What's your motivation for your pledge pack?


    So, I got the immortal package. I liked the perks it has to offer such as: VIP for life, house, carpenter contract, etc. Now, I don't know what that means per se, but it sounds like something I'd kick my own ass for not having when the game is released. I don't know what the size or look of that house or whatever is either, but I'm guessing that to NOT have it would be a very daunting task once release happens.

    As far as game play, I like testing things and giving my two cents. Truth be told, apart from my own observations, I want to be "in the know" by the time the game releases so there isn't such a curve at first. Alpha allows you the advantage to make all the mistakes everyone else will be making when they first start.

    I like to help others as well, so knowing a bit about the game prior to launch is a good way to make friends or be helpful to new people when they start. I've tested other alphas and played days on end before figuring out something that would have saved me hours/days of time. If I can help someone do that, it feels good.

    Finally, even though there is limited information and the updates aren't back to back, it tells me that they aren't willing to just put out a bunch of hype just to get the numbers. I like the air of mystery. I've enjoyed most every video they have and the entire idea around the three worlds is really cool. Anyway, I've rambled too much.

    What's your story?


    I don't have a pledge pack yet, because budget issues.

    My main motivation is going to putting my money where my mouth is by supporting an MMO that promises to do what I want an MMO to do.

    However, I'll probably buy one of the cheapest packs, because of A) budget issues, B) I was burned by Firefall's, launch, and C) I was burned by Starbound being designed as if to precisely annoy me while pretending to tick every single box on my "ideal 2D open sandbox" list, and that got worse as the game developed.

    I suppose I would care for the rewards/bonuses, but I hate time-limited items, so few months of VIP and few months of carpenter NPC are definitely not something that would motivate me to upgrade my pack.

  • My motivation was lasting value.. I think the Immortal package is the best value to support the game. That being said, I went Governor. I wanted to give in a way that the effect is felt for as long as the game is playable. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at running a town and I'm excited to participate in this style of game play. I'm excited to test things out through alphas and in to beta.. As I've grown older, I find equal enjoyment in economic play as I do PVP.


    Mainly hoping to be part of a good sandbox MMO from the start, and Fractured sounded very interesting. 🙂


    I - actually - don't have a pack. I'm thinking on which to buy but there are so little informations around at the moment that is hard to know if the game will be as entertaining as it seems on paper.
    I'm a long time online (and offline) player and in time I've burned really tons of money for project that seems worthy but were not in the end.

    So I've learned to keep the hype under control and wait before dropping money on something, whatever it is (not that money per se is an issue).
    So I'll probably wait the last possible few days before buying a pledge pack.


    I am a bit like Dragomok and lightspoon in that I do not have a pledge pack yet. I love the unique concept of the three planets and associated race gameplay elements proposed and I do want it to succeed, but there are so many practical matters that need to be worked through at this stage and there might be some unknown compromises required before the true structure of a final end game is seen. Three years to full release may be realistic, but it is a very long time in the real world.
    It is a noble ideal to support things from the ground up, but if I am honest, I am probably more comfortable getting a Beta pack at a time when there is more product to see. So for the moment, I will continue to keep engaged in the community, keep abreast of ongoing development and watch this space.


    • To support a type of game I like - I can only name a select few that are similar and none of them got it right in my opinion. This game sounds like it is on the right track.

    • Because fancy stuff - who can say no to all the perks they include? It isn't anything seemingly P2W, but it is some pretty neat stuff.


    My main motivation is, that i can support a small Studio that has a great vision, a vision that fits my sense about a game very close.

  • After UO i didn't found anything closed to that and i turn on mobas\fps game. This team have alredy covered an intersting project that gave me the feel of UO so i gambled on them.. last time i will do something like that for this century probably.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I don't have any motivation for pledge package which is why I didn't pledge. I want to feel the game in a more completed state not just in some "idea" state before I spend money.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    I like supporting games that I like the look of. Money should go to the developers that earned it. I hope my pledge goes towards the devs being able to make the game the best it can be. Oh and I think I got the Knight Pledge.


    My motivation is the lack of a good MMO and the hope that this one will be better.


    I have my own image of an ideal game and the fractured was the only one that came close to him. ✌


    The lack of a good MMO and the dissapointment that Legends of Aria was. Shards Online sounded pretty good and neat on paper, yet turned into something else. I am currently at Patron level thinking about upgrading to knight as I love the concept and art so far. Yet am little bit afraid whether this will be a success or yet another dissapointment, as there was already too many taking into account games from Kickstarter, Greenlight, Early Accesses, etc.
    So I have decided that Immortal is probably too much of a commitment for me, although I would love to support the game as much as I can. Will see as only time will show.


    @meiki said in What's your motivation for your pledge pack?:

    Shards Online sounded pretty good and neat on paper, yet turned into something else.

    Do you perhaps have a write-up about it somewhere? I'm usually interested in people's personal takes on specific games.


    @dragomok I have not done a review yet, as I am giving LoA 1 year of a time to come around and about to hopefully see some improvements. Currently the game has less features and is more buggy than Shards Online used to be. Which is sad. As they spend 3 years working on a core of a game, to just scrap it and go into different direction while not even being able to transfer the features. Altogether the game is over 4 years in development and although the team is small and development usually takes time, the result feels more like the devs just shot themselves into their legs with guns they bought for their founders' money.
    Everyone makes mistakes, everyone screws up from time to time and there are indeed times that you need to scrap a working game feature to replace it with a better one, but they scrapped a lot of features to replace them with either nothing or with buggy mess.


    @thwunk Like I said, 3 years is a long time in the real world, and todays announcement about Unity and SpacialOS is all part of the mix to be evaluated. Good luck guys

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @xulu I pledged Immortal for the same reasons.


    I tend to try and help smaller studious when I can.

    That being said, the game and all it's concepts make it very easy to donate.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future with all the drama surrounding Unity.

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