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    -----> WHAT'S A WEEKLY DRAWING? <-----

    A Weekly Drawing is a random draft held here on the Fractured forums on a weekly basis.

    If you've been selected to be part of a Weekly Drawing, you are to compete with all other participants for a large Foundation Points reward.

    Winners are always chosen through a random algorithm among all participants in the Drawing. The number of contributions don't matter - each account is entered only once in each Drawing.

    The number of winners of each Drawing depends on the amount of participants - could be only one, could be several!

    -----> ENGAGEMENT DRAWINGS <-----

    Dropping a message in the Welcome section or the "daily post" thread is fine and dandy - but not really... Deep and interesting!

    With Engagement Drawings, we want to reward the meaningful contributions you leave in these forums - many have been posted already, and a lot more will surely come!

    Some examples of the type of posts we considered for the Engagement Drawing:

    • Asking a question on the game never asked before (or asked when some information hadn't been released yet).
    • Providing feedback (including constructive criticism) on the design / art / gameplay of Fractured.
    • Dropping your own ideas about possible Fractured features, lore...
    • Discussing possible character templates, skills...
    • Setting up a guild and recruiting other players.
    • Discussing other topics in the gaming world (but not only) that could be related to the development of Fractured.

    In sum, any nice, interesting discussion does it!

    Reward: 1,000 Foundation Points

    Method: if one of your posts/threads has been considered worthy, you'll be entered in the Engagement Drawing of the week during which you made the post/thread.

    -----> COMMUNITY CONTESTS <-----

    Community contests are not weekly nor random - but it's good to mention them here since the reward is always Foundation Points.

    A community contest is a competition held on the Fractured forums, open to all registered users. The type of contest varies each time - it could be fan art, writing, role-playing, or even a game design contest. The subjects explored are several too - they may touch the lore of Fractured, its game mechanics, or be more loosely related to the game.

    Reward: Foundation Points (varies)

    Method: Dynamight Studios chooses one or more winners among all community members who have taken part in the competition.

    Thank you all for your support!
    Enjoy Fractured!

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I really like the foundation system you guys have. It is an awesome and rewarding way to promote a healthy and talkative community!

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Good turn and use of your Foundation system. I really hope you guys get some good feedback this way... and maybe some good free advertising 😄

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    On which day will the draft be held? Wednesday?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Mehehe, the war is open 😛

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Oh dear. Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favour!!!!!!! hehehehehehehe


    Great idea! Helps people engage 🙂 always good!

  • How do we know if one of our contributions/posts is considered worthy?

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @vengu said in The Foundation - Weekly Drawings:

    On which day will the draft be held? Wednesday?

    Maybe, we'll see. Doesn't make much of a difference! :slight_smile:

    @target said in The Foundation - Weekly Drawings:

    How do we know if one of our contributions/posts is considered worthy?

    For Ambassador Drawings, we'll let you know. For Engagement Drawings, well, there's no need to tell you since it's very simple to get in - it's enough to be active on the forums without writing only "welcome!" or "daily post" 😉


    Well this is a very nice idea. Hopefully people will start to participate more in the Forum this way 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Definitely a good idea to have a better forum but isn't it quite hard to keep making actually meaningful contributiouns when the journals come this slow? They do come often when you look at them in a development way but I don't think it's fast enough to a point where we can keep doing the things in this engagement drawings. It will get to a state where people just say random stuff that seem like a contribution but is actually not which is the opposite of the goal of the engagement drawings.


    Well now this should prove to be quite interesting! With more information on the game as time goes along there should be more and more to talk about. With just the basics right now though, well, we are still dealing deeply in concepts.


    @deity 100% agree! I love the idea of the game and it's unique look, but it's actually nothing to discuss at forums for now =\

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @Azazar @Deity

    I think one of the mentioned points covers a lot of discussion potential:

    "Discussing other topics in the gaming world (but not only) that could be related to the development of Fractured."

    At a later point it would be also nice to see some more threads covering this one:

    "Dropping your own ideas about possible Fractured features, lore..."

    Right now it's difficult (for me at least) to drop ideas because there can be so many, but I don't know how the game 'feels' while playing.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    My guild forum: http://www.futilez.com/forum/m/25182157/viewthread/31386870-fracturedmmo-sandbox-action-combat

    The gw2 WvW community I'm part of: http://www.pevepe.net/forum/m/6292929/viewthread/31386886-fracturedmmo-sandbox-action-combat/post/last#last

    Guild FB page: https://www.facebook.com/FUtilez/

    Mentioned it in two Discord servers aswell 🙂 It's how I got so many recruits 😄

    "Asking a question on the game never asked before" I asked a question in the Q&A section days ago and nobody came with a reply so far, so I think I asked the right question to make a chance for the Engagemant Drawings too, starting to feel lucky here 🙂 🙂 🙂


    This is a smart idea!!

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I'm loving the ENGAGEMENT DRAWINGS idea. Was just thinking myself that all the guys in daily post thread are wasted opportunities to post something better 🙂

  • Wiki Editor

    Oooookayyyyy. That could become interesting. 😉


    Pity, there goes my 'slot' in the foundation ranking 😛
    That said, isn't it a bit early to advance massively on the advertising? Or in other terms, wouldn't it be better to reach out to a majority of people roughly at the time when you're launching your Kickstarter? People are 'lazy' and have a low attention span, hence while you might get their attention now, they could potentially already have forgotten and discarded the idea of the game when you need their money.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @logain get ppl to register an account and you can sent them an email with the kickstarter announcement. I'm part of a big guild and when we choose a new official guildgame we sent out an email to all several thousant members. . For some games we get a huge turnup, even from members we sometimes haven't seen in years.

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