Feudal System could be an option to small group of players


    The winter alpha test is coming and the changes in cities are big. But with this new change a great problem comes too in my point of vision. I play with a small guild and not feel well play with different people from another guillds and I guess that exist other players like me, the system of centralize players in cities is amazing because in the last test a lot of cities was abandoned, however is hard to one guild try to manage people from another guilds, for an example if I am a governor and put to people of determined guilds not use my workbenchs it will generate rage. In the last alpha test I played in a city that it happened and it is not good, the other guilds just played to themselves and do not helped, they used all resources and we don't fought because we was outnumbered and without equipments.

    An idea that I thought is use a system like LiF used.
    Will have a capital city like the one of 36 mentioned in video that will get taxes from small cities. Inside of this capital city territory will have few small cities and villages. The amount of resources will be relative to the size of the city.

    The number of capital cities could be few in the Myr's continent and it will generate a big content for big guilds that want glory and there is a great problem to these guilds too because they can be attacked for another big guilds or medium ones that live around.

    Explaining the taxes. The capital city receive taxes from small cities and small cities receive taxes from villages. The taxes could be gold or resources and if the city or village do not pay it can generate a war. Will be fun how cities will deal with that rebels.

    It's an idea and I don't know if it will be a good choice because it could unbalance the game to outnumbered guilds, but is a way to small guilds that want to play without join a city with strangers. Thanks and sorry for my english.

  • I got the general idea and i like it.

    As we can see people like the concept to manage the city by players only but in the other hands some want to be 'free'.

    So this king of feudal system looks good.
    and bigger the city is more facilities you will have inside.
    Wich mean small hamlet will depend of villages. and villages of the city.


    After release, you will be able to play in Arboreus and have all the space you need for soloing, without competiting with any other big guild.
    I think this os the answer you're looking for...


    I would just like to make a small note here. 🙂

    If you are the governor workbenches aren't "yours", nothing in city is "your".

    All citiy resources are public property and belong to every citizen. You are just city employee, hired to manage the city and as such you can also be replaced.

    You do have some tools to tweak the rules as governor, but do not mistake ownership of things. Things belong to the public and if you "generate rage" you might get replaced if people arent happy. 🙂

    Starting role as governor isnt in any way permanenet and 100% secure. That would be pay to win. You just bought into "starting position". Have in mind things can change if you will do a poorjob as governor.

  • As long as devs don't change the current alliance system, what you're saying is exactly what will happen naturally at release, regardless of such a system being implemented or not. Small guilds will not survive on their own, so they have to join alliances. The best alliances will be those led by big hardcore guilds. In order to join such an alliance you have to contribute with something: join zvz, gather and donate % of income, whatever. Small guilds will have small towns, large guilds will have large towns. If we can set perms to crafting buildings, most big towns will be open because this generates traffic and income.


    @dallonz88 I didnt said that I not enjoy the pvp, my problem is play in the shadows of a big guild that will do all to a small guild do not grow up. If the governor put the taxes to all no citizen pay to use the workbenchs all small groups will be in disadvantage. I just want to enjoy the game with my group without reasons to play with them. Everybody nows that all big guilds will do all that they can to get resources from solo player and small groups.


    @Razvan A real comment from a player of great guilds. At this moment the game is making you depend of the guilds that dominates cities.


    @Gothix Its a good point, but if the governor put the taxes by your own wish and nominate the citizens the city is yours. We can substitute the governor, but all governors belongs to big guilds with sometimes 80+ players. Tell me how small guilds without comunication can substitute them. Sincerely is impossible to guilds with few players try to change it. Another thing that difficult is "if I put all my guild members in external part of the city using the empty plots I do not need to share the city with another players", but you need to pay some gold, but at certain point everybody will can pay 2000 gold for a plot., to be sure is easy get it.


    Hamlets depending on villages and villages depending on cities is already what happens with this system.

    Obviously if your guild is small, you will HAVE to join an alliance if you want to manage a city. There is nothing wrong with that.
    If you don't think that you can manage a city with multiple guilds, then let someone else do that. Being able to band together agains the bigger fishes is part of the challenges that this game offers.

    Personally I'm in a small guild and right now we are actively looking for allies for the next test.


    @Elex that's exactly what I tried, even before this last spotlight, to think about in THIS TOPIC and other people are suggesting here: an economic alliance between smaller guilds should work, trying not to give big guilds the possibility to outnumbers other citizen groups.

    We just need to learn the best way to do that... And I think this alpha-test will be a great opportunity to do so!


    In SWG our city was the home of several guilds. Since the city system allowed for the election of a player to the town mayor spot each guild ran a player and the winner ran the city until the next election. Usually the larger guild won the race but not always. It depended upon who could get the mot players from their guild to actually vote lol. Point is I don't see how the system in this game could not run the same way. Several guilds could band together to keep a city going since anyone can be a citizen. Am I missing something?

  • Content Creator

    An Alliance based city would actually appeal to my own Guild. The DnDeviants currently only has 3 people in its roster, myself, my sister, and my girlfriend, and we're primarily focused on PvE, Skilling/Crafting play over PvP/Heavy Combat focused play.

    One skill we share, especially me and my sister, is a dedication to quickly build up city buildings in an obsessive way. We were known, in previous tests, to go around and help finish buildings all over town in fact, not just our own plots.

    We would like to grow to the point that we could eventually have a town of our own, but barring that, a good alliance with like minded guilds of a smaller stature would work out really well for our style of play.

    I typically play a Mage/Arcanist, with a definite interest in a Bard type build if that becomes a workable thing. As to my favorite skills to focus on, I prefer to be the group's Enchanter, Gathering, sorting, and utilizing reagents. I also enjoy mining.
    My sister, Stormbug, plays our Fighter/Gladiator type, and smithing and leather crafting are her skills of choice, with her also being a big fan of mining.
    My girlfriend, SophiaStarr, plays another Mage, with the Sorceress type being her leaning, and she loves the Farming aspect of gaming. She also clocks the least hours of Alpha Testing currently of the 3 of us.


    At the moment, the only risk is that a big guild could take control out of the others outnumbering citizens, and I think there's no way yet to prevent that...

    An alliance city will be made, indeed, I just don't know if there are already projects like this one


    Well, at the moment I think that no big guilds will make an alliance between them, but if you imagine a scenario when 3 big guilds make an alliance to get technologies (it will be necessary to unlock some techs), this scenario can't be changed. A lot of things should be explained, so I'll go wait for it. I was just trying to imagine possibilities that it do not occur or it will be like Albion Online.

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