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    I've been trying to work out how best to deal with PvE/PvP ~ PvX in regards to a topic that popped up the other day (long read: https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/13812/change-to-syndesia-the-true-mix-of-pve-and-pvp)

    The key point issue's is
    -not being able to PvE because area's being camped by to many pvpers
    -Most Solutions reduce PvP to a point making PvP useless

    My suggestion is making each area a zone with an Alert level that changes with either deaths and/or time.
    When a Zone does increase in Alert levels it would give a 5 min time period before it goes up.

    4 Alert Levels

    -Green: No PvP, peace last a limited amount of time until zone level increases to yellow.
    varying on zone 20min to 2 hours until alert level increases to yellow.

    -Yellow: Evil players can attack good players and vice versa - no inventory lose, no gear lose, carts can be stolen.
    After 20 pvp deaths or a set amount of time zone alert level increases to red.

    -Red: Evil players can attack good players and vice versa - no gear lose, inventory and carts can be stolen
    After 50 pvp deaths or a set amount of time zone alert level increases to black.

    -Black: Evil players can attack good players and vice versa. On death gear and inventory is lost.
    After a set amount of time zone level decreases back to either Green or Yellow depending on zone.
    Bonus for black zones: increase knowledge gain rate and increase gold amount drop.
    other possible bonus: world bosses spawn without summon resources

    Sheriffs could possibly decrease zone Alert levels faster by eliminating red players

    one problem I see is with Town area's and resources; only suggestion is they can never go into green alert.

    alt text


    I like and support this idea although I think there should be a restriction on when you can steal carts if they're inside your residence


    @TheLichKing said in [suggestion] Pvp zones:

    I like and support this idea although I think there should be a restriction on when you can steal carts if they're inside your residence

    Like never.
    You cannot force people to be online 24/7 to protect their stuff.

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    @TheLichKing Citys and Plots should already be safe spots (ie green zones :D)


    @GreatValdus I was trying to avoid using absolute words such as always and never but yes I don't think people should be able to steal your cart unless the city gets sieged and loses if they plan to implement such a thing


    I like it!

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    I'll be honest, I don't like it.
    Seems like an overly complex solution.
    I believe in much simpler solutions to the current issue.

    I think that the current situation with single reds assaulting here and there is fine. It is the correct amount of pvp crimes one would expect on Syndesia. Going around alone as a red is a risk and has a reward. Works fine.

    Lone reds do not trouble big pve groups. The issue here is caused by big groups of reds camping the pve hotspots. As such, if changes are needed, they are to be aimed against those groups.
    For starters, I would try with the red bubble idea from Albion (when reds group up they start being visible on the map). IMO this would already mostly fix the issue.

  • This is supposed to be the human planet, so PvP should be largely unrestricted, but we should also have meaningful consequences if one PKs too much, like being banished until the karma is back up to the required amount. Most of the stuff will be sorted out when the other 2 planets will be implemented.

    @spoletta said in [suggestion] Pvp zones:

    I would try with the red bubble idea from Albion

    This is enough to prevent people from running into zergs.


    @TheLichKing I know absolutes are usually bad because they don't consider limit situations, but in this case we must remember that a game should not influence real life, and any implementation forcing people to log at specific times (or stay logged forever) to avoid losing stuff are bad by design, like Ogame and stuff like that taught us a long time ago. 🙂
    That said, sieges are totally another matter.
    Residential plots are currently not affected by sieges but I wouldn't mind if they were, if sieges are managed in the right way, with known times or siege windows so that people can react or start moving stuff away to avoid loss.


    it could be easily implemented without affecting real life if they make so it's either at a set time for example what games such as conqueror's blade do with territory war or have to declare before 48 hours or something like that and it's at a set time ...


    @TheLichKing yes a system like that could work indeed and I would agree on that.
    Giving warning and time to people to move their stuff to a safer place is a good thing. 🙂


    The base concept of letting players know the recent pvp kill count when entering or in a region is cool. At least that way they have information with which to make a decision and reduces spam in global chat of 'red mob coming to XYZ'.
    The down side is that it is reactionary and only will let incoming players know of action that has already occurred.
    Thinking along planet side mechanics where each region gives you a rough number of players in the region at the moment may be more helpful in giving warning and preventing total surprise.
    This has thematic precedent as well in that 10 people on horse back make noise, dust, and can be detected from a good ways off. As such a individual in a region could reasonably detect the arrival of a large force in the area by said cues and allow them time to decide to run or make a stand.
    A the moment there is no way to know these things as the field of view is so small and perspective fixed.
    There is no defensive preventative opportunity or option and as such offensive actions are heavily favored.
    This is different from the siege mechanic with which you can specify a window of time in which any sieges on your city can occur thus giving an edge to the defender in picking a prime time for their activity.

    I would like to see a simple number or colored ball in the corner of the screen that indicates the population density of the general area you are in. Yes this can be used to pre-emptively run from an ambushing force, but can also be used by the force to track the direction of the runners. -and fits with a world where you can see more than 50' in any given direction.


    @GreatValdus I don't want people to move their stuff as that would be counterproductive but instead it would make it possible for them to defend their belongings instead of the city being raided 5 am


    I don't like that, one of the best things about these games is the lack of security where you go farm. You can go in a group to farm, you have sheriffs,... the player should regulate that.


    I always thought the human planet was going to have pvp zones. Areas you knew you would be pvping if you crossed into it. These were part of SWG as well. They were largely unused but people knew they could go into them and what to expect. Another system everyone seemed to love was the ability to throw up an outpost for your faction ie rebel or imperial. News go around the server quickly that one was up and both sides would rush to the area. Destroying it was great reward for the attackers. It cost alot to put the outpost down for the defenders and was hangout complete with faction vendors if I remember correctly. These were rare so they were camped by the defenders 24/7. Since it was server wide it wasn't a problem finding players to sit around the clock. These could be bounty hunter camps or outlaw camps for this game.

    I don't like "crimes" being allowed in a game world because there is no real crime/punishment system implemented that serves true justice. Punishments become simple annoyances for the perpetrators.

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