'Recipes are meaningless...

  • The newly added "recipe system" is not a meaningful progression system. Once you read a recipe, you unlock the corresponding item for crafting and that's it. In my opinion, this system only makes it harder for new players to progress through the game and trying to collect recipes is a tedious task. Furthermore, even though they seem to be extremely valuable at early stages of the game, they are going to worth less than a stick in the future once the market stagnates.

    I propose 2 possible solutions to the recipe issue:

    1. Remove the recipes completely and allow players to craft with materials only. This will also help with new player acquisition.
    2. Make recipes limited use only. What that means is that, for example, you read a greatsword recipe and now you are allowed to craft 20 greatswords. After that, you again need to read the same recipe to continue crafting. This will actually create a demand for the recipes in the future.

    I also would like to hear your thoughts on the current recipe system.

  • I agree. Receipes should have a limited number of uses, but not like 20, more like 50+... the other possibility would be to add seasonal items and receipes for them, that only can be acquired in a certain time span (like 3 month) and then having them no longer drop.

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    I agree. Recipes are not a good solution.

    Both of the proposed solutions seem fine to me, but indeed the second one would be good if the recipes drop only in specific areas, to increase the reliance between the different parts of the world.

    Maybe that the hunter set for example drops only from the frost elementals on Aerhen, so that these types of sets come from that region.

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    I'm also going to come in on the anti-recipe side of things, and here's why:

    1. The Recipes violate the spirit of the drop system that Fractured has up until now maintained. Before, a Wolf would only drop something that makes sense for a wolf to have, Claws, Fur, Beast Blood, no gold, no silver, no magic sword+3, but now a wolf could drop a recipe?

    2. Right now, not counting recipe hunting, the game is pretty much not a grind. You get 100% on a creature, than only kill them after that if they attack you, or you want their parts for crafting. This means you only have to kill at most, 100 of any given monster (as every kill gives at least 1% completion). Recipes on the other hand turn this into a Grind, something FO has supposedly gotten away from. The drop rate is so low, that you could kill 100s of a creature, after maxing them out, and never see a recipe from it. I know me and My sister went killing Sea Trolls and killed at least 200 of the things. With a .5% chance to drop, on average we should have gotten 1 recipe at least. Now I know that you can have a bad run, so I'm not saying we should have guaranteed got 1 out of 200 kills, but that is Grindy. 200 kills and not even getting what we're after? AND then the recipe we get may not even be one we want, anyway.

    If we keep recipes, #1, they should fall from intelligent monsters, like bandits, who themselves might use them logically. #2, they could be found in chests, where such items might logically appear. A master crafter hiding away their crafting secrets in a chest. #3, as has been said, they kind of have built in obsolescence to them. Right now, there are only so many recipes, and once you clear one, it is cleared forever. It would be better to add recipes to the Skill unlock system, and you could be inspired and learn a related recipe while clearing a related creature's KP cap. If the creature can drop a part of the recipe, then completing the knowledge cap of the creature should possibly unlock said recipe. This fits in with the scheme of FO better, as like skills, once unlocked, Recipes stay unlocked, so they don't have a 'value' and you aren't worried about their marketability, but rather the marketability of the end products of said recipes. When you add new mobs, you can add new craftable components, and then add new recipes.

    The other option is to tie recipes into the Skill Mastery system, with Recipes unlocking at different stages of Skill Mastery, and even different combinations of skill mastery opening up other recipes instead. This would make more sense.

    Just my 2 coppers worth!


    @GamerSeuss i do not understand why you keep saying there is no grind ?
    i tried to solo some monsters, getting only 1 to 100% in more then 24h, this is grind, not less then albion... grind that should not be in this game....
    and please do not tell me to go with a group! if groups can do faster, then its still bad design, most of the players that will play will be solo player! developers need to find a way to make sure that groups and solo player can level at the same rate, 4 hours for group grind should be the same for a solo 4 hour grind.

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    Getting KP rarely feels like a grind, because you change area constantly.

    The problem is just a few monsters like the goblins shamans which really give too little KP for their rarity.

  • In the world of study and find I think you should have to work up to gain levels in making things. The find the correct recipe is counter to that. IMHO


    The way it should be done is thus

    Recipes should be unlocked by researching the appropriate level of tech and the requisite building is constructed. Maybe there would need to be an additional research slot. Or an automatic period of time after those two criteria are met before the recipes unlock

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    @grofire Grind is a matter of scale.

    I mostly just Solo, and do just fine.

    Having to kill a mob 100 times is not really a grind at all. In most cases, that isn't even the case, as most mobs give more than 1% per kill. The highest is like 5% per kill, meaning those mobs only take 20 to clear out.


    I do not like the recipe system either. It would be so much better if the recipes could been primarily unlock via gathering, crafting and town tech. It would make only sense that crafters progress by crafting and not by grinding mobs and bosses.

    And like mentioned before the current system is extremely bad for new and solo players which do not stick with the game for long if they cannot progress or it is simply too hard. Now people are doomed to run with primitive gear because the gap between T1 and T2 is huge in many ways, taking account needed resources and recipes.


    @GamerSeuss i do not care the amount of monsters i need to kill, i care how much time i need to invest to get the skill i want, even if it was only 1 monster that needed to be killed, but it take 72 hours to kill it, then its a grind....
    in the current status of the game, the point of exploration lost its value! you need to run from your house, to the place you want to visit, its usually a very boring road, then you fight a new monster and die to it a few times before you know how to kill it, then you run back to a house, get heal just run back and try to get to 100% or for the skill you want to get, its huge time investment for a boring chore.... that call a grind.


    The research bit makes sense though. Even IRL, the more you learn about a thing, the better you are at it. First time hunting a Brown Bear for example, you might not know where exactly to hit it without spoiling the meat. As you kill more and more, you learn about its weak points etc. They should add skinning to it as well. First time skinning (looting) you get garbage. As you skin more, you get more hide.

    What DOESN'T make sense is how that same Bear could possibly drop a recipe page. Gold, sure, maybe he was grazing and came across some. But a piece of paper? Even if the critter did eat an adventurer that had this page in his inventory, it would have dissolved in the stomach. This has always been my issue with these kinds of things. How did a bear eat plate armor? Even worse when you tie it in to a Wolf Spider. Its just madness


    About the definition of grind, here is one..

    "What Does Grinding Mean?
    Grinding refers to the playing time spent doing repetitive tasks within a game to unlock a particular game item or to build the experience needed to progress smoothly through the game. Grinding most commonly involves killing the same set of opponents over and over in order to gain experience points or gold. Although other game genres require some grinding, role-playing games (RPG) – specifically massively multiplayer online role-playing games – are the most notorious for requiring this type of time investment from players."

    Grind is still grind and changing the name or inventing euphenisms will not change the fact. Fractured has a good amount of grind, it also needs some grind for sake of longevity, but there is no reason to pretent that there is no grind in the game.


    Just realized. One of the proposed perks for the founders packs was additional study slots. This would seem like the perfect thing for those to be used for. Wonder why they were pulled

  • @DarthJafo Ya, I wonder if they were thinking of an time base style system for unlocking crafting recipes? Like use offline/online time to 'study' a new recipe and eventually you unlock it making it so people would need to specialize, at least initially.

  • recipes against new players?

    If a new player loots a recipe he can sell it and for the cash get all the gear he needs.
    I dont think it's a handicap

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