Ok, Bought the game after a 2 min video on youtube; was it the right choice?

  • So I started watching a video of gameplay, that ran for about 25 minutes on YouTube, I was on my way out the carry out some errands so I booked marked it.
    I must have watched about 2minutes or so.

    Now I am all for supporting game developers, became a top founder for Wildstar, firefall - loved everything about this one, defiance, but these too eventually were shut down.
    I liked the look of this one, similar to Tibia, Runescape. Now, I don't play too many MMO games these days, but still have my hand in the pickle jar for a few of them; Wow, Black Desert online, and many more.

    I just hope like my title "Eternal" I end up enjoying it and it becomes a thriving MMO that keeps me interested without breaking game mechanics for the foreseeable future.

    I do like the archage aspect of running errands, trading making wealth to be able to build something that you can call yours in game.

    Let us know what you think.


    You went straight for Eternal? I hope you end up liking the game! o.o

    You could have waited for the open alpha in a few days to confirm if you like the progress so far. Of course, it's incredibly early and probably 90% of the systems are not implemented. Even player cities won't be in the open alpha, let alone the other planets and their respective races.


    Game is far from finished, so if you like what you see now, you will like it much more later.
    A lot more stuff getting added, new lands, races, technology,...

    Stick in, and follow. πŸ™‚

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    @Girlxs To be brutally fair and honest with you: no, it was not the right decision.

    Pledging so much to a game after watching just 2 minutes of gameplay and seeing that someone said that the game is promising? This is how you get early access baited for a game that is never coming out. It's the recent trend in scummy dev strats and a gamer nowadays should be very vigilant with what they buy in to.

    But Fractured is not that. I, as well as hundreds others, believe in devs' vision of the game and trust that with our funding they can truly create if not outstanding than at lease an above average game.

    You simply got lucky. In the future please do your research before making such decisions πŸ˜„

    TL;DR: wrong choice, would've been right if OP did their homework and researched the game before buying it


    @Girlxs To be brutally honest and completely disagree with the above post there is no way to know if it was the right choice. Like always in these kinds of threads only time will tell.
    You have however joined many others in this community who have chosen to financially back this project to one degree of another because we like what we see and want to help make it a reality. So thanks for jumping in whole hog and welcome aboard. Its a nice community and the devs have pretty much done everything they can earn our trust.
    I believe that eventually all of us, including you, who have supported Fractured, will be rewarded!


    Tbh, reading other comments here.

    You can not say if the choice is good or bad here, it depends on many factors...

    • How much a player can afford to spend? Does he have plenty of cash, or he can't afford the food..
    • How much time will player invest in gaming? Is he a gamer, and he will get plenty of fun time out of it, or is he paying to play it for a month and then quit...
    • Other factors...

    So imho, if one can afford the investment, and he is a gamer, planning to play for a while, and aims to have fun while doing it, then purchasing a pack can't be a bad choice in any way.

    If person is poor, can't even afford his bills, then buying higher level gaming packs... well i think it's obvious...


    It might be in this case, but it was a very risky choice. Especially going for the most expensive pack. Legend would have allowed the same level of access with the option to upgrade. Ignoring free access that you wouldn't have known about. Too many people get burned on early access packs. For all we know the company could get linked with an asian publisher and turn it into a pay to win pile of crap. That happened with a game I loved called City of Steam. Beta was great but they partnered with an asian publisher and released version was terrible and closed down. Such a waste.


    If we think in general it is quite risky to buy the most expensive package after watching few minutes of alpha gameplay, especially if it produced by a startup company/studio. I would suggest to do more background work before making such investment. However, if the amount of money is not a problem then why not I guess.


    Welcome to the eternal league of extraordinary supporter @Girlxs!

    As the others said, maybe after 2 minutes of watching a video, this decision wasn't the most smart one, but who of us is always smart acting? πŸ˜‰
    If you feel "Yeah, i want to support that!", why not?
    I did a similar thing, even i am usually very cautious with supporting before i know what i get.
    Fractured was my first Kickstarter Pledge ever. And i even upgraded the Pack after just some steps in the Pre-Alpha later on.
    Imagine, the Pre just had a single Biome square map, a naked character, simple tools, no skills, but a campfire.
    I think it is not important that the game gives you a deep sight into it, to decide if you want to support.
    It is way more that you drives to buy a supporter pack - the idea, the game Devs, the community and the belief to do the right thing.
    Every supporter will have the hope, that the game comes to success and will cross all fingers for it.

    Just enjoy it, because you are able to participate early on and you will be able to follow their progress very close.
    You even will be a part of the people who are able to find bugs and make the game working with your helping hands.


    @Kralith we supported the game in the state of a concept.
    who of us can say @Girlxs was rushing it πŸ˜„


    @Lohen said in Ok, Bought the game after a 2 min video on youtube; was it the right choice?:

    @Kralith we supported the game in the state of a concept.
    who of us can say @Girlxs was rushing it πŸ˜„

    Exactly πŸ˜‰


    An early purchase is very risky but if no one bought in at this early stage then it wouldn't exist. Unless they funded it themselves through loans etc but that's not always a good thing to do even if they could find a willing lender. That or join with a publisher that potentially ruins the game.

    Thank you for taking the risk and supporting the game at a high level.

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    While I am glad to see you supporting the game, this will be a long development process.

    I hope you are willing to be in it for the long haul!


    so you've backed everything that has shut down..

    oh shitβ€½


    You did the right choice. The developer will eventually create something special out of this game.


    Did the same thing. Hope it works out. Looks like lots of potential at least.


    hoping as well the game will go in the right direction


    I hope you enjoy it as well! I’m holding out for at least the test. Every game I back gets cancelled and every game I test is hot trash.

    I hope this games breaks the trend. It’s all gamers have anymore.... hope.

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    I backed Chronicles of Elyria with $400 and they failed soooo πŸ˜‚


    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† to be brutally honest, I bought in one night after more bourbon than usual.

    I'm totally poor, and/but I wanted the devs to know there were players out here so sick to death of the 'freemium' model that we'd spend $75 for even a CHANCE to play a game like Fractured.

    Not, I'll freely admit, my wisest financial decision. But my experience since then in this community and with the game - even just the bare bones the devs have gotten up for testing - has been worth what I spent to me.

    Value is a peculiar thing, innit? Welcome to our community, @Girlxs! Here's hoping that, like me, you get what you paid for and then some. πŸ––

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