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  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi everyone!

    If the following video:

    ...wasn't enough and you still have questions after our announcement of a deal with gamigo, I'm going to be live on Twitch on December 18th at 10AM PST / 7PM CET / 1PM EDT, and I won't be a alone: a producer from Gamigo will be there as well!


    • The Q&A is about our deal with Gamigo, let's stick to this topic specifically.
    • Don't leave more than one post
    • It's fine if your questions are complex, but please post questions, not essays!
    • ...and no more than 2 or 3, please 😉
    • Also, split them clearly if you got more than one.
    • This is a dedicated question thread. Don't start discussing with your fellow community members!

    To tune in, just open Gamigo's Twitch channel a few minutes before the time announced above - we can chat a little before the Q&A session begins!

    Thank you all and... see you soon!

    – Jacopo


    Not as savvy as the others when it comes to the merger, can you describe in detail what this change means for the "vision" of the game and how it will affect early KS backers?


    Can we get a refund now? Not touching anything published by Gamigo ever again.
    Heard that shit about not going p2w or whatever more than enough with Gamigo involved.
    They will always find a way to ruin it.


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    Can we get a refund?


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    Aside from everyone that voices a frustration, I have a question regarding the merge. Will this mean that with a partnership, we could expect a faster release with better funding? Will this speed up the timeline?

  • Jacopo, considering this new publishing deal are there any plans to be providing refunds as Fractured has not launched yet? Personally, I'm sorry.. I believe in you and Fractured but I cannot in good faith contribute or participate in any project associated with Gamigo or their other companies.


    1. Why Gamigo? Many consider them the worst publisher possible. The only reason I can think of is that you ran out of money and this is a last resort.
    2. What kind of cash shop and play to win features will you add?
    3. In your announcement you mention that this will bring in more players. Please explain this. A lot of people won't touch this game because of Gamigo.

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  • So I'm going to round some of the above comments up and turn them into questions for the sake of remaining positive. These questions are specifically for the "producer from Gamigo".

    Question 1:
    I like many others have reservations about the partnership due to concerns over how the game could possibly be handled, specifically monetized with Pay to Win. Is it possible for you (Gamigo) to verbally confirm that you will not seek to add P2W features in the future?

    (Like many others, we have seen the P2W creep into games and quickly kill them. We would like to avoid this happening here).

    Question 2:
    What is Gamigo's long term vison for the game.

    Bonus Question:
    If you were personally designing an idea for a cosmetic item that could be added inside a player house or town, what would it be? (Statue / Paintings / Mannequin etc)

    Thank you for your transparency. It's appreciated.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I just pray that Dynamight went through the contract with a fine-tooth comb and their retention of creative control is ironclad. I have watched Gamigo ruin so many games that had so much potential. I would be lying if I said that the decision to bring them in on fractured doesn't make me regret my investment in this game because it definitely does. The partnership may have got you out of a financial hole but I fear the damage to the player base by Gamigo's reputation will be substantial. I myself am honestly on the fence about just giving up on this game altogether and looking into other options and a refund.

    Do you have absolute creative control including over the monetization model?

    Would you fight Gamigo on any suggestions or encouragement to go free to play or add P2W features such as RNG gear upgrades, loot boxes, etc.. ?

    How do you plan to prevent "Gamigo's reputation = low player base = low profits = go free to play = go pay to win" from playing out after this announcement?

    Can founders and backers get their money refunded? If so, why shouldn't they all just pull their money out right now?

    How can you prove to players that their fears are false and Gamigo will have no control over the direction and monetization of Fracture?


    Reposting from Discord QnA channel with 35 upvotes in the moment of reading this message.

    Question 1: How will refund requests be handled?

    Signing up a publisher is a big deal. Even bigger with one like Gamigo. It means theres very little worry in terms of funding compared to previous months and years. Confidence is on all time low, if you and the publisher have faith in the success, offering refunds would be a way to reassure that this isnt meant to be a quick revenue for Gamigo and people would be more likely to give it a chance (and reinvest/upgrade their packs later down the line).

    Question 2: Is Micheles art coming back? The new one is just... generic asian mmo vibes Boring. Bad. Micheles art was great and unique.

    Question 3: Will we be forced into some stupid separate-app Gamigo launcher once fully released? Instead of using Steam as originally planned.
    Some games force people to download a separate app for their games, for example does it with their Game Center. Other games have their launcher "inside" the Steam download, for example Total War games or games by Paradox Interactive, they have their own launcher but its "inside" and isnt a separate app (Not sure how to explain it)


    I'm sure you can't release the entire terms of this partnership. I understand the support you're getting as a company. I want to believe it won't be a pay to win scenario and that Gamingo won't hurt Fractured.

    To better understand this and feel more comfortable, what is Gamingo getting out of this deal?

    If they don't have any creative control, where does their influence start and end?

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