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    very pretty.
    but makes it much harder to log in and find the way to get to the forums.
    Are you trying to hide the forums? XD

  • @OlivePit
    Definitely not the intent, I'll pass the feedback along to try and get better visibility on the forums. 😄


    Looks nice in Chrome 🙂 Is it only me or does the webpage look odd in firefox? Compared to Chrome it is missing text and the text is moved to the left side of the page and cut to some extent.




    I also just noticed that the foundation ranking and reward system is not an option.
    Is it scrapped? or just hidden? Ah, found the page, it is 'under construction'

    also, there is no 'log in' button...
    so to log into the forums you first have to go to the forums, then click log-in there, which kicks you back out to the web page where you log in...
    and it freezes up or goes in a loop.
    and only if you go back to the forum page do you notice that the log-in actually worked.


    After multiple attemps to "login" it still says login or signup. I have finally managed to click some mysterious combination of buttons that let me land on the forums. Oh hey this is where I wanted to be to begin with. Now I worry that if I click away or close my browser I will never get back in. Also, I see that OlivePit mentioned that the Foundation Ranking and Reward System is 'under construction' why is this. I don't understand the point of putting up the new website in this condition.


    @StormBug said in Website Relaunch!:

    (...)I don't understand the point of putting up the new website in this condition.

    Sale figures. It's more shiny, bright, flashy, 'new trend style'.
    As long as it increases the retention rate for advertising, the rest is a moot point.

    (It shouldn't be, but that's the world we live in now)


    The old design was much better, as if everything had been done for some schoolchildren
    removed the convenient move button on the wiki in addition
    Do I understand correctly that the foundation system has gone into oblivion?
    I also noticed that the preview of the site itself has changed, but there is still some kind of "pathetic white man" (This is my personal opinion, everything is purely for the sake of a joke, take it as sarcasm) in the preview photo of the news, did you go on a suspect agenda, but are you afraid to show it to the masses?
    have you noticed that you have the same error logging in to your account? The site does not display that you are logged in


    this new site is shit....
    i can't log, most buttons do not work for me....


    @Arcahem so im not sure im logged in on the main page. when trying to log in, the site takes my info and nothing happens. but if i click on the forum page i am logged in there, so idk. but it looks much better for me today. many people are still having issues it seems


    I have to take great issue with the Screenshot “house-and-garden.jpg” It gives the distinct impression that a player can create a garden or farm on their own property. There are already many folks, in game, asking about doing this very thing and being disappointed when they find out that they can’t. So, to instill the belief in them that it is, in fact, quite possible with that screenshot on the website is just wrong, in my opinion anyway.

    A better screenshot would be of the fields, without a house, and title it simply “farming”


    I am also having issues with login. It seems to work only for Forum section, but not for other pages.


    Looks nice, but I can't log in on the main web page. Aslo, where is 'Foundation' now?


  • Wiki Editor

    Same Problem, the login seems not to work properly.
    After some reloads at least the forum shows me, that I am logged in.

    Edit: Be aware, I wrote following before I noticed, I am still not logged into the website itself, but the forum. So it might be already visible somewhere. I may sound grumpy. 😉

    Another question to @Arcahem
    Where can I find the old informations about the Foundation stuff or is this cutted out entirely?
    Where are the list of our bought packages, the Foundation Points, Rewards, people who joined in reason of your referal link? Are all these informations lost?
    I can't see any of this informations here on the website now, nor I have any reference to see it at the Glyphstore. More than that, I always see in the Glyph Shop, that I can buy the packages there, that are literally already included in my higher pack? Whats about the stuff I already bought here ages ago? All the Foundation, Shop, Kickstarter stuff?

    How anyone can proof their already payed stuff, if here is no single reference to it anymore? (like the list in screenshot below)

    I would be glad to get any confirmation, if any of our stuff from the past is still valid and we get them shown up again or if it just got silently droped.

    Edit: I know the text from the support page, as @OlivePit linked it. But I am expecting some more informations about this, if you change stuff, a hint on that from official staff would be nice, to know if we have all these informations back soon.




    yeah wont let me log in on website just the forums


    Well, actually logging into the account looks like
    this, but for some reason the store is cut off

  • Moderator

    In the news page, the 1-.2-3-4.... page links at the end are not working.


    oh, and once again I want to raise the topic with the forum, which I wrote to specter 3 years ago. If you log into the forum section in Russian, then sometimes you need to open the tabs 2 times so that the page loads and it does not fix in any way.
    You can even just try to go to the "general discussions" sectionобщие-обсуждения


    @OlivePit Thank you sir!

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