Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021

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    Hello everyone!

    We know you've been waiting for this post for a while, and we're happy we've finally found the time to deliver it to you.

    Dynamight Studios has grown considerably in the last couple months, and a good chunk of the work for the next test has been completed already. As it is likely to start in the second half of September, we've decided to officially name the next test Fall Alpha 2021, lest we end up in the same situation of the Winter/Spring Alpha 2021 😉

    We'll soon be able to open up on the business news we've been hinting to for a while. For now, however, let's stick to the roadmap!

    Read the roadmap

    Enjoy Fractured!


    Excellent info!!

  • I don’t think this will stop the big issues with PVP. In the Spring Alpha all the Points of Interest were “camped” by large groups of evil players killing everyone. In the Fall Alpha I don’t expect it to change. There will still be camps. The game became unplayable for solo or small group PVE’ers.
    Alignment doesn’t change the end result. Solo players die lose 2 pieces of equipment and end back at their base.

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    Some cool updates.


    Amazing updates ! 🙂

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    @Vialli said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    I don’t think this will stop the big issues with PVP. In the Spring Alpha all the Points of Interest were “camped” by large groups of evil players killing everyone.

    Hi Vialli, perhaps you've missed the second half of the post where we're describing world events 🙂 Not only there are going to be way more POI, but you're going to find the same monsters in the whole region around each POI thanks to world events. It's harder since you have to move around more (less risk, less reward), but you can stay away from PK campers now 🙂

    Also, with killing Good players being less rewarding and big incentives to PvP as Neutrals instead, we hope the number of Evil players is going to be substantially lower... But clearly we have to see what happens in practice.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    If neutral is better than evil in almost every way, what is the incentive to be evil? The one thing we can do over neutral is kill good players, but as mentioned, they drop the least amount of gear and will probably be the least encountered in the world. I feel that you have to have pros and cons for each, making them evil as possible. The way I see it, neutral and good have mostly pros where evil is now mostly cons.


    @Prometheus I felt there was no progression to items, a wizard made his items and then was static for the rest of the game till he could enchant them, and then again static.
    the same goes to for warrior +3 more items before metal, this is boring, sorry.
    last test i didn't play i felt that you understand the game very fast reach to max very fast and get bored very fast as a PVE player.
    and i think its very good you guys added the changes, but i do not think its enough, its still feel like you will not make changes in your gear frequently, nor that you would not want to work hard for getting something that will help your gear.
    i think the line of horizontal progression, do not work for gear, and need to get more like staircase steps, where achieving something in the world would allow you to upgrade your items more frequently, and while every step will be small, there might be big differences between new players that done nothing in game to old player that played for years.
    and lets be honest, the skill system and the point system isn't horizontal progression either, a new player would have no skills while old player would have all/ a lot of skills.

    maybe make the gem system to added indefinitely in very small steps, and so you can just jump to the game as a new player and if you join your friends, and want to PVP immediately, they will give you a stack of gems, and your ready...

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    1. As all players start with a roster of perfectly acceptable skills based on their archetype, New players can compete on an even keel with older, experienced players just as they promised. You mainly just get variety with experience.
    2. Now, the Talent tree does in fact improve the character, but as you said, it is in small enough steps that it doesn't really break horizontal goals.

    The goal of this game is to encourage that kind of even playing field, where you play for customization and variety, but not power level. Gear is easily acquired, and not too difficult to enchant once you garner the reagents, some rarer than others, AND all gear has a durability that prevents a player from just finding their optimal build and set it/forget it, because they will have to acquire several sets of that favorite gear throughout their play history, and with the slight variance in crafting results added in, there is no guarantee they will quickly amass that perfect set in sufficient quantity to remain able to maintain their full optimal regalia all the time.

    This may not be what you signed on to the game for, but I do believe the #1 hyped feature of this game since the very beginning is that it is attempting to be as horizontally progressive as possible. That combined with the ability to equally cater to different styles of play are the two main selling points most of us signed up for.

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    @Hathos I think discouraging evil is a good overall choice. Yes, you can be evil, but as evil is a 'disruptive playstyle' for the majority of the population, it only makes sense to incentivize Good and Neutral play over Evil play, making it so that the player(s) have to try to balance their 'negative actions' in such a way as to keep themselves in the Neutral category for the most gains, quickly trying to leave the Evil moniker behind when it is attained so as to reap more rewards.


    Looking good guys!!!


    Thank you for the update.

    A penalty for a PK on death or capture might include all or some of the following (I realize some are already implemented):

    • Jail time and its cost
    • Loss of talents (based on quantity of kills?)
    • Loss of knowledge points
    • Perma health loss (that can NOT be recovered sitting by a fire)
    • Some type of perma-curse that reduces the PK's physical/magic resist, swing speed or cast speed?

    I am not a fan of the loot reduction for certain good/evil characters but I do think there needs to be some type of penalties. Thought I would put some ideas out there.



    Interesting update, thank you, I'm looking forward to participating in the test.
    Do you think that the 'interaction limitation between evil characters and cities' is really going to be a hindrance? The only 'annoying' part I could see in that is not accessing the tavern, the rest is easily mitigated through smurf accounts.

    As for adding neutral to the mix, it seems like this is basically altering the 'beginner protection timer' to people being able to determine when they want to engage in 'complete gameplay'. Is there still going to be a 'beginner protection timer' and what happens if you choose to go neutral before it ran out?

    Can 'evil players' not simply 'camp the vicinity of busy city hubs' instead of PoIs to get players who're returning from the 'random events'?


    @GamerSeuss im sorry but i disagree with all that you wrote.


    @Prometheus Thanks for the update. Looks like you all have been hard at work! Looking forward to seeing how the new things work out.


    Thanks for the update.. as a solo PvPer I am disappointed about the restrictions of PvP to the human world.. but I guess it means I just have to be a Demon and hope there is enough population on that world to get some content 🙂


    Wow 🙂 finally we got something 🙂 Can't wait 🙂


    @GamerSeuss Completely agree with you.


    @FLeaLoD said in Roadmap To Fall Alpha 2021:

    Thank you for the update.

    A penalty for a PK on death or capture might include all or some of the following (I realize some are already implemented):

    • Jail time and its cost


    Agreed on the jail time and costs. I've been a vocal supporter of prohibitively expensive jail time for captured criminals on Syndesia.

    Conceptually, the bounty system is a really cool form of content creation. I love the idea of brigands, highwaymen, bandits, and all other range of criminal scum having the means to conduct nefarious business on Syndesia... but there should be meaningful consequences that deter rampant, widespread criminal griefing behavior.

    Since bounties have to be posted, accepted, and successfully achieved (i.e. you have to find the target and subdue them), there's a lot of effort and cost that goes into neutralizing criminals. Consequently, the time and bail cost should be prohibitively expensive so that criminals think twice or thrice about engaging in their misdeeds.

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    @Alexian As much as I personally agree with punitive damages for those who grief all the time, I can see the point that many PvPers have made, and why this would affect the Dev's decision making processes to take such penalties away or lighten them extremely.

    The ONE thing you don't necessarily want to do in a game is encourage your player base to NOT play the game for any length of time. Yes, as a world punishment, it is the kind of real punishment that could have an impact and lessen griefing in the extreme, BUT it could also drive these highly lucrative players away from the game and send them packing to another game entirely. This is a net loss in revenue for the Devs, and thus bad for the community. Sure, there are some who would stick to it, or play on alt characters and such, but most of those who are hard griefers are not exactly the understanding, reasonable types and I could see a lot of rage-quitting because of this.

    The new rules and limitations, I think, are a good compromise in this regard and will keep people playing the game overall.

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