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  • RE: Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs

    @muker said in Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs:

    @specter said in Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs:

    Kickstarter only accepts credit cards I believe. The devs will also sell the packs through the website eventually and I am pretty sure there will be more payment options then.

    Can we offer our payment options?

    Not with Kickstarter. The people that would pay with paypal don't count for KS so you may end up with a lot of people paying money and the campaign failing to be founded. I'd prefer paypal as well but KS and paypal didn't reach an agreement unfortunately - it's all about charging only if the campaign is founded not right away.

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  • RE: Quest's Question

    @kpwnage Basically yes. You can also win FPs by giving your referal link to friends and have them level up in the Forum as well.
    Also you can win FPs by winning drawings
    Your welcome πŸ™‚

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  • RE: Quest's Question

    @kpwnage The daily quest that gives you 50 points refreshes every day πŸ™‚

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  • RE: Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs

    Finally something we've been waiting for some time πŸ˜›

    • I think the prices are fair enough, basing on other KS campaigns they seem good to me.

    • From what I saw, I think I'll go with the Founder's Pack. CanΒ΄t afford the money for the others :x

    • About adding FP to the reward, honestly I donΒ΄t think you should.. FP is something that we win by showing interest in the game, being active in the Forum, things like that.. Adding them to the rewards is not really "fair", cus those with money but lack of interest will get a huge boost, while some of those very interested in the game, but lack the money to buy the most expensive ones, will probably feel "bad" or "unfair" (not sure which word to use here ahah) in seeing that. That's my oppinion obviously πŸ™‚

    Anyway, good job as always πŸ˜‰

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  • RE: Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs

    I do not want to see foundation points given out in the kickstarter pledges. Especially given that the forum has been up for a year and people have been active and earning points for that time frame. It feels disrespectful to us who have been here since the beginning.

    I will say that I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to a base amount like a quest for 500 points is make any pledge or something. But scaling foundation points based on ability to spend large amounts of money isn't cool in my opinion.

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  • RE: Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs

    @ladyrowan said in Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs:

    What happens if I buy the package and then don't play, what happens to my town does it become a ghost town?
    What happens if someone buys a package that includes governing a town and then doesn't play or doesn't create a character? Is there going to be a stone block somewhere that would be their package? Life happens sometimes and plans made now may change
    Since I"m the Governor do I need to pay upkeep on the town like you would for a house?
    Am I supposed to be enticing people to come live in my town? What if I have friends that are also Governors can we pool out towns into a bigger town?
    If someone buys a larger package like a Duke do they still need to Govern the town or are they past that level?

    • Purchasers of the Governor pack (or higher) will have access to a world map to choose what is the town they rule before the start of testing - it's web-based, separate from the game.
    • If you claim a town but don't play, the town will eventually revert from Basic to Ruined, then Haunted - which means it's been taken over by monsters and free to be claimed by someone else.
    • ...but there will be a wipe after each testing phase, and at the following one it will be yours again, so that's not a big worry. Also, your name and commemorating statue stay forever.
    • The whole town management thing will be explained in one of the upcoming spotlights, too long to condensate in a forum post.
    • If you don't have a guild, you should definitely entice people to come live in your town. Ways to do so: low prices on land plots, low taxes, good management, good focus on your target (e.g. you're governing a Good-aligned town -> hiring lots of NPC patrols against criminals to police the territory around the town). Not unlike real life! πŸ™‚
    • No, you can't pool two towns into a big one. You can form an alliance though.
    • Everyone with a Governor pack or higher has the option to start as Governor of a town. Up to them to decide to do it personally or pass the ball to someone else (can be done in game)!

    @zwiterion said in Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs:

    Would it be possible to buy in-game some of the reward in the pack later on ? Exemple the life-time VIP or the custom guild crest ?

    Some like character slots, sure. Others like the custom crest, not decided yet @Benseine. Others surely not - the Lifetime VIP is a crowdfunding-only reward. You can upgrade to a higher pack from our website once the KS campaign is over though, since crowdfunding will continue there.

    @kostan said in Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs:

    So devil's advocate here, what makes you think your game is worth the same amount for similar reward to something like Crowfall whose team has a wealth of experience in this industry?

    We might be relatively young, but we don't think it takes away value from the product. Perhaps from the perceived value for people who find out Fractured when the campaign begins, without having been here before, had the chance to talk with us and see our progress. In that case we hope the existing community will be of help to communicate that!

    @Kostan @Deity @Kralith The prices proposed were originally in USD - but sadly we can't choose USD as currency, KS forces us to pick Euros. We might tweak some prices to make up for the bad exchange rate, particularly for mid/high packs.

    @finland said in Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs:

    @Prometheus The VIP sub is going to be account wise or character wise?


    @esher said in Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs:

    How many time the kickstarter will last ? (if I can found a little job during spring or next school year, maybe I can give a bit more ^^ )

    30 days πŸ™‚

    @Finland @muker a side note for you two guys. While these forums might have a chat-like look, they're still a forum, not a chat. Please refrain from dropping multiple posts in a row, or in general treating forum threads (I'm not talking only of this one) like your own personal chat. Makes the discussion harder to follow for everyone. Thanks πŸ™‚

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  • RE: Notification problem

    @muker said in Notification problem:

    @logain If you add a topic to ignore, you will not be notified even if you are mentioned or voted on

    I am 'watching' this topic, have no person/topic on ignore, yet I received no notification of any posting in this thread.

    @finland said in Notification problem:

    @logain have you changed something on the notifications settings?(...)

    Nothing that I'd be aware of, no.

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  • RE: Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs

    @prometheus said in Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs:

    Do you think Foundation Points should be included as reward?

    Personally I'd rather if not, but it's only my opinion

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  • RE: Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs

    @prometheus said in Kickstarter Update - Pledge Packs:

    What pack would you be interested in?


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  • RE: Daily Message posting

    Daily post

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