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    I have a Ragnarok Online background, and one of the things that I like about RO that almost no new game has is that you actually have to prepare and know how to kill certain monsters, not only that, but there are certain monster that your class might not be able to efficiently kill, or kill at all for that matter.

    In current MMOs that I have experience, you pretty much can kill anything with any class, the best area for X class to level is the same for pretty much every class, as long as you have enough attack power (Black Desert is an example).

    I know that Fractured doesn't have classes, so it is about the equipment and skills you are currently using. But the idea would be the same, monster that certain type of magic or magic in general does pretty much no damage, the same for blunt attacks or slicing attacks, etc, monsters that destroy you if they touch you so you need a lot of CC to fight them, etc.

    I like when mobs are extremely powerfull, I like that when I played RO I needed to have knowledge about the monsters, not just about how much exp they give, but I knew so many monster's elemental type, etc, so, knowledge about the mobs was rewarded, it was actually usefull to know things about the monsters.

    After seeing the gameplay, I can see some potential strategy in the game killing monsters and animals, for example one simple idea I had watching the gameplay, wolves could have bonus damage for every other wolf that it is attacking the same objective, this way, when you fight a wolf pack you have to try and split them, you just can't brainlessly tank them and spam your skills/attacks until they are dead, you would have to be careful because if 4 are hitting you suddenly you will be getting destroyed. Boars could have a charge attack that they initiate with, or really slow attacks but if they hit you, they destroy you with that attack, so you have to kind of kite them.

    More ideas could be monsters that have really high damage against a type of armor (for example leather amor, or robes) but are almost inmune to slacing/blunt attacks, so, a mage or archer could kill them, but they would need a tank in front becuase if the monster even touches the mage or archer(assuming they wear leather/robe) will destory them.

    The idea is that you need to know how to kill monsters, you just can't go there randomly and brainlessly fight them, because you will end up dead, but once you know the method (combat strategy or certain equipment/abilities or compositions of characters (2 mages one tank, 2 tanks one archer,etc)) you can prepare properly and go kill the monsters.


    I think that what you propose would make someone's favorite role could not play making the game somewhat uncomfortable, personally if a monster was invulnerable before the fire, I remind you that there is a demon race that is their main advantage in fighting, ceasing to be logical that a monster had defense against that element being your character of that element, removing that he could use other abilities, that character would be quite useless


    I know I would appreciate having to have some knowledge about certain enemies to better be able to kill them. I wouldn't support an all or nothing kind of approach, where you'd get steamrolled unless you did exactly this one particular build. However, being able to be a more efficient killing machine if you know something about the enemy sounds good.

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    I'm pretty sure that there is a thread open where we talked about vulnerabilities, when I get time I'll try to find it out;)


    @finland said in PVE - About Fighting Monsters/Animals:

    I'm pretty sure that there is a thread open where we talked about vulnerabilities(...)

    I guess you mean enemies with immunity.

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    @logain Thank you so much it was that thread :P.


    @logain Yes, thank you.

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    I think I would like to see more environmental bonuses than just general bonuses. Sure monsters should have small bonuses depending on what they are. Obviously fire is not going to work nearly as well against something that uses and lives in water, but I don't think immunity should have be total. I think at the very most mobs should have a 30% resistance and that should be fairly rare, most of the time a 15% strength or weakness would be ideal.

    I would like to see environmental usage matter much more. If you play to the enviroment it should give a good bonus nn the same vein you need to make the downside not that bad if you don't use it. If it is raining and you use a lightning ability it should do massive damage, while cold gets a medium boost, air is nuetral and fire gets a small penalty.

    The main reason for a bigger focus is environmental bonuses mean you can play to the advantage and it is a fluid and changing aspect. The reason for not making the penalty big is that it improves the feel of the game. If you make the penalties big it feels like a restriction rather than you have to react to changing conditions to take advantage of the situation. The idea is to reward good counter-play but not overly punish people who don't counter-play well or who have more limited builds.

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    As I said in immunity thread I would like to see that as well. And I think it's even more appropriate here then in RO as there you had to kill millions to max your char and here PvE can be skipped if you hate it.

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    Dont forget about: 0_1524925519865_5897e76a-75c1-497a-a80c-60e4b167c912-image.png
    if on pve freezing monsters would have something in common with rivers, would be great.
    Actually its great idea to do that


    I think that what you propose is good, that would also help the developer team to force hunting in certain areas and make others difficult for certain races, and thus, better manage the flow of people in the areas according to their role or type of magic they use. .

    For example in RO if you were an archer and you wanted to go hunting plants you should equip elemental arrows for that type of monster, if you do not have them, it was not convenient to be in that area.

    and what about the monsters with abilities and attacks that you should know, strengths and vulnerabilities gives an additional point, if there are games like that, but that a game contains everything is difficult.

    In conclusion, I like your idea.

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    Boss behind the lake, who has freezing abilities, in meantime he get's on the lake and do stuff or something? Seems like something interesting.


    How about if you needed to go from castle to castle, jumping over lava and dodging fire balls, and at the end of each dungeon would be very hard boss to kill, after which mushroom would tell you that your princess is in another castle?

    Oh wait...

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    Not quite.


    Why use only elements?

    I'd love to see archers shoot arrow with rope connected to it to some upper ground, then use rope to climb up, or cross over a canyon.

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    How are other classes going to make those jumps?


    @kanaii said in PVE - About Fighting Monsters/Animals:

    How are other classes going to make those jumps?

    There could be a longer way around. Rope jump could just be a time saving shortcut.

    Also, not every class needs to be able to get everywhere. For example, there could be walls through which only mages could teleport.

    Some other classes could also have some methods of getting to some areas, other classes couldn't.

    (those would be just some small areas, with treasure chest, or resource node or 2.)
    (or even better, a knowledge item connected with the particular class that is able to enter)

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    Yeah, about those passages, same goes with passing lakes using freeze spell or something. I think that creating rope mechanic would be useful in fight 2, as hook or something like that.

  • @kanaii said in PVE - About Fighting Monsters/Animals:

    How are other classes going to make those jumps?

    Maybe there's a skill that makes a short lived portal that allies can go through or some other kind of team based mobility. Also, you can change your build pretty easily. Fractured's system encourages kitting your character for specific environments/encounters.


    I like the people who just keep piping up with "But then there will be a circumstance where my character can't succeed alone!"

    It's almost like it's an MMO or something!

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