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  • Now, please have an open mind on this before the zerglings/gatekeepers come comment and instantly say "no" or "doesn't work this is an mmo". I think a portion of the map (doesn't even have to be big) similar to runescape where its single target pvp only would be a nice idea. Zergs have many times completely killed off many mmo's ive played, and don't want to see that happen with this game as well. If you're going to comment saying no, atleast provide some legit reasons as to why not? It appeases both solos and groups. Groups can go zerg wherever they want, and solos can atleast have ONE place they can go to to get some pvp and not be zerged the entire time. You keep both parties happy, means more potential players staying in the game.

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    I see the following issues with your idea:

    1. It is a real challenge to code correctly. Such an area is open to so many exploits that it would take a lot of work to get it right.

    But let's assume that point 1 is invalid and you can indeed do that.

    1. You talk about "Only a small area", but actually you need at least 27 of them. No less than 3 per continent, or you polarize solo players to a specific area/continent. The game doesn't like that. The game design assumes that solo players are equally distributed across the land, for many reasons than I'm not going to list here.

    2. What do you put in these areas? Surely you can't put all resources inside those areas, so you have to select which resources would be more accessible than others thanks to being in solo friendly areas.

    3. Those areas would be stealth ganker's heaven. An area where your friends can't help you? They would be unstoppable.

    4. What would be the purpose of such zone and so much effort? 1v1 PvP is better served in a controlled environment. It is a good idea as a specific city building for example. Fighting zergs? You do that by going all out on friendly fire mechanics. I don't want to discourage zergs because they artificially can't hurt me. I want to discourage zergs because if they make a mistake and I play my cards correctly, I go home with all their heads in my bag.


    The main problem with this is that you can not enforce "solo" unless you instance an area and only allow 2 players in so they can 1 vs 1 (arena).

    You can prevent people from connecting into party sure (extra coding, extra effort but you could), but that still doesnt prevent 5 players (friends) to all target you, and single target you out. You have no chance.

    So as long as multiple players have acces to an area simultaneously, you can not enfoce solo in any mechanical way.

    If you want PvP 1vs1, thats cool and its possible, if arena is introduced.

    Open world where multiple people have acces to that part of the world, nothing can enforce "solo mode".
    People do not have to be in party to all gang up on you.

  • @spoletta As for the coding, I know nothing about coding, but if 2004 runescape can do it, surely someone else can figure out how.
    As for your other things, not sure about what resources to put in those, maybe other people would be willing to input their ideas on this.
    But, on the last part you said about 1v1 in controlled environment is better, it just isn't. I play albion online, and being forced into doing corrupted dungeons (the controlled 1v1 instanced pvp) sucks. I do it, because it's the only choice I have. But i'd MUCH rather to be encountering 1v1s in open world pvp. Just much more fun this way. I don't know though. Id just love to see something like this exist.

  • @Gothix Well, it'd be like runescapes system. where if you're in combat with 1 other person, more cant attack you at the same time. So you'd take 5 1v1s. You see what I mean? this is much better than being 5v1d all at once


    @Kappler said in Solo pvp areas:

    @Gothix Well, it'd be like runescapes system. where if you're in combat with 1 other person, more cant attack you at the same time. So you'd take 5 1v1s. You see what I mean? this is much better than being 5v1d all at once

    Ok, so first guy (from those players attacks you), rest wait their turn. You beat that guy but your resources are now depleted. When combat is over second guy (full on resources) now attacks you and you're done. 🙂

    So you would also have to say ok, only 1 player can attack me in same time, noone can heal you are that guy in this time (already bit complex), also cooldown is needed after combat ends in which time noone can atack you so you can regenerate.

    Also since this is open world, how to code edge areas? What if someone is standing from other side of "border" and someone inside, what about dps in this case, what if healer is standing outside, does combat instantly ends if someone escapes ove r the "border" during combat (its still PvP area, how to handle that). How do you handle tagging in such case (murders thieves). Again what about such cases, when players crossing "border of area" both towards inside and out during combat...

    Also I'm probably not remembering many other factors that should be considered in case ot Fractured Mechanics. 🙂

    This definitely wouldn't be a small work. Is that worth it to developers (how large crowd of people would want that).

  • They can make small, time-limited asteroids where only 2 people can enter (similar to Albion Hellgates, but solo).


    IIRC, cities will be blocked for PvP. So all they'd need to add is a duel code for people to do so.


    I could see the fun and added value of adding an arena building type to cities, where you could tailor it for x vs. x PvP fights. Sign up to fight in a match and have the inside be instanced or something.

    But making overworld areas have weird PvP restrictions in a full-loot MMO seems like a bridge too far, imo.


    Unfortunately it simply isn't possible, unless it's an instanced area only involving two players.

    No amount of mechanics and clever thinking can create a multiplayer open world, where you only ever encounter solo opponents. Not one that can't be exploited at least.

    This is a group oriented game. You will have to be crafty as a solo player to take out multiple targets. Stay away from legends. Take the road less traveled. Learn how to run away, as you'll be doing a lot of it. Stay away from warring factions. Stay away from dungeons, when they are introduced. Stay out of Tartaros, when it's introduced. And if you must take a chance, do it on off-hours, or take a few friends. Learn how to manipulate chat, in order to pull people off your trail. And ultimately, expect to die. A lot.

  • @Jignutz again, this is not the same. I want open world 1v1 full loot encounters.

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    Yes, it is not the same, but what you ask isn't feasible. 1v1 in a controlled environment is the closest realistic feature to what you are asking.

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    @Kappler The reason such a system as you describe can work in RuneScape but not Fractured is because the default setting for the majority of RuneScape is NOT Multi-Attack. In 99% of RuneScape, if 1 Creature is attacking you, be it a player or an NPC, no other creature can attack you until that battle is finished, so it's just a simple matter of toggling PvP on or off in an already single attack area. Fractured, by contrast, is an entire world Multi-Attack area where many people can attack 1 target or be attacked by multiple foes as a part of the base code, so they would have to put in a whole different code set to make your 1v1 PvP area in.

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    @Kappler yesss I would love to see multy areas and single pvp areas like in old-school runescape. Then we will see singles teams and be able to bully the solos xd


    Hay un mapa especial para ello

  • Albion experiments with this idea in a couple of different zones. They have corrupted dungeons which are pve/pvp dungeons in which a single player can invade your instance (like dark souls) and they also have the "roads to avalon" which are world areas accessible via randomly spawned portals that only allow N people through at a time.

    Both of these give solo players decent content, though I am personally not a fan of instanced content (like corrupted dungeons) because it takes players out of the "main" game making it much harder to interact with them.

    Fractured has an opportunity to learn from what others' have tried and I dont doubt that we will eventually see a version of one of the things mentioned above.

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    @PeggyHill there are plans for Asteroid content that could be considered 'Instanced' I guess, but otherwise, the Devs have said they wanted to stay away from that and have everything happen in 'realtime' on the 3 main planets

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