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    So who here normally plays a healer type class and looking to see what a support/healer type builds end up looking like ?

    Can not wait for the larger group battle's.


    Inquisitor from EQ2 was the most fun healer, group heals and group cures while using melee combat skills!


    I'll totally be building a support type mage for group pve or pvp. buffing people with extra fortitude or healing and any buff available. yes please. haha


    I am normally playing a healer/support in most every game where that's possible and 'useful'. Honestly, I'm not yet sure if healer is going to be of much use in Fractured, healing yourself is very easy and healing others can hardly cope with that. That's why I am looking forward to the bonus effects of Wolfkind, which could possibly end at least somewhere close to 'support'. And... who knows, maybe when balancing starts, healers actually become a viable profession.


    I still have my hopes up for a healer/support kind of build that is viable/useful in PvE / PvP. Shadow Priest from WoW would be acceptable to.


    I plan on being a support build mostly as well, though with fractured's design itll be easy enough to flip flop between magic support and magic dmg.


    I would like to play a supporter, but for now we don't have many possibilities for playing supporter.
    Can't wait the moment, when they introduce the needed spells.


    @Buckykat I presume that healers and supporters will be a thing and that these roles can be totally separated from each other and mixed with others if want to. If we examine what the different schools of magic is intended to contain we can clearly see that abilities from the school of restoration is the main thing for healers and perhaps combi those with school of abjuration to get protective spells can be a reasonable solution as well. From here you can find more information about the different schools: Feature Spotlight #4


    Even we do not have much protective or healing spells in use at the moment, I am sure those will be added when group content is coming more into the game.

  • Long time WoW healer here 🙂


    @Morgion said in Support/Healer type builds:

    Long time WoW healer here 🙂

    I guess you have some standards and expectations then. 😉 I have only minor experience from healing, however, I had a Disc Priest alt but the hardest content I ever healed was world bosses or heroic dungeons though. Anyhow, I guess that if someone wants the feel of Disc Priest then mixing restoration and abjuration is the way to go. However, if someone favors the nature type of healing I do not know if that will exists because restoration seams to be more about holiness.

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    @Morgion said in Support/Healer type builds:

    Long time WoW healer here 🙂

    Isn't it nice to not be playing that crap now? WoW DISGUSTS me.

    On the topic of the thread, I don't normally play support or heals but I love having them along side me as a front line tanky melee 🙂

    Can't wait to see what abilities they have to throw at me!

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    Thats for sure. Lots of interest in how this plays out 🙂


    I'm looking forward to next test phase when the Talent Tree will be out! Hopefully that adds some more support-type gameplay to what we had in the last test. 🙂


    I obviously do like Healer- and Supporterbuilds, however, many games haven't been able to balance them correctly and made them either completely overpowered or completely useless. Especially in a game like Fractured, with Bandages and no limits on self-heal, it will be incredible hard to balance it.

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    @Freas Nerf bandages to the ground, increase the duration of fights(already confirmed to be in the works). Healers are now VERY important.



    @Nekrage I found it ridiculous that bandages healed for so much and with such a short cool down. while the mini heal from the mage was half that, had to sit still for a second to cast, and took mana.

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    @Denyde Agree'd 100%. That HAS to be nerfed into the ground to make healers viable.

  • @Nekrage

    Not necessarily nerfed (lowered healing, making cd longer), but changed. Working just with numbers is boring, if all heals are just about "X health restored" and "X cd", they´re the same. Give them something to differentiate heals - give different conditions for healing from potions, from bandages and from spells.

    For example making bandages channeled (irl i dont just look at bandages and get bandaged instantly, so lets make it 1 second channel to actually heal for little bit and another 1 second to heal for full amount. Make it disruptable (so it takes skill to heal, not just press one button, but also time it well, use your stuns so you cant be disrupted while healing etc.) and if you get disrupted during bandaging, get it on cd (just like in Guild Wars 2).

    Or mechanic from Fallout tactics - probably not very usable in mmo, but just for illustration:
    If you bandage yourself too many times (like 4 or 5 times´) you got "Bandaged" which could only be removed with Doctor bag.

    Potions could be way stronger than other means of healing, but would take time to actually start taking effect (have to be digested first). Again - we would have to plan and think when to use potions, just left click monster and bash health potion button anytime enemy gets lucky crit is not skillful.

    Spells are already different - they scale with casting attribute (mostly INT), so lets just adjust their efficiency. Also I hope Fractured will feature health/endurance stealing spells (probably necromancy) or some kind of life leech from attacks or something similar.

    And about Second wind - at current state the Ability reads like "Panic button, only press when low on endurance, no mana and bandages on CD". It does instaheal, but eats huge chunk of one´s health with humongous CD (which is only for better, as against poison + plague dot caster Second wind user would actually kill himself using it ... and is also not very PvE friendly as you will have to camp often). Just reduce its CD depending on endurance lost or attacks received - in the end it´s warrior/tank ability. Or keep it like this, but give us something like "Cannot die 5 seconds after cast" or something thematic.

    And one last thing: in MOBAs (Fractured is supposed to be MOBA inspired game) having abilities which reduce healing received are imho necessary. WoW has them, Guild wars 2 has them, SMITE has them. Hope I´ll see them in Fractured, but considering each school of magic will have like 30 or so abilities (each in 3 versions), well have cca 90 Restoration spells. Some healing abilities are even in Abjuration school, so magical heals will surely play important role, let´s not forget this is alpha.


    @asspirin Aye, also I would see bandages more as a way to mostly stop bleeding and not actual healing. Bandages really don't heal anything after all, they just help keep wounds clean so that they are able to heal better.

    Potions would be nice to have like a toxicity limit on, the more you drink the drunker you get or something? So even though they may heal someone faster they also come with a down side. They need more than just a crafting cost associated with them I believe.

    Skills and spells of course can be balanced out in so many different ways, and only work in certain situations or against specific things.

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