes, I've seen the post, I'll reply as soon as I have a bit more time)

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  • RE: New Limits on Locating Packaging Stations Is Unrealistic & No Fun

    @PeachMcD @OlivePit @Kralith @GamerSeuss damn that's a terrible bug. Packaging stations have (should have, apparently) their own ruleset that allows them to be placed everywhere inside the region of the city... so you don't even have to place them on the fields (which would take farming space away) - you can just place them nearby.

    The fix will go straight in the next patch. Had we only know about this earlier we would have fixed it right away, it must have been a gigantic pain... sorry 😞

    Addition: you can see it's a bug by the fact you don't get the message "this station must be placed inside of the city territory..." when you click the build button. Instead it allows you to start the placement, but the blueprint just remains red...

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  • RE: Is this Alpha just PVP development

    @Vialli said in Is this Alpha just PVP development:

    @Prometheus this alpha had the chance for people to play for the whole month, unfortunately this alpha is over for a lot of people already. A lot of players are suffocated because they can’t access content due to large PVP groups killing anyone they cross.

    Yes, as I've said before, we are aware and we are planning solutions, but that's not something we can deliver before the end of the test sadly.

    Please be aware that all testing phases for backers last for 1 month (at least). This one (Spring Alpha) is the 7th one we have and there will be more 🙂

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  • RE: Is this Alpha just PVP development

    Hi @Vialli 🙂 PvP (the criminal system, jails and BH, the upcoming city sieges) was surely the focus of this Alpha, together with the restructuring of the layout of the world and cities (the Tech Tree, residential areas, etc). Almost all of the dev time was spent there, very little was added on the PvE and player progression side compared to the Fall Alpha.

    We would have liked to do more on PvE, but we're a very small team (8 people, of which 3 programmers including myself), so... we can say that all the PvE has been tested already. What hasn't been tested is the interaction between PvE and PvP players, which is happening now for the first time - rather unpleasantly, as you've pointed out.

    The structure of the world is surely a big culprit there. Player progression has to go through some specific hotspots, you can't complete your character if you don't... well, actually you could do a lot if there was an active economy with people selling Lore Tablets at marketplaces, but there isn't. So you feel stuck.

    We have plans to address the situation which we'll disclose in our upcoming roadmap, but it's going to be a major rework, sadly not something that can be patched in during a playtest.

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  • RE: Patch Log - v.a.2.5.1b + Moderation News

    @RedIO said in Patch Log - v.a.2.5.1b + Moderation News:

    Please revert the changes and add a buffer to the end of animations to cast the next ability or move after instead of cancelling the current action, it's really difficult already when the game drops inputs out of nowhere (like standing still trying to healing wave and nothing else). These changes are just making me consider becoming an archer or pure staff damage mage.

    Yes, you're 100% right. The issue here is that we don't have a dedicated animator in the team to rework all our ranged animations so that the projectile casting points is close to the start of the animation, which is vital in a game where arrows and staffs projectiles are directional instead of a targeted like a MOBA.

    That being said, latency plays a role there too. The studios is from Italy and we can do animation canceling just fine even if servers are US East, although US players can do that better. I've checked out where your account is from and unless you've moved, you're 10,000 miles (15,000km) away from the game server... we have a long way to go with improving latency compensation, but I'm not sure you'll ever be able to do the skilled animation canceling you're thinking about until we open Oceanic servers 😞

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  • RE: Allow moving of other players carts and wagons on your plot

    @Eurav said in Allow moving of other players carts and wagons on your plot:

    I just got reminded of the latest patch notes:

    The owner of a land parcel can now pull any cart inside of its land claim to get it out (pull, not open).

    Seems like it does not work, at least not for Wagons

    It seems there's an issue with carts created before the patch indeed 😞 We'll see what we can do next week. In the meantime don't forget you can ping @Specter who will remove the cart for you!

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  • RE: ⁹Rescent Nerf to mages.

    @Xzait said in ⁹Rescent Nerf to mages.:

    I honestly think acid damage is alot more dangerous right now than ice or magic damage was. People were only complaining about magic missiles and ice spikes in particular, because almost every mage seemed to have it... My question is... if it was such a problem... why the hell did noone decide to protect themselves against them?

    @Eurav said in ⁹Rescent Nerf to mages.:

    I don't really think naked mage gankers were a problem... They were basically weak mages without any enchants. For someone PvP experienced with gear, it would have been easy to kill them.

    Every experienced player could have protected themselves, and they largely did. That's never been the point. We nerfed that build because it was devastating against unprepared players, and widely abused for PKing without risk.

    We changed the scaling of mage spells because in general we wanted the power scaling curve of mages to be on par with that of warriors - same need to have good gear to be competitive.

    Mage Armor had and has nothing to do with the need to use armor or not, since the armor of mages is cloth, which gives almost 0 physical resistance and is used for its other bonuses. The missing need to use good cloth armor stemmed for the missing need to have good modifiers.

    That being said, mages undoubtedly have issues building an effective gear set like what warriors can build because they lack of good materials for cloth armor. The best cloths in the game right now are tier 3 and they're kind of bad even for a tier 3, plus there's only a couple. They pale in comparison to metals. Same goes for wood vs metal. Moreover, there's an overall lack of mage spells that prevent you from building a real "fire mage", "ice mage", etc.

    That's not something we can address in this test, but please bear with us, we'll talk about our plans in the upcoming roadmap 🙂

    @Xzait said in ⁹Rescent Nerf to mages.:

    I bring this up, partially because of Black Widow Spiders. Before they felt like a bit of a threat, just like big black spiders... Now, even without ANY magic resist... In fact I have negative Magic resist due to 6 base Int stats, they still aren't a damn threat They are COMPLETE pushovers. Completely useless mobs. Giant Spiders seem to have been buffed and now have stupid amounts of poison damage. WTF? How can this be called Balancing?

    Giant spiders haven't been touched in ages, but you're right that the nerf to the base power of mage spells has made some spellcasting mobs less threatening. We didn't have time to go through each one and raise their Spell Damage modifier accordingly, since it wasn't a big priority - we'll do that in the next patch 🙂

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