NEW POLL : VIP Membership what do you think now ?


    Please remember this thread is for sharing idea and making suggestion. Try to keep a respectfull and polite tone when debating. Thank you 🙂

    With the new information we learned today in the new thread made by @Prometheus, maybe your opinion of the VIP membership have change

    What we know : VIP SUBSCRIPTION

    VIP membership provides the following advantages:

    • Additional study slots
    • Increased Knowledge Points gains (from unlimited sources only)
    • Discounts on Store Items (which are cosmetic only)
    • Unique cosmetic rewards for accumulated VIP time
    • Other vanity rewards we might think of in the future

    While cosmetic rewards have never been a contentious point, we’ve seen a few community members arguing that KP and slot bonuses are a form of “pay to win”. While getting a VIP membership could help you winning a hypothetical “let’s see who learns 100 abilities first” challenge with a friend of yours, it has no impact whatsoever on actual PvP competition, not between individuals nor between guilds.

    Fractured characters are already competitive from day 1 – it’s part of what makes Fractured and its Knowledge System so unique. The core of progression afterwards consists of completing tasks requiring you to travel and perform a wide range of exploration– and experimentation-related activities. The VIP subscription has nothing to do with this, since it only impacts the passive “studying phase” that kicks in once the tasks have been completed and the ability inscribed on a book.

    That being said, learning all the abilities in the game with a character is a meaningful objective only for a “completionist” – the kind of player who benefits the most from the KP and slots bonuses of the VIP subscription. If you want to play competitively, your aim is to learn the abilities that fit with the stat distribution of your character and have access to as many different resources as possible – the latter being crucial for competitive guilds too. The VIP subscription makes the former slightly faster and has no relation with the latter, therefore providing no real advantage in the competitive scene of Fractured.


    • If you care about vanity items, the VIP subscription offers a great value thanks to its unique rewards and discounts;
    • If you are a completionist, being VIP provides a nice boost, although it’s in no way necessary;
    • If you’re neither of the two, you can ignore it, whether you play competitively or not.

    The principal concern is probably the additional learning slot and the increased knowledge point gain. Depending on how it's done and how much of a boost it give it could either be a big advantage early game or just a slight time booster. I think that we should remember that in the end with enough time played a player without vip can still acquire the same lvl of power than a vip player.

    If the Vip system remain the same, a suggestion a could make to make it less pay to win would be to enable player to buy directly form the shop (not a trade with a player) the vip status with in-game currency. That way someone who want to go the easy way could use real money to buy it and a player who want the status and play a lot the game could still be vip without using real money.

    What do you think about that ?

    I have to mention that the life-time membership for the vip will be a kickstarter backer exclusive.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    It's fine by me 👍


    Pretty much exactly how I perceived it, yeah. It's fine the way that it is

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @zwiterion said in NEW POLL : VIP Membership what do you think now ?:

    Depending on how it's done and how much of a boost it give it could either be a big advantage early game or just a slight time booster.

    The progression advantage during early game will be minimal. The reason is that during early game you get KP quickly thanks to one-time gains such as new regions explored and new bestiary entries, while VIP only boosts repeatable gains (e.g. item identification, relics) which become more important later on 🙂 That's why we said it's mostly a boon for completionists 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Yeah absolutely fine with now.


    As they have explained how the VIP system will work I am much more perceptive to the bonus that it gives to players. They did a fantastic job with showing how it will help and how it will not help players along their journey. With this being an account wide phenomenon I can't see this not being worthwhile but also can see many people just playing without it. If they game is good I will have no problem shoveling out boat loads of cash (not really) for the VIP service but I will be happy to know most people will not really need it to enjoy the game.

    Most importantly I am happy that most people will be able to enjoy the game without being hindered by a paywall of VIP service and as long as the game remains competitive within the game I will be totally happy with a VIP service that gives some help but does not mean it's the only way to play the game.


    It's fine how it is. They did a great job explaining how it's beneficial to players and how it isn't as well.

    They also listened to us about the kickstarter, which makes me even more hyped because the devs seem like legitimate good people. Hard to come across with devs nowadays.


    The plan seems to be that VIP players will get greater flexibility between respecs but no greater power within a direct PvP context. Non-VIP players can get access to everything that VIP players will have access to. That access will be slower but not punitively slower.

    I'm comfortable with that, and I trust the devs to implement the VIP system and the Knowledge system in such a way as to achieve that outcome.


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