April 1st Server Crash - What Happens Now

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi all,

    it's no joke, we had a "server crash" (to put it in simple terms).

    As mentioned on Discord, we're keeping in touch with SpatialOS engineers to figure out what happened. It's possible it was a hosting issue (stemming from the cloud that hosts game servers). World and player data are safe - if anything, there's going to be a small rollback, no more than 30 minutes of progression lost.

    Servers are back online, but you should know that the problem is entirely out of our hands. We will only know more when the Improbable engineers have completed their investigation on the service that crashed.

    What does this mean?

    It means that if the issue was a transient one, not to be seen again, everything is going to be alright tonight and perhaps for the whole test. If not, another crash might happen in 1 hour, 5 hours, 10 hours...

    In case it happens again, the rollback is guaranteed to be minimal, but it will be there.

    We're really sorry and disheartened this is happening when such an exciting alpha testing phase was just launched.

    We'll keep working on bug fixes and whatnot over the Easter holidays and the weekend, but once again, we can't make any promise the issue won't happen again.

    Our deepest apologies and thank you all for your understanding. We'll have some form of compensation for the downtime for you all for sure.


  • Wiki Editor

    That can happen. IT is a bitch.
    Lets cross our fingers, that they find the issue.

    And take yourself a break during eastern, everone need a rest sometimes.

    Stay healthy and sane! 🙂


    Dont worry we still love you Prometheus.

    ...I bet it was @Kralith crashing it. Its always Kralith. No exception.

  • Content Creator

    @Kralith I second this....as much as I want the servers up and running and stable, I also want you guys up and running and as stable as programmers ever are, LOL. If it persists through to the weekend, set it aside, post that it will be down as you take a much needed breather, regroup, recharge, and hit it fresh on Tuesday.


    Every third party component of the service is a double edged sword.
    On one hand it lifts the team from the need of think about a parte of the whole.
    On the other hand it can generate issues that you cannot control at all.
    Fingers crossed! 😄


    I'm gonna third the motion put forward by @Kralith & @GamerSeuss 👍

    So sorry the alpha is finding so many bugs to deal with AND having server problems, but that's the nature of the alpha beast, right? Better to find them now.

    Nonetheless, without healthy, sane devs, the whole system crashes - not just the servers. So please, for us all, I hope y'all will practice good judgement re self-care. ❤ #SleepIsGood


    @Prometheus said in April 1st Server Crash - What Happens Now:

    a small rollback, no more than 30 minutes of progression lost.

    That's exactly how much I played today for the first time... But that's fine... 😌


    I'm with the ones that posted before me. Take a little break, don't stress and push it too hard. I wish you luck with the SpatialOS issue(s).


    Thank you for the update it is impressive that you are keeping everyone updated as soon as there is a problem. Don't stress if the servers go down we understand that this is going to happen this is why it is an alpha test. I have enjoyed playing so far and look forward to the day it has its release.

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