Will Fractured upgrade on what Albion Online did


    I know @Prometheus saw Albion as his competition and finds it fun so he must know the pros and cons that game has and not make the same mistakes Sandbox Ent did.


    • Addictive Gathering Resources System

    • Purchase Gold with $ (takes out Gold Sellers)

    • Housing System

    • Path of Exile similar skill system map

    • Character Builder on website


    • Combat is slow and dull

    • Weak Character Customization

    • Implementation of Reputation created PvE players to taunt Red players lose Rep when they force them to kill them.

    • Separate Bank per Town

    • Horrible Quest System

    • Change Map so many times

    • No Main City near Starter Zone

    • Grind Premium ex. 32,000 points to level up skills.

    • Founder Items just able claim once

    • Not Alt Friendly

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @warlunhardt said in Will Fractured upgrade on what Albion Online did:

    we don't know the full details on gathering other than you put stuff in a cart.
    character builder on website wont matter because you have to unlock skills through exploration. but i can see 3rd party doing this.

    Fractured will have separate bank per town!
    slow combat (not fast because they want people to react)
    static map (unless you're on the asteroid)


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