Roadmap To Alpha 1 - Test 2

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    I'm really happy to see the development going so well.

    Time to go watch some videos of people playing alpha~


    @Prometheus thanks for the info and Hope we can get that duel system. GOOD WORK BOYS!

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    looks promising

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Cant wait to try it out, I hope the test lasts more then a few days?

    Noticed the lich spider monster!, I hope to one day become a Human Lich, made me hope that Researching a monsters body would be possible, to give hints on how the spider became this way.
    Is the forest cursed?
    Can a spider make a accidental or intentional choice to become a lich?
    is it some big bad necromancer/demon/abomination thats turning wildlife and people alike into undead?

    I hope a lich spider , is smarter and has more skills, then basic shambleing Undead.


    i cant wait. i want to fall asleep and wake up in june ))))))))))


    @Sindariya said in Roadmap To Alpha 1 - Test 2:

    My first thought was "That's all?". But looking closer it is only 2 months till june and what you guys planned is realistic. I'm to spoiled by other games that made big promies and always broke them. Give me time to get used to honest roadmaps.

    Okay back in hype mode. I can't wait for the next test but as I know my bad luck it will fall in my holidays, when I can't play.

    I have a few questions regarding the next test @Prometheus

    1. Will the test be only one week like this time or can we hope for more?
    2. You mentioned different house sizes, does that mean also different lot sizes?
    3. Will we be able to place decoration on top of each other, for example a table on a rug on the table another rug and than a bowl filled with apples?
    4. You want to allow us rotation of items. I'm aware that houses will only rotate 90 degrees, but about the other stuff? Will you allow free rotation or 5/10 degree rotation?
    5. Is there a plan to let us name chests so we know what we wanted to place in them?
    6. If we "Relinquish claim" what will happen with the stuff on it during the test? -what are the long term ideas?

    Good luck for the migration.

    June is coming closer, any news regarding A1 T2? Still hoping to get some answer regarding my questions.


    I hope i'll find some time to spare for Alpha 1 - Test 2 ☹


    I hope I'm not in holidays during the next test. that's why I hope to hear some news soon.


    Nice to hear about the Roadmap 🙂


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