How to implement fast travelling?

  • Hello everyone, I just wanted to post some ideas for fast travelling, and help with the brainstorming for devs in some way.

    Well, i likes a lot how fast travelling through moongates was in UO, a bit complicated, as it depended on the position of the moon to where you arrived, but it was balanced.

    I think Fractured could benefit from open rifts, or wormholes that opened at a certain time of day ( or permanent ), and DON'T let your mount or cart pass through. So this way travellers can move faster, but gatherers and merchants are forced to walk all the way. This endorses instances where they gather friends or mercenaries to guard their caravan, and arrive safely on destination.

    Just like un Ultima Online, there could be some way of tracking or detecting nearby enemies ( and hidden enemies ) so the caravan has time to prepare for the possible engagement. This would also endorse versatility in character building and specialization, and makes for a different viable way of making a living in Fractured, offering your services as a tracker.

    Maybe this is completely out of the vision that Fracture devs have for the game, but I just want to share ideas and also see how other people think about them.

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    The Devs have pretty much stated that they have no intention of implenting Fast Travel. The closest they are going to have is mounts, paved road buffs, and ways to travel between worlds and to asteroids.


    @Xamedhi I like the idea of fast travel myself, but yes it has already been shot down. I consider it a quality of life mechanic. Once you have explored everything there comes a point you just want to get from point a to b without having to spend the time actually traversing the map. When we played UO and wanted to do dungeon crawls it was very nice to be able to gate the entire party to the dungeon. I remember doing treasure maps and having to walk several maps. We would ultimately lose several people in the party if the walking was even 15 minutes or more, either from boredom or from just getting lost.

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    Aren't docks, which will hopefully be implemented this test, basically fast travel? The thing is that they are on the edge of the map, so as long as they keep resources in the middle I'd say it's alright.


    Existence of fast travel, made every past MMO world seem trivial at the very least.

    Ability to meet up with your friends inside few minutes regardless of where they are in the world, reaching distant spots fast makes world feel small, even if it isn't.

    Absence of fast travel, makes the world seem larger, more imposing, espacially with dangers at every corner... dangers that you can not simply skip by fast travelling, be it PvP of PvE dangers.

    Absence of fast travel, makes taverns more important, makes housing in wilderness more important, makes survival aspects more present. More importance of tactics anddecision making, more importance of having friends to travel with, more importance of meeting new friends, when you arent close to your existing friends.

    It's a completely different game.

    I personally welcome the devs decision to make fast travel as non existant as possible.

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    @Razvan said in How to implement fast travelling?:

    @GamerSeuss @Farlander
    Aren't docks, which will hopefully be implemented this test, basically fast travel? The thing is that they are on the edge of the map, so as long as they keep resources in the middle I'd say it's alright.

    It was in Spotlight #2 they mentioned they would have "Gateways", which at this point seems what the Harbor Office covers. If that Spotlight is still accurate, you need to discover each location before you can travel to it. They also said you can only take yourself and not things like stone, logs, wagons, etc. through.

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    @kellewic as I understood it, most of the Gateways were for traveling between planets and the Asteroids, not within a world itself.

    As to Docks and Water travel, I can see some of that, as long as they severely limit the scheduling of said shipping lanes, and don't just make it like another kind of teleport hub or gateway. Not only that, but oceanic travel can take a little bit too, it doesn't need to be (and shouldn't be) nigh on instantaneous and itself could be fraught with danger.

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    @GamerSeuss They differentiated them in Spotlight #2 to where "Gateways" are same planet and would only be in a few key locations whereas "Stargates" are inter-planetary and would be difficult to construct and aren't permanent. With the introduction of Harbor Offices, I'm not sure if they're thinking has changed since Spotlight #2 did come out about 3 years ago.


    I do not mind if there will be a little bit fast travel options because that helps people to group up and this also encourages to explore a larger portion of the world. Playing just locally will bore people faster for sure. However, I would prefer naked traveling so items and resources cannot been transported. I can personally play without fast travel that is not a problem but I know a good amount of people wants to spend their play time doing something actually meaningful rather than running around hours to get where they want to.

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    -Die'ing (get back to last inn visited or your house !! lose all gear in the process)
    -coach carriage
    -Teleport gates (you can't carry items thought)
    -world gates (teleports you to another world)

    These are the current systems~ and I can't really say I care to see any other system.
    Instant teleporting has ruined many games.
    It also allows for massive pvp groups to float around to easily after being beat or to gank.
    It ruins the economy.
    It makes it harder to secure things (resources, Mobs)


    as much as this pains me to say, as the advantage on the fury planet would be huge, but if a town become large enough there could exist a teleportation circle (similar to D&D) that could be placed (and could be limited to 1 per city). then it could take reagents to cast a party teleport, but that could be limited from a teleportation circle as well.

    this could create a market for teleportation, but have it so the character has to see the portal to memorize it. then if they dont visit the circle after (say 3 real months) they forget it and will have to travel back to it. maybe scrolls could be created so that anyone could use the ability to teleport and the reagents were not required because they were spent to create the scroll.

    the teleport ability could be limited to 1 per 20 hour period. so that people cant abuse the teleport system.


    From my experience, from UO, fast travel was one of the main issues in removing a large amount of risk to the game. What you ended up with, was everyone creating runestones to all of their favorite locations, making overland travel almost completely pointless outside of looking for vendor homes. And you could make runestones for those too. You could also bypass the majority of dungeons in order to instantly teleport to that special mob that you want to farm. From what I've heard, Fractured will have roads that improve your speed, mounts to shorten travel, and harbors that will allow you to fast travel around the coast. I'd personally like to see actual boats that you have to board on those harbor cities that travel very quickly. I'm not a fan of a travel system that is artificial, and having magical boats that don't actually travel feels really cheap to me. I'd much rather the developers do not try to implement that style of transport until they are ready to do it properly. I think that they could implement a city tech that can create portals for players to other large cities with the appropriate tech. Provided they aren't owned by a guild, who is at war. And they should be expensive to create. I do believe public wilderness gates could work too, similar to what UO had. Where they teleport you to a random wilderness gate on the same world and continent. I'm for very limited fast travel. If it exists, it should be magical in nature and require significant resources.


    City teleport with CD, and with a limitation of not being able to carry anything in bags with you could be ok.

    Perhaps even in gear slots to prevent weapon transport abuse.

    You can only go naked!



    Naturist Freedom!!!!! RAWR!!!! 😄


    @Gothix Yeah I agree. Offering some naked fast traveling options are only a QoL things.


    a big question is:

    do we need fast travel?

    i played daoc back when and they only had horse taxies which you could jump off of. now cities are created in fractured so it could be a challenge to add them.
    there's also the use of alts to get things done in areas your main isn't in.

    to counter that, i love having the option of cities (of a certain size) that can build a portal element into the ground (or arch) and let the players activate them. I've watched Critical Role and the use of a daily portal is pretty convenient but having that be unlocked by the player. Maybe it starts by learning how to teleport x yards in a direction. that spell could be the foundation to learn how to teleport further distances.

    i don't like the idea of just giving the players a way to teleport between cities/house. to me they need to earn it both with the city/house and the knowledge system.


    @Jetah I guess we do unless developers wants players to play only locally and not to explore. This can bore players really fast if they repeatedly plays on the same local environment. Few alts does not make much different because there is nine continents in total, therefore, with e.g. three characters you cover just small portion of the whole gaming world.

    Fast travel does not need to mean that players can easily get everywhere, it can offer only few options so players can travel about there (naked), but way that you still need some traveling to get your final destination. That way players have a chance to experience the game more widely and group up more easily with friends and guildies. However, it is of course important balance this well and not offer too much travel routes, and possibility to move resources and items without any effort.


    I'd honestly prefer no fast travel.

    From my preference at least, it'd be nice to see 'caravan' travels actually take place and you can see them travelling across the map. If you're doing it by boat, i'd love to see ships sail off with passengers in em.

    But if we're really to implement fast travel, restrictions should probably empty inventory + cost of weight/quality of your current equipped materials + mount.



    I like the caravan and actually "riding" the boat ideas... though I doubt they will give us the boat idea since we have dock portaling....the caravan may actually happen if not by the players themselves if we get "wagons" that can carry not only "goods" but players as well 🙂

    Personally, I would like to have fast travel options for cities on the opposite ends of a map and to different maps on the same planet that are open once a player has gotten there by regular movement the first time. To me, I hate meaningless redundancy and that includes having to walk everywhere over and over and over and over again for 30 minutes or more at a time. So, far reaching teleportation spots for those who have already been to that spot.... TWO THUMBS UP!.

    (Ohh... those DAOC horse rides!!! LOL... I remember them 🙂 I liked DAOC 🙂 )


    I liked those carriages in archeage that you could sit on, and they carried you from city to city.

    It wasnt fast travel, it took equal amount of time to get somewhere.

    You stull had risk of being killed while you sat there.

    But you could have gone AFK (taking the risk) while carriage drove you. That alone was a big thing QoL wise, without offering any extra advantages.

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