What makes Fractured different?

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    What makes Fractured different than other games? Other games have impressive player economies, house building, etc, so what makes Fractured different?

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    I’m debating whether to invest in Fractured, get ESO, get Archeage Unchained, or get BDO.


    @Chenny2025 technically you can‘t debate about tastes.
    And you even can‘t debate about technical review, since Fractured still is at its core feature tests.
    Comparing is not really possible in this cases.

    What we can debate about is, if the supposed Gamedesign is better/not better than other games.
    Fractured surely does not discover a next new wheel, it takes ideas from previous games, digital and P&P. The thing we can rate is the whole concept.
    In my opinion the whole design with having a player driven world that combines all play styles is something that many other studios tried, but never delivered, because they wanted to design it as one world for all player. Dynamight is going another path. The 3 Planet system is an quite good idea with a good chance that it can work well.

    I am here, because it would make me super happy to have a game, where i am able to play with absolutely carebears and hardcore PVPler aswell. Their design idea is promising, all we can do is crossing fingers, that it works.

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    Not saying that an Isometric Sandbox has never been tried before, but ultimately, that is the ideals that make Fractured something new and different.

    A non-level based progression system where it is more about what you know, and how you activate your build on a given day/quest than how long you've been playing the game, and what magic gear you've accumulated from raids sets Fractured apart from most current game play.

    Another element that makes this game more unique is the unlinked banking system, so players must physically transport materials from one part of the gameworld to another, creating a real merchant/trade economy simulation system. This combined with all gear being player generated using said materials, and the fact that some materials are going to be primarily exclusive to certain areas, or even worlds will give the whole thing a rich dynamic feel for the inner trader in many of us.

    The closest game to what they are doing right now out there seems to be RuneScape 3/Old School RuneScape, and already Fractured has many elements that are an improvement on those games for immersion. The RuneScape games still have a leveling system, although it is skill leveling, not individual character leveling itself. RuneScape 3 also has the teleport nodes around their world, which although convenient in that game, would take away from the commerce advantage I discuss above in this one. RuneScape does have some magic items that burn out/get used up periodically, but not to the extent that Fractured is planning I think.

    Overall, Fractured appeals to the old school MMORPGer in me that most modern games are moving away from, but still takes advantage of superior graphics and beautiful fight scenes.


    The "three worlds, three playstyles" feature makes Fractured quite unique in my opinion.

    The no "leveling" aspect is also different from the other games you mentioned.

    However the other games you mentioned are already fully launched. If you are looking for amount of current content, Fractured would not be able to compare at the moment since it is in Alpha Testing stage instead of fully released.

    Personally I would only play Fractured out of the games you listed even though we don't have full released servers yet, but that is because I don't like the other games/studios 🙂


    Obviously I am here because I am a supported of the concept and vision of the devs for Fractured.

    That being said, if you want to play a game right NOW then what makes Fractured different is unfortunately that it is still in the Alpha state. You won't be able too play Fractured for a while, although you will be able to participate in the testing. If you choose to buy into Fractured YOUR input on the game as it progresses could have an impact on the final release. The devs has consistently shown a willingness to listen to the player base and are responsive to the community's concerns.

    Good luck with your decision, hope to see you around.

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