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    Being able to build and experiment with the plots and tools available is fun, but there is no way to remove town plots that you have placed and allow the section of land to become open again.

    Ex: I create a 2x2 city plot, but once it's placed, someone either has to buy it, or it's just sitting there and you can't remove it.

    I find the ability to remove said plot, or move it after it's placed lacking, and something that it should be looking into.

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    Don't quote me on this, but I believe this inability is intentional. They game developers, I believe, wish to encourage the city Governors to plan out how they utilize what plots they are given, without the ability to go back later and just rearrange them. This is especially because although there are Agricultural Nodes out there connected to some towns, any town can also dedicate some of their plots within town to growing foodstuff, and they don't want cities to just dedicate a bunch of unoccupied plots to farms, build up a surplus of such commodities, then slowly pare down those plots as new citizens and new types of buildings come into being needed to grow and prosper.

    Again, this is just supposition on my part, but it makes sense.


    You can already remove the blueprints of town buildings, so I don't see why you should not be able to remove placed plots as well. I also think that it is very much necessary to be able to do that and also remove already built stuff (although they could maybe make this to you can only remove empty plots, so the building would have to decay first).

    Sure, you can plan your city plot, but that can only take you so far. Especially with limited knowledge. New players will have to play with town building a bit until they can know the possibilites. And even then, when buildings are hidden behind the different town stages you don't necessarily know what is coming.
    And if you think even that is still okay, what are you going to do when a new Patch introduces a new building, but your town is full? Then your town is stuck in what it is currently able to do and won't be able to evolve further.
    Which also leads to, I am sure the purpose of the towns will change in game with time, which can have many reasons (mabye simply rp reasons, maybe the meta changes and thus so the town has too, maybe you are a town of a larger "empire" and your purpose in it changes, maybe the Governer / Citizen just want to test / experience something new, the Governor changes and he wants to change things...).

    Sure you can say, just let your town decay into non existence and start again, but that does not seem to be a plausible solution to me.


    Oh man I'm big on changing things. Even real cities reallocate land in their cities as they grow and the need arises. As anything evolves change is often necessary, be it changing up your character choices to city layouts. It's a game. People need to have fun and not have reason to just quit.

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    @Farlander Yes, but in a game type mentality, often, part of the challenge of the game is how you set yourself up in the first place, and then waiting to Respec for a special event, upgrade, or cost equivalent thing to happen to allow such.

    New Building introduced in a patch might allow a short window where Town Respec'ing is free with only certain buildings being locked in.

    Major upheaval in the game universe might mean towns can do a free overhaul of their layout, and of course, each time a town upgrades itself, new land plots are added to the available plots and those can be used to place the newer type buildings.

    Yes, you have the ability to place Blueprints and remove them, because planning is a part of the strategy of the game, but once you start to build on a town plot, that plot may be locked in until an event, or cost associated thing happens to change that. (buying respec tickets in the game store for in-game achievement currency, for instance)


    I think it has something to do with their coding method... even @Specter (and probably @Prometheus) can not remove a building after it has been created. hopefully they will add the ability to remove completed buildings later.. but as of now... no one has the ability to. 😞


    Not being able to tear city buildings down or reappropriate land is completely stupid. It will be a massive detriment to the game if they don't intend to add that feature


    I know in SWG you had limited space for your city. When someone left the game their house decayed if not kept up. I'm not sure if individual houses have this option or if house plots are static and you just pick one but when you are trying to squeeze in every bit of space for allocated buildings in was necessary in that game to pick up stuff and move it so you could make room or just organize things for just the looks of the layout.


    Yeah.. Not being able to remove buildings as a governor is absolutely illogical. Because 'game', isn't a reason.

    I also hope this becomes a thing of the past.


    I am definately hoping the ability to remove buildings is implemented by full release. For now, it may not matter too much, due to lack of total players, being an alpha. But what happens when full release happens and there is a flood of noobs that don't know what they are doing and build 5 blacksmiths so everyone can get armour quickly, only to realise they have completely fucked themselves over, when everyone is geared up? Or they fill everything with farms, because they don't have a high soil fertility city and think they need to fend for themselves, instead of buying food from another city that has high soil fertility,, running out of room that they didn't neccissarily need to use for what they used it for?

    @GamerSeuss It might be all well and fine for you. But you have been Alpha testing since the beginning (or at least very close to, if not). You already have the knowledge. There will be hundreds of people that don't later on down the line. Not being able to edit the cities will be of detriment to the game. People will start playing and fck up their city. Being unable to fix their own mistake they will just give up and leave.


    @Xzait - It's totally true that people who come in blind and do dumb stuff will be at a distinct disadvantage (whatever the game mechanics end up being).

    That's a big reason I'm playing through these alphas, staying current in the forum, and keeping tabs on new content & parameters. I'm learning a lot this way, and I'm making as many n00b errors NOW as possible 🤣 so when I build my 'forever toon', she'll be as regret-free as I can make her.

    The basic philosophical question, as I see it, is:

    Should the game be built in a way that enables/forgives blind foolishness in order to retain max # of players? Excellent, intelligent arguments can be made on both sides of this question. @Specter might want to move the discussion to a different thread to accommodate the debate. I'm not going to say what I think right now - I might change my mind later 😉

    What's important to note is that the developers have the responsibility for making decisions like this, and then living with the financial and social costs of deciding one way or the other.

    They might decide having a ton of random 'I don't need no stinkin' FAQ folks buy in is what their bizmodel demands... They might decide creating a context where research & deliberation are rewarded is a better idea. 🤷

    I am not the one to make this decision, but I'll live with it, either way - or not. That's how capitalism works, as I understand it. I'm not disagreeing with your point, Xzait - I'm just pointing out that your point begs a larger question 🖖

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    Being able to remove plots is definitely planned. 😉

  • I am glad its possible because I see no reason to forbid it ingame.

    Even in real life its possible to change a town layout.
    Its a lot of work, costs a ton and makes a lot of people angry, but its possible.

    So possible yes, but maybe expensive e.g. loosing the stuff that was needed to build, ...

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    And don't forget that some kind of players will try to grief whatever is possible, included via bad town planning on purpose.
    So I find the choice of plot removal possibility a good one.

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