Cash Shop Items You'd [Consider] Buy

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    I was wondering what you'd be interested in buying from a cash shop within Fractured? Now this isn't about p2w or about trading these items to other players. I just want to give DS a list of items the current interested people would consider buying to they can see the types of items we're interested in.

    • Armor Cosmetics
    • Can be separated into Light, Medium and Heavy types. Could be thick cloth, hardened leather or chainmail
    • Weapon Cosmetics
    • Can be unique flaming/chilled/lightning effects that attach to the weapon. Change a sword into a scicle, or a staff into a scythe. Bow into a crossbow or compound bow.
    • Mount Cosmetics
    • Can be different styles horses, or other beast
    • Stances (melee combat animation)
    • Spell FX
    • Voice Lines
    • House styles

    So long as the visual fits the theme of the game and we aren't seeing pink teddy outfits or horse heads or automobiles as mounts, I'd be happy.

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    I would rather pay a small subscription than be expected to buy from a cash shop. I am not going to lie, I have nearly sold my soul in Star Citizen, I paid more than my fair share in the Ashes of Creation kickstarter, but I am not a cash shop kind of guy. I dabbled with it in MWO but it never felt good. I would rather earn what I can. Well to be honest there hasn't been a cash shop that appealed to me. If I could buy superior crafting tools that say do not wear out and look cool when being used... well that I could see as valuable, cosmetic only items though.... not so much. While I understand you must not cross the thresh hold of pay to win I think simple tools that do not wear out vs tools that are inexpensive but have to be fixed by NPCs from time to time is not a P2W deal. So there you have it. I would pay for cool looking indestructible crafting tools.

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    Like @Mazikar I'm more of a sub type person. If you have a good game that has substance and a depth of content, people are then willing to pay the sub fee. Now, I dont expect them to go for the sub path but I do prefer it. Gaining a cool looking mount or weapon effect because I achieved it or found it as a drop is way more satisfying than just dropping my debit card. In saying that, some alt spell particles or colour variances for both gear and particles would be nice. The improved tools idea is good too. Maybe skins for the different types of mounts too? I'd like to see different mount types having different stats and not all being the same. So having different looks for each mount would be great. I'm not opposed to the non-combat pets either as long as the combat pets arent removed of gimped to push you towards paying for them.

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    this was a problem in Destiny 2. but that isn't what the post is about as the developers can put good looking cosmetics in the game but they need more income than just a box sale. We see they offer Dynamight Gold in the Foundation rewards so this leads me to believe they'll have a cash shop. There's been 1 game in the last 5 years that's started as a subscription and has maintained it, that IP is FFXIV:ARR. All other sub based games have had to switch away from subs. Even WoW and Eve offer a means for players to play without needing to buy with cash.

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    @jetah Right, I do agree. Thats why I said I dont expect them to go down that path. Still sucks though, I dont want content to suffer because it eggs you on to buying in the cash shop which is what I see a lot of the time. Regardless though, I know a sub is an unrealistic approach.

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    @miffi if the sub is just a pay to play I'm up too. but if the sub is something like a pay to boost I dislike it.

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