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    Hey guys. I was wondering if there would be any advantages for coastal towns? We already know there is an advantage to being in close proximity to mines. We also know that later down the road, in terms of development, there is going to be sailing. Will sailing give coastal towns an advantage and if so what do you guys think it might be?


    Well since sailing, fishing... are not considered core features of Fractured, and will most likely be attanded to after the release, this is gonna be some time from now 😁

    I actually think the map is pretty balanced, maybe being able to trade over water with other continent could be a decent advantage, but nothing we can say of yet.

    I just think, popular mines / trading routes will most likely be more often raided by Demons / PvP hungry Humans, which is why I think every town spot should be fine enough.

    I always forget about the beastman LOL
    Well, we have no idea what maps on other planets look lilke, so no use in thinking about that yet 😉

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    @crowdac It could also be a disadvantage if/when boats are introduced they allow combat from them (like bombarding coastal towns).


    Coastal town also means you know where they will attack from and can't be surrounded...


    @azraelius We can't say that yet. As @kellewic mentioned, there may be coastal sieges as well, meaning that a coastal city could still be attacked from all sides. In fact, it may be worse, since you can't have a wall defending the port from the river, while a landlocked city could have a wall completely covering it.

    One thing that I am curious about is if we will be able to create booms to block off rivers. You could make it such that a ship would have to pay a toll to cross. This would make merchant ships (assuming there are merchant ships) have to take a route along rivers that are not blocked off by these booms in order to avoid a toll.


    Sailing will perhaps come, but not soon.

    So I'd start with a coastal town, using existing benefits, and down the road, if / when we get sailing, relocate your town at that point.

    This way you also get more playing experience / fun, change things up a bit so it doesn't get dull.

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    Hi @Crowdac! Coastal towns are located in coastal biomes, which are only found on the riverside (obvious, yeah) and include a few unique resources. Of course it's possible that only with fishing and navigation they'll unlock their full potential, but there should be enough reasons to settle there already! 🙂


    @wolfkomodo46 do we know for sure there will be coastal sieges? Haven't heard anything regarding making and sailing boats.


    When that expansion happen I’m pretty sure we’ll have an adequate notice.

    I do want row boats then some research can happen to get bigger boats and ships.

    I’d hate if DS just made recipes/blueprints for bigger ships and we didn’t have to research it in some manor.

  • @azraelius The most we know about boats is from the news article about the Alpha 1 map.

    As of today, swimming is not planned, and sailing is not in the list of topics for Alpha. However, the proximity of towns and rivers is definitely not a coincidence! Transportation of players and materials through boats is something we’ve planned to implement later on – and when we do, it’s going to shake the worlds of commerce and warfare!


    @target nice info...

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    Take Archeage's commerce/trade for an example if you've ever played it (since it works pretty accurately). It is obviously easier and quicker to trade something from one coastal town to another, but you get much more rewards for trading something inland to another continent. Why?

    Simply because it is harder to get something inland to another continent. The harder it is, the scarcer the resource is, so the higher the price. It works just like real trading back in the days. If you want land on coastal regions, then obviously you get an advantage on the location of the trading hub, but there might be resources where you CAN'T obtain on the coastal regions but are highly demanded elsewhere. Those items inland can make far better cash for a longer trip.

    Basically, if the game is well made, both coastal and inland regions should have their own advantage. Players should just seek to find a location that suits their trading styles.

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    @chrightt AA had so much potential with things like that, and ruined it all so impressively!


    @jairone yes the game was a disaster in the end... But I remember the first time sailing to other continent with trade good and the fear of being ganked and loosing, being out on the water with no horizon in sight. .... Was amazing!

    Having that in fractured will be so sick... Add that you can also travel between worlds and then by sea... Epic

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    @jairone I still had a blast playing the game after the initial wave of bot bans and bug fixes. I did end up paying a bit for some costumes I like but honestly the game was much easier if you bought patron (so pretty much a subscription based game imo). Fractured is a b2p, so might appeal to more people these days as keeping up a subscription can suck a lot.

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    @chrightt Subscription isn't the problem, honestly. Although pretending it was a F2P game with the differences there was one.

    I think a lot of it was just the direction things went as the business side took over, rather than the initial fun/creative side. And AA is far from alone there, in computer games. Heck, that was an issue back in the early 2000s, if not before.


    @prometheus Thanks for the reply!🙂

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    @jairone But it was just a poor choice. If a game received as much attention as AA (and the publisher definitely knows it), they really shouldn't have dumped it into the trashcan. PoE and LoL are prime examples of how f2p games can make it big. With a game as good as AA they really didn't need the p2w aspect imo.

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    @chrightt But that's ASIA for you. They are only just beginning to understand just how different the mentality is in the rest of the world toward such systems. Their online games are full of gacha and P2W stuff.

    Some are starting to get it, though. Less and less of that, slowly, is making the trip overseas. Whether any of the other design things that are different make much change, that at least has been heard. To what extent that will happen is anyone's guess, but... there's at least some hope for future projects.

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