Spring Alpha Major Release #1

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi all!

    The first major release of the Spring Alpha has arrived, featuring:

    • The Legends: 9 world bosses to be summoned at 9 altars in the continent of Myr. The reward? Precious loot and the Lost Tales, the only way to get to 60 Talent Points!
    • A deep rebalancing of PvP following the suggestions of our PvP guilds. Thank you guild masters (and not)!
    • Some changes to jails and bounty hunting.
    • Fixes to a ton of bugs and exploits.

    Read the full announcement

    Enjoy Fractured!

  • Wiki Editor

    @Prometheus interesting read.
    But one question i have, how you will prevent abusing the
    "Moreover, exiting jail now resets the Karma of the criminal to 0 and its alignment to Good. However…"?
    That guilds just make one Bounty Hunter for the reason to reset their evil characters.
    Especially when i am looking forward to the future of Karma-System.


    Nice, lets see how this all works out. And yeah i also see a lot of abuse potential with karma being resetted with jail.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @Kralith said in Spring Alpha Major Release #1:

    That guilds just make one Bounty Hunter for the reason to reset their evil characters.

    We'll see how it goes, yeah πŸ™‚


    Thanks for your work! BUT
    who are these MILI PvP guilds??? xD
    "Deep rebalancing of PvP according to the suggestions of our PvP guilds. Thanks to the guild masters (and no)!"


    Nice job overall, can't wait to test it all !


    Hmm. Instead of buffing warriors, you nerfed mages. Sigh. 😞

    That's the second death knell of the game for me (the first being city upkeep). I don't see myself going through the pain to make gear that will decay anyhow, just so I can play for a bit.

    The entire game is increasingly failing my risk/reward calculation. 😞

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    That is some quick work! Remember to stay calm and civil, everyone. We are here to have fun! I look forward to testing the balance changes and mostly running the most successful bar in Myr. Everyone should keep in mind that balancing a game is very difficult and often doesn't even happen after years of attempts in many MMOs. This game is in early alpha and the team is making changes based on feedback.


    This is indeed a very nice surprise!
    Although I am not sure on how I feel about the Legends having the majority of Knowledge Points πŸ€”

    Should have nerfed Mage Armor as well 😒


    It is great how quickly they assessed the game state and made changes.
    Presumably they will continue to do so as the game (and perhaps this alpha) progresses.
    Go back in, play the game, find new balance or breaking points for them to address.
    It would be nice if we did not have to build a new character and grind out all the skills and knowledge points -again- to adapt to these changes tho...


    Seems like it will be a much tougher start for mages until they actually got the knowledge to increase spell damage and tech armors as all the starting spells got nerfed?


    Amazing job at working so much and so fast. β™₯

    However, if this is your way of trying to stop the rapidly dropping non-criminal population...I am sorry, but you absolutely blew it. In a bad way. If this is the way you want to continue with Human world, youll have incredibly hard time at keeping the PvE/PvX players on the planet (and interested in the game) in the future, not just this test.

    Basically nerfing the good side, while giving many benefits/lowering downsides to the criminal side (and option to abuse it hard with the karma reset) when you already have a massive issue of ganking and PKing making your your non-criminal playerbase leave, that, may i remind you, is needed on the planet as its not Tartaros (even if some ppl think and behave like it πŸ˜„ )


    Hi guys

    I think its is important to go back to the drawing table and have a look at what you want the human planet to be.
    do you want to turn it into a barren wasteland where the few remaing people are smashings each other brains in like daemons or do you want it to be a planet with a lot of players and some daemons attacking though incursions?

    also knowing a few of the players who have zerged into the world. they are not the ones you want to pander to as they are leaving a long list of games behind them where they zerged. killed the players who were interested in the game and left the games a dying lump of code

    keep working hard guys we can do this πŸ‘


    This post is deleted!


    Thank you for the large patch and many changes! I'm sure Dynamight will continue to monitor how these changes affect the rest of the test and take more feedback into account. Really appreciate the hard work to give us large patches like this DURING an alpha instead of saying "oh let's just wait until after"!


    Looks like a great update! Thanks

  • Wiki Editor

    Since i saw the Legends will need the Jewels for summoning, i see a big problem incoming for any mage.
    It is the only material with that we can produce our weapons. Well we can cast unarmed, but then we have a lack of any support by a weapon.
    If you take them out of the game this way, we will jave soon very big problems even to get valid weapons to fight with.
    Is this intended?
    Why not using this at the moment useless non flawless jewels?
    Or do i miss something in this case?


    I'm a bit puzzled. If you have many PvE players complaining about being forced into PvP, why are you increasing the difficulty to get out of PvP?

    I agree with @mmaamm, it would be nice if you could elaborate on the audience you intend to select Syndesia as opposed to the two other planets. That might help with future arguments.


    Wow! Some interesting changes.


    the assassins only deal damage with the assassinate skill, the other skills are with a very low damage or maybe it changes when double dagger can be used

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