Where is Fractured advertised?


    Gidday all.

    This is an exciting game, and the more I read about it and the more video I see the more excited I get.

    Where I work, there are something like 52,000 people, spread in a number of countries. Luckily for us at work we have our own dedicated MMO forums. Yup!! MMO forums! At work that has nothing to do with computers, or IT!

    Anyway, I've posted some Fractured news in my work forums as there's a very dedicated MMO fanbase and none of them had heard of the game. And when I thought about it I hadn't seen it in any of the gaming websites I regularly check.

    So where is it advertised? What are the plans going forward to get more exposure?


    Hello @dattatreya
    there is indeed very less informations around outside in the typical gamermagazines.
    As i know, Jacopo did a good job to message them all and we as a community did same.
    But the mainproblem is, payed advertising is very expensive and would eat all our kickstarter pledges.
    Advertising in hope the magazines would bring even a small article about it is like finding a corn in a desert as long you are not a big studio or AAA title and the article would not get guaranteed tousands of clicks.
    I tried to contact many of the german magazines, just 2 of them even answered me and just one (4players.de) made an article about it.

    I was talking with a friend who works sometimes for a big german gamer magazine and he told me, that they work in this kind, they even have almost no interest in his VR articles if they are not about an AAA article. So he could do the only right thing and he implemented an own VR community page.

    I remember times, when even the big player at the magazine and gamer portal market was interested also in the small and promising visions.
    But i guess this times are over, the gamer market is all about profit, profit, profit.


    I don't want the devs to spend any money on advertisement. That's just a waste of money. They should spend time on reaching out to the community though, when they have more to show. We'll need people playing this game on youtube, twitch, ... to get people to know about this game.


    @jozef yes, that is possible when Alpha 1 starts.
    We just need to reach enough streamer or stream by ourself.
    I‘m not a streamer at all, but who knows, maybe we will have some very nice streamer into our community who are willing to do it.

    Per example @AlcribLP and @DeathsProxy 😉

  • The Foundation is our advertising 💪
    Well apart that on reddit sometimes during KS i was getting a banner of Fractured, so something was alredy invested in commercial..


    I hadn't heard of this game, until a week ago. I regularly browse kickstarting video games, but I hadn't noticed Fractured. The 'advertisement' that got me to back the kickstarter campaign, was a video on Youtube by @DeathsProxy. So, in my opinion, if we can get streamers dedicated to mmorpgs to talk about this game, even when they only have a few thousand followers, we'll reach a significant portion potential players. General advertisement seems pointless. This isn't a game for the masses. Computer games are a niche, RPGs are a niche of that and MMORPGs are even a smaller niche.


    @jozef how i could forget DeathsProxy 😮
    i added him above 🙂


    @jozef said in Where is Fractured advertised?:

    I don't want the devs to spend any money on advertisement. That's just a waste of money.

    This thinking is a great way to kill a game


    I personally discovered it through mmorpg.com at least I think that's what it was it's either that or Youtube. I just know if it was one or the other 🙂


    what's advertisement? I have ublock and adblock...

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    I got reeled in by an instagram advertisement lol

  • Way early IMO, they need more to show before they can advertise beyond fundraising. In time, it will come


    At the moment advertisement is pretty much by word of mouth I would think.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @dattatreya if you posted some Fractured news on a forum with a large MMO fanbase you might want to mention that here and maybe qualify for the Ambassador Drawing for 2000 Foundation points. If you haven't already... You can do that here: https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/814/the-foundation-weekly-drawings?page=1


    @benseine I thought about it but decided against it. The forums are not publicly accessable and therefore my claim can't be verified.


    I think a problem all up and coming small Dev teams face is advertising. I also think some of the best is when sites like mmorpg and massively run good stories. Otherwise, gems of games can run under the radar.


    mmohuts.com is where i found fractured


    Instagram was the angel 👼


    If I recall, Prometheus has admitted the team doesn't have a dedicated and professional PR staff member.

    This is a top priority.

    However, there's only so much that guy can do without the proper content to market. Dynamight absolutely needs to develop a press pack of art, mockup screens, etc. that show the direction of the game so that their eventual PR expert can spin it to its best angle.

    As I've failed to elegantly assert before, many players don't understand what Fractured is - they think of it as similar to Albion Online, because the screenshots look similar (camera angle, movement style, etc.) That's a problem because Albion Online is almost the exact opposite of Fractured and these players will get the wrong idea, get mad, and leave, possibly giving bad reviews in the process.

    Spotlights are all fine and dandy - I read them - but most players don't, and that's the problem. It's not that they're dumb or anything, they just have stuff to do and don't take the time to read, and it helps to have pretty pictures to quickly get the point across.

    Your PR guy will handle things like catchphrases ("THREE RACES - THREE GAMEPLAYS"), search engine summaries, etc. so don't worry about that before you get him.


    I agree that paid advertising at this point would not make sense.

    Their foundation is a great idea to get interested going in the game. Sure it may take longer but the people who get interested will check it out more often and post/tweet about it to others.

    The foundation is also a great way to start some brand loyalty as were collecting the equivalent of reward stamps.

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