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    Hi all!

    We've been silent during the month of August, but we are bringing great news today: we'll soon be back on Steam Early Access, and with plenty of new content!

    Our aim is to have a bug-free build with a solid end-game and long-term character progression, suitable to be used for a relaunch without planned future wipes.

    Most systems are already completed or close to completion - check them out here!

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    Are you excited by our return on Early Access? Is there anything else you’d like us to prioritize development-wise? Let your voice be heard!

  • I have been playing throughout the patches and I must say that I'm a bit worried about the houses. they only have the limited space of the plot and we all know that some of the already existing houses were too big, I have the founders packed with the mansion and I'm worried I won't even be able to build it or use it because of this. is there any past article that mentioned this? if not what are your plans for this in the future? I'm sure you don't want 300 mansions taking up the whole map.


    Always excited to see some news about Fractured. ❦

    Charisma, that damn attribute almost no one cared about, is officially gone, replaced by Wisdom (WIS), which increases Max Mana, Willpower, and the effectives of the spells of the following schools:
    - Leadership
    - Illusionism
    - Abjuration
    - Restoration
    - Necromancy
    - Part of Witchcraft
    While the purpose of CHA was vague, WIS is definitely a support-oriented attribute.
    Please note that no attribute now influences Luck, which we are considering removing from the game.

    I actually liked Charisma since there were some neat supportive spells thematically under it along with it being tied to animals and bards, but I don't mind this change at all since Wisdom appears to be much more support-oriented at first glance and has a history of being a supportive attribute in other RPGs.

    As for Luck, it did seem rather haphazard (which is its nature) and unwieldy, so I'm not opposed to seeing it go.

    I know Musicianship isn't in yet and Animal Taming is a stretch goal, but will they be governed by Wisdom now as well? Information about them used to be in the old talent tree, but I don't see any information regarding them in this revised version.

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    @Fi I actually didn't dislike luck as an attribute.
    But probably being in the hands of players was weird.

    I would prefer if it was kept as a concept and then used for random effects.

    For example, some legends could have an aura which lowers luck.

    Demons on Arboures could have a luck penalty since they are not welcome.
    Same for beats on Tartaros.

    Since the system for it is already implemented, it could be kept for wide reaching general effects not in the hands of players.


    @spoletta If I'm understanding the explanation correctly, a tertiary attribute that remains neutral and exists purely to be influenced by hostile effects but can't be directly influenced like it used to be via Charisma and Charisma-based talents like the other secondary attributes?

    That sounds like a good idea—maybe positive effects (consumables and certain buffs), equipment, and racial passives (I wonder what new passives Humans and Iridra would get instead of Luck) could still influence it as well, but I understand if that's still encroaching onto the "too much" territory.

    The other conclusion was "tertiary attribute" still called Luck that still can't be directly influenced by the players for themselves but revised into something else that doesn't do what it did as of the last test. Hopefully I guessed one of them right, lol.


    Will Kickstarter backers and package holders get a Steam key?


    Huge 😄

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    @Fi The first was what I meant 😄


    @Prometheus said in Roadmap To Early Access:

    we'll soon be back on Steam Early Access

    "Soon" is such a relative term. Understandable exact dates can lead to a lot of upset people, but do we have any kind of estimation such as last quarter of the year? Beginning of next year? Anything?

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    @Xulu 3-5 weeks, it is stated in the full article.

  • 1yes yes




    Any updates on Martial Artist?

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