How Friendly will this game be to casual players

  • As my life is a busy one, I do still enjoy MMO's. How friendly will this be to that casual gamer?


    Fractured will likely be one of the most casual friendly mmo's, at it's time of release. I'll put a list of reasons why its casual friendly, but I won't be going into depth.

    • Horizontal Progression

    • Knowledge System

    • Gear isn't all to important

    • Arboreus


    I agree that the game can be the most casual game around, depending on what you're going for.

    However, if you plan to take part in running a city, conquering, and so forth... I imagine the game will be quite intense and time consuming. I have nothing really to base that off of at the moment, except for the fact that if everyone can run a city as a casual player... you can see where that's going 😉

  • I feel that sandbox mmo titles with economies like that in fractured work well for casual players.. I bet it'd be easy to log in for an hour or so and be competitive that to the horizontal progression and player driven economy.

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    @Crowdac said in How Friendly will this game be to casual players:

    • Gear isn't all to important

    I'd just write this a bit differently. Gear is important as in "you can't walk around naked and expect to do well", you DO need gear... however gear is very easy and quick to craft, so you don't have to worry about obtaining gear, even if it gets destroyed or stolen.

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    It might be best if you could describe what you expect to be able to do in game @MrFulaton , because, as others have mentioned, the 'casual friendly' part depends on what you hope to accomplish.

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    @Crowdac Why mentioning Arboreus and not Tartaros ? Demons are really friendly, you know.


    I know you're joking, but you can be a casual player as a demon as well.

    Casual != PvE/friendly imho.


    @Esher I gathered that a casual player wouldn't enjoy open PvP, full loot, and no punishment for crime. Maybe there are casual players who are masochist's and would enjoy Tartaros.😜


    You don't even have to be a masochist to be a casual demon.

    The whole point of the gearing system (from what I can gather) is that it is relatively easy to craft gear and there isn't really a "tiered" system. They've gone for a system for easy replaceability for weaponry. So if you're a casual PvPer, I think fractured is perfect for you. There will most likely not be god-tiered weaponry that takes ages to acquire, and if you don't have it... you're SOL.

    The real "hardcare" nature of tartaros is land control (imho of course). My assumption is that there are obviously protections in place for the beastmen on their land ownership, and I believe there has been talk of single land ownership being protected for humans. Even so, I imagine towns will have some form of game mechanic that will control the stages of a siege/takeover/etc. Demons on the other hand... I imagine there will be very few mechanics that protect your settlements.

    It's hard to say at this time of course, but considering how replaceable equipment is supposed to be, I don't think the PvP in Fractured is inherently hardcore. It's what you want to accomplish with that PvP that truly matters.

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    I ever knew that I was a masochist, even I didn't wanted to realize it 😐 Personaly, I will be a casual demon, I don't like to commit slaughter (or I'm a really bad mood). And I'll not try to kill beastmen, I love their race too 😛 (but give me a dozen of humans, and they're all dead !!)



    That does make sense!


    @Crowdac It would be interesting to try open PvP as a casual to see how the mechanics of Horizontal Progression impacted such play.

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    @Vortech makes sense

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    Fractured seams to have a great concept what it comes for balance of PvE/PvP/casual/hardcore and this balance has been very difficult to make right in other MMORPGs. If they succeed to cater all this audience, they have a pearl in their hands. Horizontal progression and less grind is something I personally like to see. I would categorize myself nowadays a competitive casual player, meaning a former semi-hardcore player who does not have that much time what I used to have for gaming. And I presume, that I am not the only one with less time nowadays. So Fracture offers me that hardcore feeling casual way and I am really happy of this possibility. I can go do some PvE (gathering, crafting, raiding) or group up with few friends/guildies and go find open world PvP action or take part for somekind of siege. And I can do this with decent amount of time and effort. Sounds like a dream to me. What it comes to whole playerbase, it seams every kind of player can find a corner from one of the three planets, which caters his or her personal playstyle. So summa summarum and answer to the OPs concern; I personally believe, that Fracture will ALSO be casual friendly, but at the same time offers hardcore gamers (and to anyone between these two extremes) content as well.

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    @MrFulaton said in How Friendly will this game be to casual players:

    As my life is a busy one, I do still enjoy MMO's. How friendly will this be to that casual gamer?

    Hi there.

    It will of course be "Friendly" to you casual gamer types. However.. You will feel over time 'outside of the loop' as the power player types progress towards epic content.

    The trick for you is to call it like it is... tell a potential guild leader who you are and what you are about... and offer your services such as they are. Let him know however that you are interested in joining a progressive guild so when you are available to play that you are able to partake in the latest content with a loyal and stable group base of people.

    It can be tricky to find.. but if you're straight up about it and offer 110 percent when you are here/online then you should be alright. I myself as Guildmaster have made such arrangements for others before but only because when they were online... they were perfect/ideal members and did what they could to contribute.

    We all have real lives... kids, jobs,,, so forth........... Some are more understanding than others.

    Find the right crew and you can basically have your real life free to live and your gaming life to be exciting and filled with events, adventure and so forth by the right supportive team guild.

    Cheers dude.


    @VyrVandalous I think its is unfair right now to say that casual players will be outside the loop as testing has really yet to begin and most people will tell you that this game is being created for casual players to catch up pretty easily to people who play 8+. I am not saying that people who no life the game won't have an edge in some respects but I don't expect a huge curve. That is what kills most games like this like Albion Online.

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    @Arterius Can't agree more with this. Not only that, but the communities of beastfolk, humans and demons will pretty much "play on their own sand" the majority of time, so as a casual player, be it casual PvPer or PvEr or even PvXer, you will always have the community of similar mindset around you as long as you choose the correct race. And getting the basic equipment should be really easy, so that also makes it pretty casual-player friendly. And talking of "epic content" in relation to casual players... well, you can still create an "epic content" for casuals, like having "hide and seek" type of events.

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    This is the reason I never bought the Governor package. Sometimes I have days on end that I can play, sometimes not.


    @Pluto i see what you're saying, but all things considered(Gear, Knowledge System, Horizontal Progression). If you have ever played League, Dota, Battlerite Royale (I'm not saying you haven't, I'm just trying to make a point). You can see the difference between how a hardcore player plays the game and how a casual player plays the game. Because of how the game is structured, I think the winners and losers of PVP will be determined by skill and ones strategy. Which is how it should be and is why I'm excited for this game's future.


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