So - there will be a skin cash shop


    Anyone have any idea what they'd be willing to pay? I mean, yeah, the devs have to have some estimate about how successful it's going to be - wouldn't offer it if they didn't think it added value - and I'm sure that there are some general basic wisdoms to be had on the matter - but I don't think anyone has actually asked us, as a whole, what we're willing to spend in this regard. So, I'm asking.


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    Seems there are some rules about multiple polls. HMMM


    F cash paid temporary skins.. if this happens, i'm out!

  • Where you have seen temporary skin in MMORPG? Its a blasphemy ☝


    Wow, as crazy as people have gotten over skins in the last decade I'm shocked I'm in the majority that I'd never buy one. Cue old man voice I remember the day before there was such a thing and oh a better day it was.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Well it is normal to have cash shop skins. Whether people buy it is up to them lol.

  • @esoba @chrightt I've never seen a cash shop that had temporary skins. That sounds like an absolutely terrible business practice.


    @target It's more common in mmo originating out of the Orient. I think it's a fairly blatant cash grab, but it's occasionally handy - if you want a halloween costume for October, getting a witches hat and broom for a month, for 50 cents a piece, isn't a truly terrible idea.

    (note, most mmos in this vein tend to charge much more than $.50, which is why I don't buy them)


    @target said in So - there will be a skin cash shop:

    @esoba @chrightt I've never seen a cash shop that had temporary skins. That sounds like an absolutely terrible business practice.

    Oh, there is something similar out there.
    I don‘t have many experience with them, but i guess there are games who do it to the extreme.
    My example is PoE, where you can buy one use tokens for applying one skin of an equip of same sort to another one. But in this case i think it is up to the gamer to use it with care.
    Another example i remember is The Secret World, where you could buy one time Masqueradings, that just last for a short time ingame.

    I think my examples are very okeyish to sell it in the cashshop, for a thinking human, you decide if you want to buy it or not.
    As long the items in cashshop are just for fun and not neccessary for the game, they can put such things in the shop and give the customers something that makes them likely to buy them.

    Not to mention, that Jacopo(Prometheus) more than often said, all cash shop items will be cosmetical and there will be no lootboxes, because he does not like gambling.
    So i‘m quite sure, we get a well thought through shop with nice extra fun features.
    For developing them i‘m quite sure i will appreciate it with buying the stuff that i like.

    I don‘t like Cashshops that gives any items that are not in game obtainable, but important for playing.
    I agree with all other good made offers.

    A small edit after reading the other answers in thread, because i just was answering to the quoted part:
    I‘m totally up also for temporary effects in cashshop, but they should be usable, whenever you want.
    A Gamestudio/Publisher who offers temporary effects for special season events and they are just usable in this time is just wrong.


    Subscription is the only temporary thing I am paying.

    Rest of the stuff I will buy needs to be permanent. I'll just skip all other temporary items.


    Temporary skins would never get purchased. That's just a waste of money.

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