I'm interested to hear your opinions...

  • So, when I hopped into these forums, I wasn't actually sure what Fractured was. A friend of mine had sent me a link to the main site and said it was interesting and that I should check it out. So I made my account, hopped in the forums, and posted a first time "Hey, it's me post."

    Everything seemed cool, and the way they were describing the game on the front page of that initial site was amazing. However, my opinion of the game started to waver a bit when I came to the FAQ page and learned a little bit more about Fractured. The first red flag for me was when they explained the controls.
    "Movement with the mouse? What? Like League?" was the first thing to pop in my head as I scrolled through. That's when I decided I needed to see game play and hopped on over to the Media tab to look at some clips the dev team had posted.
    ... 2D world with decent graphics. Reminds me of Diablo. Not bad, but at this point I was still skeptical. How were they going to deliver all these immersive, almost RP elements, to a game that pulled the player back from their character and set that character in a 2D world?

    So, with all that being said, and risking being labeled a hater, I want to pose a question to all you fine people.
    How do you think this game will fair?

    It seems like a more fleshed out Runescape with updated graphics, but stuck in a 2D plane (Because even old school Runescape is in 3D). But what do you think? How will it set itself apart from plenty of other 3D MMO sandboxes out there? What has caught your eye about this potential gem of a game? What will keep you coming back to this game instead of moving on to say Dark and Light, WoW, Neverwinter, etc?

    I'm interested to hear your thoughts!


    In the media is not the most of the video, I already talked about this long ago reported. All videos are on their YouTube channel.
    Believe me, compared to what it was before, now Fractured looks very good, and most importantly nice.
    Why 2D? The world is flat, not 2D. The world map will resemble a spherical one in terms of day and night changes.
    Game make 7 (but I'm probably confusing), the Studio did not say that preparing a AAA game. They immediately told us that the release will be by 2021 (and guessed and users have not yet announced officially).
    Why are we waiting for her?

    1. As many as 3 open world each with its own feature.
    2. The knowledge system that I personally like many have long wanted to see in games.
    3. Reality. It's cool that the rat can fall dragon armor, but no.
    4. Everything will depend on your skills, not armor and grind.

    In obmm so you can argue long, I hope you understand me.


    @aleworth this position of camera is called isometric point of view, it does not mean the game is 2D. the graphic objects are 3D the physic are 3D same as diablo 3 or POE.
    why its make you worries? or you like isometric or not...


    @grofire said in I'm interested to hear your opinions...:

    @aleworth this position of camera is called isometric point of view, it does not mean the game is 2D. the graphic objects are 3D the physic are 3D same as diablo 3 or POE.
    why its make you worries? or you like isometric or not...

    2D - Terraria, UnEpic, Starbound, it Lurks Below, Ghost 1.0, Trine, etc


    I was a big fan of Diablo II.

    Something about Diablo III never sat well with me. It was very pretty, but felt a bit popcorn-ey. My character in Diablo III never felt like my character.

    I tried Path of Exile. It scratched the Diablo II itch better than Diablo III did. But even though it was unquestionably a massively multi-player online game, it didn't feel like an MMO.

    I think Fractured is going to be the drug I've been looking for to scratch that itch in a meaningfully MMO setting. Plus, I think the system of different worlds and alignments having different rulesets has the potential to be really game-changing in an MMO space.

    So I'm comfortable that I'm going to love this game.

    In terms of how well it will do generally is a different question. It's going to boil down to a combination of how many people like me there are out there, and how effective Dynamite's marketing will be at reaching them. I'm not sure of the answers to either of these questions... So time will tell.

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    I also think you misunderstood the isometric view.
    It just says, your angle to look to the world is fixed as if you would look like a bird on the world.
    The world itself is 3D.
    When i saw first video of Fractured it remembered me much on actual graphic of PoE.
    And PoE i like much, but as @KairosVal said, it does not feel like an MMO.

    Fractured is something between all the game features we liked at serveral titels, started with UO till the newest games like Albion.


    the game is 3D! you can walk in any of the 4 axes. 2D is more like a painting, like cartoons/anime (minus those 3D and cell animation ones).

    the game will be similar to Ultima Online before the split between pvp and pve realms.

    if you want a movable camera similar to WoW, this wont be your game.


    I can appreciate your concern about the view limiting your attachment to your character - distance breeds distance, in games. Combat gets less visceral and more tactical, for example. However, it doesn't necessarily mean you won't bond with your character - as several people have mentioned, they have bonded in similar circumstances, at least some of the time. While the MOBA comparison is valid, what will matter more is the time you'll spend with this character you've made - there is a very social/story oriented bend in the game style - and so you might find yourself engrossed in the unique story you create.

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    @therippyone i‘m able to bonding with my character, even it is just a character on a paper 😉
    And since we will have much cosmetics, it will be not a clone war.

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