Future Plans for new races and/or planets?


    One of the reasons me and my wife kickstartered this game was because of how you are trying to cater to different groups of players. PVE'ers, PVP'ers etc. The idea of having different rule sets for each planet was a very unique concept and I think it is one of the best ideas I have ever seen.

    In other games, i've always had to choose between the PVE server (which my wife prefers) and the PVP server, which I usually prefer.

    My question is, do you have any thoughts about adding new races and/or planets in the future, through expansions or whatnot and will there be new planets with the same rule sets or different rule sets?


    I wouldn't think that we need new races or planets for a long way off.

    We've got what? Four years of roadmap till launch?


    @galdran if I'm not mistaken, they said that more races will come in the future, but the planets will stay the same. 3 planets with this rule sets.

    @Jahlon it's about 2 years for full release.

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    I think having new planets with the same rules set is a bit redundant. The currently planned 3 worlds will be big enough.

    What kind of different rules sets would you like to have on new planets? Maybe your answer will inspire someone to add something to the game 🙂

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    If it's not planned to add new planets, maybe new biomes, characteristic of the race ?
    For new ruleset, I can think of tribes. You create your new character, you choose your tribe, and you have a leader (NPC, maybe), and you can have some events for your tribe, or events between tribes, something like that ^^ It could be a race living far away from the others (like that it could explain the different ruleset).


    @esher said in Future Plans for new races and/or planets?:

    If it's not planned to add new planets...

    It is not planned till release.
    But Jacopo mentioned in a Q&A thats theoretically possible to implement a new planet.
    But that would be more something for a totally new Addon to the game, way after the release.

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    @kralith Sure it will be in an Addon ^^ Better to see if the 3 worlds works perfectly before adding a new.


    @dybuk well, for example - a planet with something similar to the dark world Aether from Metriod Prime 2, or the mists in FF Crystal Chronicles - the environment is constantly mean nasty and potentially lethal if you aren't carrying some planet-specific resource, which degrades over time, and you need to gather a lot of it to make a field to protect a town (And more to guard a city). more of a survival mode, PvE experience with an emphasis on resource hunting and conflicts over resource wells.

    other ideas - a "hardcore" planet that gives enhanced drops/knowledge/etc. but features tougher enemies, and has a much harsher return from the dead penalty, and a much slower resurrection timer.

    An oceanic world where most of the combat and exploration involves submarines and dive suits. (which are to darn big to Gate around)

    On similar note - a world made up of floating islands that you have to hanglide between. think Skyward sword sort of deal. Possibly able to do things on the islands to affect wind, which affects travel. then you can have fights over which way the wind blows, or build a town there and charge to change the wind direction?

    either of those would be way, WAY later, obviously. game has to handle 2.5d well before going for 3d XD

    um...let's see. a rain forest environment with a risk of flash floods, but if you look around after the floods, you find stuff from people who've died in said flash floods. sort of the world is engaged in pvp on you. Ligthning strikes, too. just, Natural disasters a-go-go XD Toss in some tree huts and you have a meaner Arboreus, effectively, for those who like the idea, but want less safety in their pve experience.

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    That are some quite good ideas. Some of them are just a cosmetic change - underwater world is very similar to surface world + flying/levitating :), but some are quite game-changing 🙂

    A hardcore planet - it would be hard to mingle it with other planets. People from this planet would have advantage while skirmishing with other-worlders. In other games a hardcore server was usually a stand-alone. You couldn't bring your character and stuff to a normal play. In Fractured I guess it would have to have really big downsides to balance it, especially since gear isn't supposed to have a big influence on your character strength (all that "new player can compete with veteran ones right after character creation").
    There would be also a potential problem with a "dark world" you mentioned. Since it would be a part of the same solar system, anyone coming to this kind of planet from other world would not be able to obtain the said resource beforehand otherwise than from merchants. So the merchants from the dark world could control who comes to their world, etc.

    Both of those are really good ideas, but I would not make a whole planets like this. Maybe something more like asteroids that are hanging in space between the planets. This way such places wouldn't have native players that are born there. Instead those places could be raided by players from Syndesia, Arboreus and Tartaros in search of drops, resources or knowledge.


    Well more planets would definitely get overwhelming and redundant but I like the sound of more races maybe a imp or a dragon race that would be like beastmen and transform from dragon and human race for the demon planet and then humnoid things like ogre, goblins and giants could go on the human planet to make all the planets have an equal amount of 4 races each

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    I do think there is at least a couple rulesets that might appeal to people depending on where they go with implementation of things. After all, there are various mindsets on what exactly should be available for things like PvE and PvP encounters.

    Different mixes of those and other mechanics are certainly where more planets could potentially fit in, although I think they need to get the current ones in a strong place and launch first.

    After that, well, where they go will depend largely upon what people ask for and what they find feasible or interesting. In short, I think that the current worlds need to be seen, need full implementation of dev choices and some time with player actions... and then there may be a strong need to be filled.


    I'd like the idea of new races being put on their own planet. however, the planet ends up blowing up (somehow or is taken over or...) and the natives relocate to tartaros to fight the humans and beastkin. the planet can be used for two years (typical length of an expansion) then is removed and the natives relocated.

    I played one game where the new races had to be unlocked! it was servers helping other servers with ideas and solutions. it was amazing!

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    Having to unlock a new race would mean that you need an additional character slot and a "main" character already quite developed. I think the basic game will start with only one character slot.
    Anyway, unlocking a new race while playing puts you in a spot where you have to make a decision: should I abandon my main, standard-race, already developed character and start everything from the scratch or should I keep playing?

    I wouldn't create a new character only because I unlocked new race selection. I can see it happen (for me) in only one case - when my main character is already completed and partaking end-game activities and I'm bored with him/her.
    But that would mean that even if I create a new character, I will also get bored with it in end-game gameplay, so what's the point? 🙂


    I'd assume developing a character will take a considerably long time.


    @dybuk I think the devs mentioned initially that everyone would start with 2 slots, and that they were convinced to make it 3 - so people could have 1 character of each race. Further, most of the KS packs included at least 1 more slot - so I don't think this will be too big a deal.

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    I don't think it's wise to start thinking about expansions before the core is released (or even alpha).
    Final release of Fractured is only expected late 2019 or early 2020 to any expansions are way into the future and therefore at this point meaningless.


    1 account has 3 character slots, more have to be purchased.

    there will be no real end game activities. raids will become stagnant until the next tier is released. pvp should be the main focus.

    talk is cheap. we can chat about anything for future content. DS has to maintain a certain new customers, while maintaining enough new pve content while maintaining enough new cash shop items. I know a new race isn't easy but it's easier than building a new raid content.

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    @TheRippyOne @Jetah
    I stand corrected. Thanks.


    Well, what I think would be really cool is that there would be a monthly theme for a new planet that you can travel to which you can only visit for that month. Every month or few months you have a new planet which where you can for example find unique things (maybe just cosmetic) for that time period. I think that would make a nice achievement system aswell.

  • non ne ho idea ma l'idea di questo gioco mi piace

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