Idea: PvP Is Determined By Which World You Choose To Play In

  • I'm a PvE player and it seems that the only way I can avoid PvP is to play as a Beastman on the Arboreus world. This is disappointing, as I'd prefer the freedom to play as any race I like.

    So I have an idea, why not let players play as any race they please, but let the world they select determine their exposure to PvP?

    For example, let's say the worlds are just as they are now. But PvP is disabled on Arboreus, so if you choose to play on Arboreus you'll never need to worry about PvP. It's carebear heaven 🙂

    Syndesia is more dangerous. PvP is enabled. The starting towns are safe, but as you head out into the world it becomes more and more risky.

    Tartaros is the definition of Hell. It's open world, full loot, no holds barred, PVP slaughter. You can kill anyone, anywhere at any time, without consequences. Only the bravest and toughest souls will choose to play in this world.

    It's just an idea. I'd be curious to know what others think. Would you like to be able to play as any race on any world?


    Demons cannot stay for long on Arboreus, but I think that as a human you can just travel to Arboreus at a certain point.

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    @Tiptoe This is actually how they said it would be right now.

    Each planet determines the default setting of the game, PvP, Partial PvP, or just PvE. Each planet hosts 1 race, but there is nothing to say a Human can't move to Arboreaus to stay out of the PvP pool, and establish him/herself there.

    The only thing you still might have to worry about, is the occasional Cross-planetary Raids that are supposed to use scheduled portals I believe, and will mainly only affect towns, not soloists in their own homesteads.

  • @GamerSeuss This is interesting. I've been reading the Wiki and it said that humans could only stay on Arboreus for a short time.

    Indeed, only Humans with Good alignment are allowed to walk the lands of Arboreus for a considerable amount of time – 20/40 real-world hours, thus being able to explore a good portion of the world at once, collecting resources and acquiring knowledge.

    Has this changed? Can any race now live permanently on Arboreus if they are of 'good' alignment?



    No... the only way a player can live on a planet that is not their home planet is to "transform".

    Also, it is the core game design to have the different races have their own play style. They will not change this, if you are wanting something different (ie. being a demon that only does PvE) then you will need to find a different game that is designed for that.

    core game designs will not be changed.


    Man, pvp is really cool, try to play in a group.

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    @guduffra20 That's a subjective opinion, not a a lot of players, PvP is the absolute opposite of cool...keep in mind, your fun and my fun don't have to be the same.

  • @Tiptoe To go against the common stereotype.....

    Games like Fractured (player built cities, player run economies, resource collection and transportation, ect) can actually give significant value to the more PvE orientated players. When we played ShadowBane, a guild made up of more PvE leaning players joined our nation (they became friends with some of the fellas chit chatting after the fellas would raid them. And since they didn't get mad at the world over losing some pixels they were invited into our nation) and those people were gold to us. We gave them a NICE city DEEP inside our territory and helped them max out the walls and vendors, the works. Anyone messed with the places they roamed we'd bane every single city owned by that nation inside of 24 hours. They kept the nation in gold and had troves of items and armor/weapons freely available to nation members.

    Point being, they not only found that they had a significant role in the PvP world (economics and logistics)...but they really enjoyed the fact that the fellas turned into a kicked hornet's nest if someone even talked stupid to them, much less attack There is a LOT more to a PvP game structured like this then killing another player.

    Simply saying this so that maybe you'll at least consider giving it a try.


    Well, you can play as (most) races on any world... it's just each race starts on a particular world and has a lot of trouble moving to any other. You'd absolutely be able to take a Human to Arboreus or Tartaros, so far as I know.

    The main limitation is that Demons are innately Evil and can only make long visits to Syndesia during an Eclipse. They can't visit most of Arboreus at all and are expelled from the few areas they can reach within an hour. They would have to become Good, which implies they would become an Angel, a different race entirely.

    Beastmen are innately Good and, in order to persist on Tartaros, will need to become Evil / Abominations.


    @Ostaff this is not true, you can be angel, demon that changed is way.



    I think you both misunderstood what I wrote.

    An angel and Abomination are no longer classified as their starting race, hence they are "exiled" from their home planet and must fine residency on the opposite planet. And while different races can go to other planets, you will more than likely only ever see ALL the races together on Syndesia at the same time (and on asteroids when they pass by).


    I personally do not like to pvp everyday. For that reason I will choose to reside on the beastworld. The devs purposefully developed 3 different game worlds; pve only, pvp only and mixed. That insures everyone is allowed to play their gamestyle 24/7. Those are the choices you have to look at and discount that race and alignment are also attached to these choices. I know this hampers the roleplayers somewhat but pvp is a much larger issue than someone pretending to play a role.

  • @ThrillKill this 100%! Take Eve Online. For every pvper there are dozens of pve miners, solo explorers, and industrialists farming mats and producing all the ships the pvpers burn down. You need legions of these guys to make a player driven economy work!

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