Temperatures & Weather Feedback Thread

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    The current stack system (chill, Warm, Corrosion, Shock) is based on a 1-100 basis.

    Warm stacks reduce fire resistance by 4 for each stack.
    Chill stacks reduce ice resistance by 2 for each stack and move speed by 0.5% for each stack.
    Corrosion reduces armor by 4 per stack and every 2 seconds ticks for 2 damage per stack.
    Shock stacks reduce shock resistance by 2 for each stack and everytime you gain stacks you also have a 0.4% chance per stack to be paralized.

    All stacks decrease by 10 per second.

    These stacks are also used for the weather system. Hot temperatures cause warm stacks, cold temperatures cause chill stacks. Future weather effects may use the corrosion and shock ones.

    While in general this system is working well, there are currently a few issues with it:

    1. The rate of decrease is too high. A single player has no chances to have his stacks work in a meaningful manner. This becomes very noticeable on skills like elemental touches or arrows, where the next attack arrives when the stacks inflicted by the previous one have already depleted. Ideally, the rate of decrease of stacks should be halved.

    2. The hot weather inflicts a penalty which is never felt if you don't fight something which inflicts fire damage, while the chill slowing effect is something that you always suffer. Warm stacks should probably reduce the fire resistance by only 2 and then have a secondary effect, like the other ones. Possible effects could be: Increase damage received, longer cooldown reductions, reduce mana/hp regen and so on.

  • The chill effect from cold weather is currently so annoying due to the slow effect that you are basically forced to always have a counter to it and ignore the mechanic entirely. The devs have not provided us enough in game options to deal with this.

    Right now you have two limited options -

    1 spell channeling users can cast a buff that ignores the entire mechanic - this option obviously doesn't work for anyone who isn't maining a spell channeling weapon, and it also doesn't work while you are mounted.
    2 wear armor that has significant cold insulation at all times - this limits your build options, no one is going to carry an extra set of gear to swap to and risk dropping their good gear on death.

    The devs said they want us to prepare in advance for the weather system, but when you have a day night cycle that will always eventually put you in a situation where you are gaining chill stacks, the only answer for players is to always be countering this mechanic at all times, and the only ways we can accomplish that are build limiting at the moment.


    Except with todays update they are literally putting the cart before the horse. We don't have alchemy to brew resist potions for one, and other than the various elemental protections no good way for a melee build to deal with this nonsense.

    Now, smart people would have implemented the measures needed to mitigate or at least deal with the stacks for all characters and THEN put the temperature and weather in. Not these guys though. They completely ignore literally game breaking, ctd causing bugs in favor of a new feature that very very few actually want or thinks is a good idea at this time.

    Quite honestly, if i hadn't been foolish and bought the eternal pack, i would have been gone when it took 50 plus hours to fix my login issue. To which there is still not something like autologoff after idle function or daily server restarts to mitigate such things.

  • I agree that its really strange to bring this updates now instead of fixing the bugs; also, at the moment weather is just annoying to deal with and adds no depth to the game.. I just log out when its night and my toon freezes and is slow af.. makes no sense playing in this crippled state..

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    @DarthJafo they have fixed that Ctd literally in this update.

  • I started a gladiator earlier this week.
    Warm stacks stay with me when wearing hide armor.
    Strip naked.. Still have stacks.

    New players coming out of a tutorial wearing their crafted hide armor from the tutorial will have to drop that armor immediately.. or cook internally.

  • I feel the whole penalty system feels way too harsh. The idea of implementing a weather system is a thing that would make the game unique but also feels like it is not needed at all in the game. Just the month before the weather system i had fun playing the game and the weather(especially cold) at some regions just destroys the fun of playing the game for me.

    I agree it is intended that you might want to equip the right armor for the right biome which might solve the negatives. But let us look at it from the viewpoint of a new player starting the game:
    Starting with T1 armor you wont have good resistances. You and your group (which you kinda need if you are completly new) started in aerhen and now as soon as you go to any area in the region you feel kinda overwhelmed. At night in colder areas you get up to 99 chilled stacks and are almost unable to move. At the fire elementals they shred you and you wont have a lot of fun fighting there. So they come to the realization - this area is too hard lets find something easier so we can grogress that area when we have better gear/skills.
    If you dont know nothing about a game you die quite a lot even against a small pack of wolves. The weather features on top of that kinda are forcing the game in a super hardcore direction. I dont think you can get or hold a big player base in such a hardcore game.

    So lets look at the weather feature out of the viewpoint of an older player:
    You get yourself a build together and you kinda have to do quite some management for your mana for your build to kinda work (at least in the current state of the game). So what you do is optimize your gear around mana management and maximizing evasion, block and armor since they seem to be the strongest defensive mechanics. So you will be left open with like one really good set that works with your current build. Now all this just gets destroyed with the weather system. One build might due to slowing not work at all in the Jotunn area. Just because you get so many cold stacks you feel like you are an immovable rock. The only workarounds for it is a spell channeling weapon + protection from cold - if you can sustain the extra 20 mana per second (which also might destroy your build) or destroy the current build and play something completly different from what you think is the most fun just to be able to wear mammoth wool clothes which will help in cold areas.

    Just a testing example for you the current cold area:
    Play a meele build with any plate armor because you want to be able to tank a jötunn and not cheese the reset mechanic. This armor set will reduce your max speed because it is plate - so it already feels really slow. And now add 99 chilled stacks which are ~50% reduced movementspeed. As a tank walking from one mob to the next one just takes a minute - fun gameplay!


    Instead of using some new mechanic to deal with environmental conditions and stacks, new material properties which greatly reduce the options of playable equipment type, do what i suggested earlier and have stack decay tied to elemental resistance level. the higher your resistance the faster stacks decay.
    This allows for elemental resistance enchantment to have a purpose. It allows players to wear whatever armor material they want and then compensate with enchantments/rings to adapt to the environment.

    It prevents the awkward situation of having 80% cold damage reduction, but frozen into a brick since resistances have nothing to do with stacks. And for what reason?
    Stacks already have a decay mechanic and we already have the damage reduction curve for resistances, just stick them together such that at a elemental resist of 50% your stacks decay 50% faster.
    This would make it so some number of mages/elementals/severe weather would still have an effect on the player, but it could be moderately mitigated such that it is playable and maintains the ambiance.

    Currently the only real option is to run with an ability sucking 10m/s to be totally immune to the entire system. at which point why even have it?. this is not an interactive play feature of the game. it is an arbitrary tax that only sucks fun and choice from the game.

    Brining back gem imbuing, socketing, and unsocketing would also help the situation.
    For a cost, say 1k per gem level?, you can remove a gem from your T3 arch mage gown and swap in a cold resist gem for your trip to Aerhen instead of having to craft and enchant a whole new set of armor.
    It would allow for that lateral progression and flexibility that the game was championing and reduce -some- the new vertical progression grind we have now.


    @spoletta said in Temperatures & Weather Feedback Thread:

    @DarthJafo they have fixed that Ctd literally in this update.

    Which we only learned about AFTER the update. So yay


    Dealing with the weather system feels only extra hassle and burden that a player needs to micro manage. It gives no value to the player and feels mainly annoying. It looks cool and therefore, weather and night-cycle would work best if it would be just cosmetic.

  • The feedback prior to mine is pretty spot on, so I will just leave you all with this, well done your master plan to troll the folks testing your game is a success.
    Rain through the roof? very little means to counteract or nullify the weather system? I trust the dev team is good at programming, but common reasoning seems to be lacking. Introducing a system that dramatically punishes the player with no way to nullify it is just silly, and then not even checking to make sure the rain does not go into the house is just common sense that appears to be lacking. My feedback is very low confidence in the development team at this point. I won't even begin to discuss the lack of bug fixes on very important issues like sieges and crafting. It's almost like you guys are wanting the game to fail or at the very least run the testers off by trolling them.

    Not the most useful feedback unless it encourages you all to actually think before implementing things in the future.

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    I think regards to the weather, many of the players are putting the cart before the horse.

    Standard operating protocol would be to first introduce a system...like the weather, then after adjusting the pre-existing factors it interacts with in the game (Like armor) only then do you introduce other compensatory systems, like resistance potions and ointments.

    You add a new system in, check how it works with the existing framework, then you tweak it, then you compensate for it as an ongoing system. Everyone saying the resistance potions/alchemy should come before the weather just seems backwards.

    As to weather falling through the roofs of buildings, that is a cosmetic issue, and like mobs being able to run through walls and grass growing through the floors, it is something you clean up near the end, after the mechanics are properly balanced out for the feel you want.

    I see the weather as what it is, another challenge in the game. You compensate the best you can, BUT this is a Beta test, so don't expect your favorite build to always be the one that will work while testing new things out.

    I enjoy logging into the game and seeing it rain. I like the fact that until you get mammoth hide, you will be risking freezing stacks going in to hunt the mammoths, who's natural armor has adapted to their native cold temps...just makes sense.

    And as far as new features vs bug fixes...bug fixes is an ongoing process, especially during Alpha/Beta, but you keep your development team working on promised features while your bug team works on tackling bugs...it is not an all-hands kind of thing, too many cooks spoil the soup as it were. This is why projects such as this are typically broken down into team assignments, even if the staff is so small that teams can sometimes be 1 or 2 people.

  • I'm personally LOVING the addition so far. It adds the extra depth other games lack.

    To the other players in this thread, please remember this is a beta. The items to deal with cold/warmth haven't been designed yet and should come shortly after the technical implementation.

    Once it's standard, you will be able to buy most of the things to deal with warmth / cold from the market anyway, so it's really just an extra bonus to the game.

    @GamerSeuss is spot on in his rational. You need the core foundations in place before you fix the smaller issues, which is exactly what they are doing (and doing well).

  • @Kazzier said in Temperatures & Weather Feedback Thread:

    I'm personally LOVING the addition so far. It adds the extra depth other games lack.

    To the other players in this thread, please remember this is a beta. The items to deal with cold/warmth haven't been designed yet and should come shortly after the technical implementation.

    Once it's standard, you will be able to buy most of the things to deal with warmth / cold from the market anyway, so it's really just an extra bonus to the game.

    @GamerSeuss is spot on in his rational. You need the core foundations in place before you fix the smaller issues, which is exactly what they are doing (and doing well).

    First and foremost you need player in the beta to test your game. If you are ruining the fun by not fixing game breaking bugs etc. the nice weather also does not help. We are not getting paid for testing.. we are doing this for fun, and if the fun is lost the beta dies, and if the beta dies, don't bother releasing the game anymore..

  • Logged in to see raining... my crops weren't irrigated. That makes me irritated instead.


    If I had pointed it out ppl would just write it off as Olive being crop obsessed again.


    You are not being crop obsessed. I went and watched the crops in FFA to see if the rain would irrigate our crops or if I needed to start watering. I actually watched the irrigation on one field go down while it was raining! This is just dumb. I can understand if the devs don't want the fields to be at 100% just because it rained. It would be to easy for us to leave the watering untierly up to the rain but it should go up a few percent and it should never go down!

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    @StormBug Weather having an affect on the crops may just not be implemented yet, that is having two different systems interact, and in programming, that gets more complicated than you might think. When first implemented, they probably purposely don't have them interacting except graphically. On the other hand, a draught would only really affect crops so that I would see as something that would have to start working right away.

  • Personally I like the depth.. I just don't enjoy being slowed down. We want more movement not less, so my only feedback is to consider the weakness to cold and the stacks enough and not introduce the slow from weather effects.. Keep the slow for everything else, just not the cold stacks originating from the environment. At the very least consider the slowing effect from the environment at a much higher threshold we're unlikely to hit very often.

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    @GamerSeuss we know from the first AMA that weather will affect farming. I would say that the effects have just not been activated yet.

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