Fall Alpha Spotlight – Market & Mailbox

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    Hello everyone!

    Here comes the second update on the upcoming Fall Alpha 2021, following the one posted a few days ago which covered the major changes to equipment balancing and progression.

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    Let us know what you think of these changes!

    Enjoy Fractured!


    Again the speakers video blocks info that he is talking about. make it smaller move it or don't have it at all. Market place looks really good though.


    Massive changes to stats, I anticipate that there will be similar massive changes to talents and will hold on further speculation until they are out as well. Good stuff, looking forward to testing em.

    Cool changes to market quality of life !
    Will there be a limit to the number of buy/sell orders any player can make to prevent rampant spamming? or will we just be relying on the automated 'buy low sell high' system to filter out the chaff?
    I understand why you have given all banks global wallet powers - for testing- but would discourage making this the norm.
    Providing a totally secure way to hide and transfer coins reduces the player interactions and risk of trading.
    I acknowledge that some kind of floating wallet may be necessary for things like bounties.
    But think that any money made from a market sale could just be deposited into the players market inventory where it was sold.
    Removing the 'deposit' button would also be a good way to keep the utility of the global wallet without making it a bitcoin haven.
    If the cities who develop the global wallet tech were to get a 5% tax on any coins deposited to the players global wallet (with maybe another 3% to just sink) that may give cities sufficient motivation to unlock the tech while also providing some cost to the magic money transfer system.
    I anticipate lots of discouraged highway men should the global wallet be left as is. If that is the intent of the Devs, then great. If not, then perhaps consider some of the above suggestions.
    Testing will tell.

    The mail system is a very nice quality of life which will aid trading and communications without being forced to use Discord and hunt down various guild servers or players.

    Thanks for the update!


    With the Global Wallet the dream of currency making and/or banking is over? No need to buy local currency or pay to transfer gold from banking...

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    @axan22 I don't think Prometheus is using a Stream Client that lets him smoothly move his Webcam window dynamically. I say this, because he actually mentioned in the video that the mail notification was probably covered by his webcam.

    Everything else he was doing was showing other than the mailbox though, so this video wasn't too bad for that.

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    New Archetypes/Backgrounds = Great! I can't wait until something like a Minstrel/Bard is added, but love the 4 core builds right now!

    New Attribute rebalancing: Excellent! This should make it much more distinct in how you allocate your attribute points, and allow people to vary their dump stats based on the build they want. Previously, there wasn't much that could be a dump stat for anyone, as all Attributes needed some love, but now, you can sacrifice in one area without it majorly affecting the whole viability of the character.

    Marketplace: Loving it! The look is great, ,the tabs moved to the side plays along with game consistency as other windows tend to use side tabs more in Fractured than top tabs. Some even using both. Love the ability to view, but not buy/sell/order from other Cities just to see what the market is like. An entrepreneur trader could use this information to plan out a traderoute, of course realizing that it would make certain optimized routes more likely to have highwaymen/women waiting to ambush them.

    Mailbox system: I like how it is restricted to System messages. Much better than having to rely on the Global Chat to see all the system messages, and this way you don't miss them if your not online when they happen, and the game doesn't have to spam them constantly, or hit you with a bunch of updates when you log in. Would still love to see a crafting noticeboard so city dwellers can keep track of who's projects are in the works in the crafting stations, and whether they are good with others taking the resulting materials or not.

    Overall, I love this update and can't wait to see how it plays out. I'm really looking forward to the new changes to the Talent Tree considering the Attribute changes, and Background Options. I think Background specific starter quests is a great way to walk people through getting started by the game-play build they prefer, and really can't wait to sink my teeth into the new Alpha!

  • I'm excited about this upcoming content!


    I'm not a huge fan of every character now having 15 memory points, since that removes a strategic decision, but I'm looking forward to seeing and testing the rest of the changes during the test.


    Everything in the video sounds good to me, with the following caveats:

    • I don't like the integrated global coin wallet. To me, this radically reduces the challenges and risks associated with local economies, mercantilism, and trading. A player can now use the augmented marketplace in their home city to view sell orders in other cities, deposit the appropriate amount of gold in their local bank, and then withdraw the funds from their global wallet when they make it safely to the other city. There's virtually no risk to such a transaction. Also, as another user has pointed out... what does this do for the future of gold minting in cities?

    • I like the system mailbox that doesn't include the ability to send DMs to players. Messages should still be 90% local: Governors should be able to build multiple noticeboards in their cities that enable them and other citizens to notify the town of developments.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @OlivePit @Alexian the purpose of the global wallet being available in all cities is indeed to reduce the inherent risk of being a merchant, which is still high since you can be killed when moving items instead of gold. We want to see a lot of players, including solos, travelling around trading goods. That's never going to happen as long as being a "merchant slayer" is a very profitable option for PKs because if you score a kill on a merchant you come back with guaranteed gold or items 🙂

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    Maybe a little tax on deposit? That way you still get to make it safe, but allow the merchants who want to carry the risk to gain a little extra.


    will they finally place a double dagger on the assassins? they were very bad in terms of damage in the last beta

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    No dual wield as far as I know, but a lot has changed for the assassins.

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