Will this game be P2W in the future?

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    Hello all and I was just looking into some rather interesting information on this game. It will be a b2p game but with in-app purchases consisting of a VIP membership with some rather interesting perks such as extra knowledge slots and increased knowledge points. I for one am not familiar with this game design or current play style but a game by the name of Albion Online took this same approach and was dead a month after full release and that is why I ask will this game be p2w in the future. If anyone has any information on this system and how it works please respond that way I will not waste my money on a dead game well before it launches.


    The shop items will be cosmetics, and convenience items only. So no, it will not be P2W.


    The VIP subscription will provide only cosmetics, so nothing that will give any kind of gameplay advantage.
    It was stated by the Devs and it's also specified in the sticky FAQ on this forum's section:

    5. What's Fractured's payment model?
    Fractured will be buy to play (€30) with an optional VIP subscription (€10/month) and a cash shop, selling cosmetics only. No lootboxes.

  • Knowledge slots and increased knowledge gain increase the rate you can learn skills, and depending on how strict you want to define p2w, it might fit that definition, but I personally don't see it that way.

    The way the skill system works is that there are 400 skills with 3 variations each and you pick 8 to put on your hot bar, and you can swap out these 8 skills every time you rest. Each skill's strength is determined by the attributes you set at character creation. To learn a skill, you have to go out into the world and complete tasks specific that skill. When you've completed enough, you take a tome and knowledge (which is Fractured alternative to experience) and equip that skill into a study slot which will start a countdown (that can be lowered through active play) which culminates in your new usable skill.

    The reasons I don't consider extra knowledge or study slots p2w are:

    1. Skill progress is completely horizontal. You start out with a competent set of skills and can already compete with veterans once you've got a decent set of equipment (which is also completely horizontal).

    2. The main limit on the rate that you can learn skills is the tasks that are needed to begin studying them. From an example they've shown, the tasks are pretty specific and completing a large amount of them in a short enough timespan might be fairly challenging.

    3. Since you can only equip 8 skills, once you've put together a solid build, the only real reason to keep learning skills is to experiment or have alternative builds for different situations, and since your attributes are limited and unchanging, most skills are going to be irrelevant to your attribute distribution. Learning every skill isn't necessary.


    No one can ever guarantee you what will, or will not, happen in the future.

    We do have promise, however, from developers that they will not turn this into P2W game. Will you trust them, that is up to you. 😉


    I can't speak to future P2W, but I kinda think the success or failure of the lateral progression system will determine whether the game lives or dies.

  • Things change, but the devs have provided enough thoughtful commentary for me to believe they have good intentions. I'll fully against p2w but I do support pay for convenience. Time is the most valuable asset we have in this life.


    I hope not pay to win is totally killing the gameplay

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    We can only wait and see. Even if they say today, that they won't do it, it can change. Maybe they need to add something that can only be bought by real money and have a gameplay impact, to safe their company. Who knows?

    Let's just hope, that this won't be the case.


    To answer @Gothix hidden question:

    I want to trust them, because i see how they act since over a year and i believe the DS guys and their intention.

    To say it again with his words: Will you trust them, that is up to you. 😉


    There will be no P2W content

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