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    Hey guys, been offline for a while, what with getting ready for the college semester and everything, but I wanted to ask something I wasn't sure if it has been answered.

    So we know there will be NPCs in this game, but how will they react to you? For instance, will a blacksmith on Syndesia react to a demon trying to buy from him like "Y-yeah sure, take a look. Just....don't test the merchandise here yeah?" While a Beastman would be greeted with something like "Never sold to a bear before, don't you already have daggers on your hands?"

    Now how about the different forms of each race. Would people cower before a demon and (somewhat annoyingly) praise an angel? If a lich angered the guards would the recruits fearfully ask how you are supposed to kill what's already dead?

    Stuff like this isn't important and I wouldn't dream of asking them to take time away from other things to make this happen, but if they found themselves with some time to make some little details, this would be a pretty cool one. As always, sorry if this has already been answered, been pretty busy, and thanks a bunch for reading!

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    Yeas, they will react to your race and even more to your alignment. If you have a positive karma, evil mobs will attack you more than if you have a negative karma. The opposite will be, that good animals attack you then.
    For NPCs it will be the same (as I understood). You will get different quests/items/deals with differnt karma and different races. There are some NPCs only talking to you when you are Beastman/Demon/Angel...
    And I am sure that there will be many NPCs just running away or attacking you, when you are a Demon on Syndesia 😄


    Nice! I knew the big stuff they were gonna do, but I didn't know if they would have more simple behaviors such as dialogue or things like avoiding you or clinging to you.

  • I don't think NPC interactions will be that deep, especially on release. They don't even have a writer to flesh out the lore, let alone someone to write and script a bunch of NPC dialogue. The most that I've seen mentioned is that governors can determine who guards will attack.

    @alcriblp Can you source any of that? Either you're making a crazy amount of assumptions or I'm not as read up on the game as I thought.


    I didn't know they didn't have a writer. Ahhh well that puts a damper on that idea lol. Thanks for making me aware!


    I think I can remember someone from DS saying that demons will be attacked by the wild animals on Arboreus, including animals that are normally neutral to players.

    Can't find a reference for it right now though.


    I hope there are reactions like this. Gets the good ole immersion kicking.

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    That would be a great addition to the game!


    The team hasn't fully expanded to have dedicated roles like a PR expert, a head writer, etc. Hopefully once they do we'll get fantasy racism. Racism is fun when it's pretend.


    IT is already confirmed that when you are an evil player there may be some shady NPCs specially interested in offering you some "deals".

    So i guess it's quite possible there might be some NPCs that react not only to your alignment, but to some other factors as well (perhaps a race too, who knows).


    @fibs said in NPC reaction to your race:

    Racism is fun when it's pretend.


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    This is definitely something that, if it can be implemented, would vastly enhance the immersion factor. But, as the OP said, only if it wasn't done at the cost of more important work.


    @warpuppy said in NPC reaction to your race:

    This is definitely something that, if it can be implemented, would vastly enhance the immersion factor. But, as the OP said, only if it wasn't done at the cost of more important work.

    I second this 😉
    As for taking time away, as long as it's fluff text, you could potentially 'outsource' that to parts of the community.

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