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    What are your favourite mmo features you think made mmos of your past

    Maple story 2 was the amazing house building system so nice making a house relaxing collecting cosmetics such a peaceful but action packed game

    Maple story 2 jump in to a random mini game was ace felt really fun teleporting to quiz shows and races

    Collecting music in runescape was a really cool idea.

    I also love leveling lots of different skills in runescape

    DC universe online making a hero and looking cool and how I wanted to look right from the start felt great

    Another great cosmetic clothing wise was lotro I love that you could buy 1 item or armour for cosmetics and look how you wanted and a second armour for stats

    Finally what i would like fractured to have

    I would like fractured to have infinate levels but levels dont give you power, give you cosmetics leveling skills adds cosmetics or skill changes not power, I think all my favourite mmos have things to grind for and it be nice to still have level progression with out power progression


    I personally loved Warhammer because of many great things. Like tanks that matter in pvp with the guard and taunt mechanic, shut down the enemy city and it's instances for a few days if the city raid was succesfull, Keep and fortress fights with backdooring, a pretty okish mechanic to favour players that face a zerg (against all odds buff which granted up to 400% more renown and xp), leveling was possible with PvP only if you wanted to. The detaunt mechanic was pretty dope too (-50% inc dmg from a target with high cd) Facing a pick up zerg with a proper 6man and snacking the sweet renown with the aao buff. Fun times i miss them 😞

    • In WoW TBC, crafting actually mattered and you could easily do the hardest content at the time with crafted gear which gave me a sense of achievement when I finally made the whole set

    • Resistance gear required for certain fights

    • Boss fights that have to be tanked by a non tank (warlock tanking a boss in wow raid for example, that was a fun experience)

    • Looting items that you can actually use, it's a bonus if they shine

    • I liked dyeing my armour in Guild Wrs 1/2 (props to any game that allows multiple dyes on one piece of gear)

    • Unlocking skills in Guild Wars 1 (obtaining elite skills from elite mobs, you had to use 1 less active skill when killing the mob in order to get it)

    • Multiple class combinations (GW1/2, Rift) which means a LOT of skill combinations

    • Skill damage/behaviour different in PvP/PvE (Guild Wars 1/2)

    • Unique world bosses spawning (WoW, GW2, Rift)

    • Being able to change the look of gear (wardrobe/transmog/whatever else other games call this)

    I did play other mmo's but none really made as big of an impression on me as Guild Wars 1 did. It has a lot of great things that all mmo's should copy and improve upon and I think Fractured has some of the bases covered although I don't find it very intuitive that we have to grind 20+ monsters to unlock skills - I feel there should be a bit more of an adventure obtaining skills that doesn't involve grinding.


    Bard, that used cords as abilities. the game provided (whatever the number of ability keys was) of cords that were unlocked as you leveled. you started with 3 cords that allowed you to heal, attack, and slight support. later on you had 9 cords that you weaved to do heal, support, damage, debuff, etc..

  • @Grapher said in Best mmo features:

    Unique world bosses spawning (WoW, GW2, Rift)

    Character build complexity from original edition of The Secret World.


    Housing design complexity from Wildstar.

    Character build complexity from original edition of The Secret World.

    Trade run system and naval warfare from Archeage.

    Pvp combat complexity from BDO.

    ...yeah I relize its not easy for one to get everything in a single MMO of particular style. 😉

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    Definetivly the Housing in Wildstar, beside the complexity of the design possibilities, i also liked that you had Plots that gave minigames for visitors.

    And yes, i need to agree @Gothix again, the Skillwheel of Original The Secret World i liked so much.

    For the fear factor of an permadeath Sandbox game, i point out Salem the Game.
    H&H is surely nice too, but with the resets you probably had not such a bound to your character than in Salem.

    If i come back to The Secret World, its questsystem with the Investigation quests was for me another point to love that game, beside the amazing lore.

    As for the Crafting, i liked it in Salem the Game, since it was somehow grindy, but you did not feel its grind. There was so many steps to do, per example: plant trees, harvest them, make boards on a bench, dry them, plane them, oil them....
    You had to raise purity on your fields with a special 3 field planting mechanic.
    Purity also was a thing for Fruittrees, Worms for your Compost Bin, Chicken, Planting Pots, surely i forgot something 😉
    If you used different materials you got different stuff from the same receipe.
    You had to figure out by yourself, what you have to combine.
    I know some other games who have a very nice crafting, that keeps you busy.
    It is always interesting, if you don't have to "one click" (like in WoW) to craft, but have several steps, some secrets, a random factor and some effort to do, to get useful Crafts, that you also are able to trade.

    For PVP i was also a huge Fan of Warhammer Online, @Shivashanti decribed it well.



    • some mobs fleeing when low health drawing social agro from other mobs
    • very long and tricky patchings of wandering monsters/guards resulting in more ohh shii where did that come from moments
    • fearkitting,agrokiting, rootparking and other ways of crowdcontroling often necesary


    • clear roles in group play, you always knew if support/CC/healer/tank/dps did a good job and saved the groups ass or the oposite


    • playing around with different itemSets and combinations is fun

    keyCombos to fire combatskills was anoying at start (hard) but later it was fun and added a bit more need for skill (getting those keyComboes memoriced by the fingers)


    SWTOR had fun housing where your house was in fact a huge expanse of a planet. Also loved the cut scenes for parts of your storylines with voiced npcs. It was watching a movie.

    SWG had a nice city management system. Loved their dancing profession that came with music and group routines. Your will bar had to be improved by going to a cantina to watch dancers. Because of this cantinas were social hangouts. I liked the shuttle services that allowed you to move around on a planet.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I am going to probably come back to this after I have given some thought for other features I enjoy, but I wanted to comment on the OP's last point.

    I currently play a game called Boundless ("voxel sandbox" building MMO). This game does something similar to what you mention, and I love the way they handle it. Every level you gain, you get skill point to put into stats/abilities and a currency called "Cubits." These are used to purchase "plots," used to claim areas of planets to build and keep as your own, cosmetic items, extra skill pages, etc.

    Level 50 is the "max," where you will obtain enough skill points to max out what skills points you can actively use. You can continue endlessly to level past 50 to gain more skill points and Cubits.

    There are methods to level pretty quick with some effort, so you can obtain endless amount of cubits to use on the cubit shop. Everything you do; building, crafting, gathering, etc. gains XP.

    You can ofc, purchase Cubits with real money if you wish, but you are not obligated to if you would rather put the effort into the game and levels.

    Here are the positives I can point out off the top of my head:

    • You CAN use real money if you want
    • You also have the option to put in blood-and-sweat to obtain cool cosmetics without real money
    • You gain enough of the currency where it does not feel like it is hopeless. You do not gain so much to make it feel like you are just being handed everything easy, but also not too low where it seems impossible to progress in-game without real money (many other games I have tried have such low gain on the extra currency that you would end up spending weeks and months to obtain a cheap item on the shop)
    • The items you can purchase are not Pay-to-Win. There are conveniences and cosmetics, but nothing that really give you an advantage over other players. This might be debatable, as a lot of comments I see out on forums regarding the term pay-to-win, most people seem to think that anything paid for with real money regardless of utility (or lack thereof), think it is pay-to-win. So let me clarify my meaning.
      * I refer to pay-to-win as purchases that increase levels with no effort, are items to increase stats/power that are otherwise
      difficult/impossible to obtain in-game, allows you to mind control and dominate other players against their will, etc.


    If sustainable, I think fractured should explore that route as well. Obviously minus the claiming lands bit imho


    Runescape has a great lending system that I can see being pretty useful, letting a guildmate use a precious item for up to 72 hours (or until logout) was also a nice income for those who owned even rarer items. Since getting scammed in any game sucks it is even worse when it's during one of these "trust lends" where a friend lets another friend use their expensive item. I don't know how expensive the rarest items in Fractured are going to be, but after the time limit is up the lent item could return to the owner's chest in their home. I could see this being abused though and having parties lend each other armor sets/weapons before attempting any encounters where they may die, so that all their gear spawns back in one of the other member's chests if they do. There could be a daily limit on lending like 3 or so, or maybe once an hour.


    Around the same time I played runescape I also played Adventure Quest Worlds, as of now it's pretty much Chinese MMO tier in terms of being money hungry. But all the items in game came from many different artists all with their own themes/artstyles. This caused a large following in game for two of the main artists, one with a fiendish demonic theme with Miltonius, whose items were really grindy and questlines were all over the place, the second artist had an edgy undead theme with Dage, the Evil, his items were easier but he made a lot more of them. The game developed around these two artists storywise since 2013. The game is still milking these two today, with their art going rare after a few weeks, forcing the whales to continue playing and continue paying for the items.

    I'm real excited for Fractured though since the amount of skills it has reminds me of AQW, which also has character customization not locked behind classes. There are 100+ acquirable classes that can just be equipped whenever, so that's hundreds of different skills compared to when it first came out and had just 4 classes and 20 skills. What I'm happy to see in Fractured is that it's already starting with way more skills, and having the option available to mix and match these skills into loadouts, which can be considered classes on their own. What I'm seeing is three of my favorite games mixed together with Path of Exile's friendly monetization, Adventure Quest World's variety of skills, and the survival/strategy elements of Don't Starve all with a topdown isometric view. Poe will never have the horizontal progression and mmo feel that Fractured can, Don't Starve is more of a singleplayer thing, and AQW is dead, so hopefully everything goes smoothly for DS making this. Scratching all four of those itches in one game is not going to come around anytime soon outside of Fractured hahaha


    best game feature was when you couldn't pay.. to not play the game.


    @Jetah said in Best mmo features:

    best game feature was when you couldn't pay.. to not play the game.

    DS nailed that one already. Good job DS !


    Back in the day, i used to pay for spare PC power cable, so when my mom took my main cable from me, hoping I would do stuff for school, i would pick up my spare cable so I could play more.

    I wonder if that would nowdays be considered P2W or merely a convinience. 😛


    @Gothix said in Best mmo features:

    Back in the day, i used to pay for spare PC power cable, so when my mom took my main cable from me, hoping I would do stuff for school, i would pick up my spare cable so I could play more.

    I wonder if that would nowdays be considered P2W or merely a convinience. 😛

    Having a better internet connection or a better pc is also pay to win we should throttle bandwidth and make sure everyone has 2 frames per second

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    I think my list can go on and on. I've played pretty much every MMO with in the last 20 years.

    My favorite aspects of MMO's is when the MMO does what it is meant to do. BE an MMO.
    Make players group up, work towards hard achievements together.

    Level's, gear, skills and so on are not the only rewards players want and arn't really aspects of MMO's.

    a group of players will fight dumb hard mobs or crazy dungeons that are unbeatable just to see the rewards.
    Try to beat a dungeon or raid first to be the world first.
    They'll mine 100'000 gold ore just to build a statue of a golden rooster.
    wait seven days in one spot to kill a goat to get a rare mount.
    Die by drinking poison 1000 times to get a dumb title (still not poison resistance)
    Slay 1'000'000 bunnys (Bane of Bunnys)

    if the game is good then it's the dumb achievements that keep me around.
    And the small rewards to show off to people that I was either first to do something or completed some dumb shit.
    I'll take my bunny cosmetic hat thank you~



    technically having VIP that opens more knowledge slots is paying to not play the game.


    @Xzoviac said in Best mmo features:

    What are your favourite mmo features

    • a persistent open world
    • ALL the items being player made, plus item degradation. having to repair stuff is slightly inconvenient - but a small price to pay for the wonders this does for interdependency, the economy, and equipment diversity, etc.
    • a progression system where veterans and newbies can group up and play together in a meaningful way
    • local markets and regional pricing. no auction house pushing prices so low that crafted items are worth less than materials needed to make them...
    • in-world player housing
    • clan cities, with their own tech progression
    • the game world having different regions/biomes that come with different resources. like - every place could have iron, but the iron mined in the north comes with somewhat different attributes than that mined in the south. that would allow every place to craft every item - but for getting specific bonuses you'd have to get the specific type of iron
    • player tools for creating your own events. I want barn dances, marriages, bingo nights, theater troupes, music performances, sylvester parties, poetry recitals, cooking contests, harvest festivals... you name it.

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    @hooby said in Best mmo features:

    the game world having different regions/biomes that come with different resources. like - every place could have iron, but the iron mined in the north comes with somewhat different attributes than that mined in the south. that would allow every place to craft every item - but for getting specific bonuses you'd have to get the specific type of iron

    Holy I like that idea a lot.
    for some crafting stat would not matter but then to mid max using regional metals would be ideal. one place would have iron better for making weapons and another for armor. .
    Add a grade system (common, rare, refined,~ ect) and you add only a small boost to the stat [common:1 weapon dmg], [rare:2 weapon damage] Then it adds a reason to not only go over the that region to mine, but to also buy from that region since rare+ would be harder to find.

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