what the actual pvphuck


    WOW! How to even start this? crit strike, instantly kill people, cool. oh you missed! that's okay you have infinite frenzy on because you have mana regen on a warrior, OH i teleported away from you and was able to cast a fireball, but you completely mitigated it due to absorb or fireshield... i poisoned you! oh that doesn't do anything... i used my arcane missiles and my mage staff! Oh wait, you have 100% magic resist and it literally does 0 damage. I casted silence, just kidding, i was range silenced first. i was able to run away from you but you dashed, hit me once, crippled, crit striked, 100% hit chance, and armor ignored me with a spear, but i was able to cast a cobweb. /endrant

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    Yes I know your pain feel the same in pvp cause its unbalance so hope it will be worked on.


    Long way to go ….. I'm sure this is on the long long list of why we are in Alpha.

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    Actually I was thinking about it and came up with few ideas so if its not prohibited maybe I'll share some of the ideas.
    I won't talk about frenzy and enraged because it is as it is and so many people mentioned it so i don't have to but there is one more thing that came to my mind and it is:
    Rressistances - the values of them are to high maybe if t1 would give like 2% and not 8% as it is now and t2 4%...etc it would be more balanced. Also in my opinion there should not be an option for maxing it to 100% but maybe like 50% should be max for each ressistance so that even when you cap all of them to 50% you could get damaged.
    Why? Simple you can get 2 ressistance to max 100% and one that is almost 60% at current level of tiering.
    So example you can have 100% fire res, 100% magic res, and like 60% of ice resistance with that mage class at that moment are usless in pvp:
    Fireball, Firebalt, fire ward = 0 dmg ,
    Staff, Magic missile = 0 dmg
    Ice magic is cut more than half so all that left is for mage its poison and teutonic outburst with that you wont even scratch anyone 🙂 and with mentioned frenzy and crit builds of warriors they can one shot even somebody with higher armor and 2300 hp.
    That's all for now I would be very happy if all of you could share your opinion and specialy devs what do you think about it?


    Not to mention every single build uses mage armor... which i think mage armor should be a duration or uses mana like frenzy so it can prohibit warriors using it. I definitely believe there should be a resistance cap, a crit cap, swing speed cap, all the enchanting needs a cap of some sort ... would be nice to have a physical resist shield like fire and poison shield that are currently out, mitigate some physical dmg.. I really don't think 100% resist in an element is a good idea at all. completely render that school of magic because we're able to stack up resistance. doesn't sound like good game play.

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    Resistance cap probably won't be a thing since you have skill which gives you 100% but they could restrict mage armor to cloth so only mages could use it. There is also lot of creatures with 100% resistances.


    @GorTavaro Exactly. you have a skill to give you 100% resist, not your whole suit. imo.


    @Denyde said in what the actual pvphuck:

    you have a skill to give you 100% resist, not your whole suit.

    I think they should not even have skills for 100%, fire protection should be like 50% not 100%. Otherwise, you have what you have now, people who can walk around completely immune to most things. Boring.


    Hopefully they find a way to balance it out. Warriors definitely shouldn't be running mage armor without sacrificing some offensive capabilities or maybe a different type of defensive ones. I think making some of the buffs require specific things, like Mage Armor requiring a mage item equipped in the chest/hand/etc. So if they want to run that spell they have to wear basically a robe without the high defense/resists that the leather afforded.

    I don't even know what to do about frenzy, that ability was just bonkers and basically required on both characters I played just for the movement speed. I'm sure they will do some balancing on that.


    well a few tests ago everybody shouted "mages are too op", now we have a bit better melee skills and skills overall and it shifted completly. like stacy mentioned earlier, long way to go balance wise. and we don't even have support skills in yet 😉

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    @Jermaphobe said in what the actual pvphuck:

    Hopefully they find a way to balance it out.

    We are far away from balancing.
    This was even the first time they really tested PVP.
    Before we had the option to turn it on, but it was not supposed to get tested.

    They will need your ideas and experience reports to work on a real good PVP experience.
    I am quite sure, they will try out much things, before they really think about balancing it out.
    I would expect this will happen during Beta.

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    I very much agree with @Kralith here. We are like on the opposite end of the world from balancing. And this is overall great feedback. I wish however, that we could entangle this somewhat. I feel there is a lot of mixing up balancing issues with actual bugs. And clearly, the distinction may not be very clear and may require Prometheus/Specter to comment on it.

    Let me just comment on 2 things:

    Mage Armor and Resistances
    @GorTavaro said in what the actual pvphuck:

    but they could restrict mage armor to cloth so only mages could use it. There is also lot of creatures with 100% resistances.

    You can still wear cloth armor as a melee character, as we currently see a lot of spear wielding cloth wearers. Since there are no classes this alone would not fix it. It clearly has to do with the current lack of better armor for melee. if there was something that would give much higher physical resistances, players would possibly ditch magic armor and wear that. But the current lack favors magic armor clearly. While currently unfortunate, that should naturally get fixed by adding diversity.

    I don't mind resistances on monsters or players even at 100% but this should be achievable in one resistance only and would require to leave other resistances behind/exposed. This would make builds specializing on synergies of certain damage types strong against most but totally ineffective against others and I think that furthers diversity overall in character builds.

    Critical Hits
    @Laveilath said in what the actual pvphuck:

    crit builds of warriors they can one shot even somebody with higher armor and 2300 hp.

    This seems to be fitting into the bug category to me. A regular attack with regular crit would not create such numbers, but as @Freas pointed out in his build competition entry there is a absolut flaw in the way crits can stack up right now. I would bet, this is 100% unintentional and not supposed to happen, which would cap the crit damage at this point maybe closer to 1k damage.

    That seems to be a major part in the current super fast fights, insane unbalance between mages (since no auto-crit skills and therefore no crit stacking) and warriors.

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    There is no need to balance pvp now since every time they add new stuff it will get out of balance again but few small changes could be made like with warrior using mage armor to achieve 100% resistances.

    @Silynx I don't mind 100% resistances on creatures. On players it shouldn't be problem as long as it is only one elemental resistance and not physical resistance.

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    Hi @Denyde @Laveilath @Stacy555, we are very much aware of the many issues with PvP balancing in the open playtest 🙂 Most notably:

    • TTK (time-to-kill) is generally too low due to insane burst damage options, both from spells and from critical damage. The latter is particularly problematic.
    • Different attributes (STR, DEX, etc) are quite imbalanced.
    • There were several bugs, such as Frenzy granting too much attack speed, "double crits", etc.

    The May Open Playtest was the first time ever the game featured a serious PvP option (militias), so it was the first time we got significant player feedback on it. We'll include our findings and corrective actions in our playtest review!


    Beastman is sounding more appealing as a starting character lol.

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