I feel that we need an RP server, this game is perfect for that

  • As the title say.. after watching the map in the news i had my old RP vibe.. this game could be perfect for an RP adventure, a full one maybe in a separate server Worldwide, or for a city or portion of the map..

    How many of you would like to play in that way? I played in a full RP server for years on UO and the deep that you can receive back from that adventures are way more amplified than a generic Uo server. There is an autorenew element too in roleplaying.. you can just sit in a square talking with stranger and losing the sense of time..

    Well, as always sorry im not a native speacker and today im really tired but i got inspired by the map 🍍


    I think you don't need it 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I also prefer not to separate RP from non/maybe RP people.
    As Roleplayer we can stand the usual problems with silly people, but if we separate us from all, the possibility to give people a taste of RP they maybe want to join is non existing.
    Better lets find ways to make the server living, that also holds many people ingame, because it is interesting to have all possibilities open.
    Is a bit same, why Dynamight want to combine player types and not separate them. 😉

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    If someone is interfering in your RP adventures by talking or doing "silly stuff" around you, just RP as he was some "mentally disturbed person talking/doing silly things that make sense only to him" and your RP will be full again. If he is aggressive, it's due to his illness, be careful because disturbed people can be dangerous to themselves and to others.

    Quality RP player doesn't care what people around him are doing. He just finds a way to include this in his RP environment.


    In more the first map is huge - seriously huge - we need RP to discuss on the road !

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    Agree with @Gothix you can manage with no RP people. And i saw RP servers in other games, most of the players didn't understand that there are not in normal server, they just select it for the name, the number of players, or because the game highlights it. And it's also your fight as a RP guy, make your history enough credible so people follow you. And if they don't... hmm it will be sad but who care ?


    I agree with @Gothix and @Kralith , whilst I can sympathise with the desire to be around like minded people, if there are no RPer's then those who never tried before would not know if they would be interested. You could always make an RP town? That way you can still hold more of your own 'world' and those who have an interest could still dip their toes in. And those who want to 'ruin' and be 'silly' as Gothix points out can just be handles the way he suggested. 🙂


    RP servers break down communities and make them smaller. For a niche game like this it would be NUTS to divide the community.

    And I acknowledge that numbers don't bother some RP people. They could be playing on a server and see next to no one and think it was idyllic. But in an MMO, the whole idea is to have a population that's... well, massive. Or at least as big as can be. And sending a chunk of RP people off onto another server, in a niche game like this, defeats that idea.


    I'm in agreement with the majority here. I don't see the necessity to have a RP server. I prefer to have us all together, RPers, hardcore, and casual.

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    I Think so too

    Many different types of players will let the game flourish in many ways and brings a whole bunch of ideas for improvement or other things.


    I feel like this will be a niche game to some extent. Putting added barriers between a small community just isn't gonna be a good thing.


    I expect it to happen one way or another.


    Nah, the game doesn't need RP servers.

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    i'd be willing to see RP instances but keep 1 server. This away RP can still interact with everyone if they chose to swap from the RP instance or vise versa.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @jetah said in I feel that we need an RP server, this game is perfect for that:

    i'd be willing to see RP instances but keep 1 server. This away RP can still interact with everyone if they chose to swap from the RP instance or vise versa.

    And everyone else can swap to an RP instance and go cause trouble (and is actually likely to if special RP instance exists). 🙂

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    no different than the RP people swapping to interfere with non RP. At least my suggestion keeps everyone on the same physical server. You know people demand separate servers in the beginning of a MMO launch but then demain mergers after 6 months.

    The RP instance could have a popup with certain guidelines (similar to how other MMOs RP servers) so that the harassment isn't tolerated. it could have a temporary 'RP name' so that you wouldn't break the name convention of it!


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