Where is the Feature Spotlight dedicated to Technology?


    This is from an old thread, and I think we've all been waiting patiently to see more of the steampunk world of the humans, and technology in general. This comment is 100% my reason behind backing Fractured in the first place, and some updated info would be rather nice. What are the body enhancements humans are going to have? What types of mechanizations will we be able to implement into our cities, and our mounts and our weapons? I mean, we've been waiting almost 3 years for the promised update to this.

    @Prometheus said in Artifacts and Technology:

    Very interesting question, @BillyWaterlow! We have several Feature Spotlights scheduled before the one dedicated to technology, so I can't reveal much today. I'll drop some hints:

    • The human world has a "steampunk" setting, so you should expect machinery far beyond those of a medieval world. You should imagine the societies of beastmen and demons being close to ancient ones, while humans live in a feudal society with 1800-like tech. Quite of a daring concept, I know, but it's part of the whole idea of "three races, three gameplays". We want Fractured's three planets / races / societies to feel really worlds apart.
    • Machinery will make human NPC production buildings (erected in player-run towns) far more effective than those of beastmen and demons.
    • Technological implants can empower human bodies too, yes!

    On a side note, it's true that humans have unrestricted alignment, but they don't have access to more schools of magic and/or combat compared to the other races - it's just their characters being more balanced. The "tech" provides different advantages - the ones I've hinted to above :slight_smile:

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    As i understood, the Technology will come later. The Spotlights we have is about the core system. Technology was in my opinion some Addon.
    Since Technology will be maybe more an „endgame“ feature. Knowledge that we need to get discovered.
    Technology is surely something that is Crafting related.
    Even for Crafting, we didn‘t got a direct Spotlight. 😉
    Technically we miss Spotlights about much other things that will come up with time. There are several Addons, that we just got explained partly in Kickstarter and in the Q&As.


    Then I'll repeat the same question that reply up there was supposed to be the answer to, for if it is true that technology is going to be more of an endgame feature, then why this?

    @BillyWaterlow said in Artifacts and Technology:

    Only recently found this game which seems like it will be extremely interesting. I saw how the Human race has to start without the specific predetermined skill boosts. whilst coming away from it with no allignment lock, and access to far more paths of technology, skills, and magic however with somewhat of a limit on primal energy reserves. What i'd like to know is how the technology, artificery, and artifacts will all work, from what i've gathered they will serve to get humans and others on an even playing field by some point. some theorycrafting, i'd be up for that.

    (Bolding mine for emphasis, strikethrough for incorrect info)

    For we are indeed limited to start out with, and can't seek to use that which is supposed to balance us with the other races that aren't limited, why would it take till endgame to balance that?

    I also have to agree, we are missing the spotlights for the rest of it too.... but dammit, I really want to see more of the Steampunk world they've promised us but haven't even given any hint of since 2017 with this post, and the penis cannon post I have yet to see anything since then.


    Once again, KUDOS to @Greenfire for asking a great question!

    I had missed that part of the Spotlight altogether, so haven't been really thinking that far ahead.

    I'm hopeful that the original vision of @Prometheus & the devs will reveal itself more and more concretely as new 'blocks' of game code are put in place. Now that you've raised this, I'm really psyched to see what the Syndesian cities will look like once more features have been created.

    I agree that it would be non-constructive to put technology to one side for an 'end-game' feature. People who want to play humans will do so because of the features of the human world/build.

    But even if the devs don't have the steampunk tech stuff working for THIS test, it's fun to imagine where they might take it as the development continues! And really happy about a community of players who ask constructive questions and point out potential problems!!


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    @Greenfire shhhhh, all will be good.
    But i am agreeing, they should explain the cannon!

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    Since we're only getting to Alpha test Humans at the moment, it would be a bit silly to jump ahead to those features that balance out the humans to the other races. I think the company is smart in holding off on addressing any kind of direct spotlight on such features until testing starts on other races in the game, so that we can then contrast those other races with the humans and the tech that is supposed to put them on an even footing.

    Yes, we've been waiting since 2017 for more info, but there has been steady improvement, and steady testing once that started, with actually far far less down-time than most games of this type usually have. They seem to be making progress, albeit a little slower on some things than some people might have originally expected. The thing is, they really do need to get the CORE of the game nailed down, which they are already starting to do with Combat, House-building, and Skills already started, Town Building and Talent Trees next, so give it time.

    I know we're all chomping at the bit to get as much out of this game as possible, there was a big promise to this game, over many others out there, and we who kickstarted the game really want to see that fruit of our dreams spring from the bowers of the Dev's imagination. Just let the fruit ripen properly before you ask to bite into it, will ya?


    because 3 years of waiting for even some concept material isn't patient enough....

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    @Greenfire take it as excuse, they are small, they was busy in developing, they did not had a CM for a good while. They can‘t divide themself into clones. Yeah you can‘t take this always as an excuse, but it is as it is.
    They just got Specter to help out with the community stuff. So give them time now to prepare that stuff. They just have 2 more weeks and the game needs to run stressless at the date. Usually while the tests are running there is a bit more space for. In this time they also placed mostly sich things like Q&As, where they answer some questions.
    Maybe someone should summarize them 😉


    I'm seeing Demons and Furries as a "minmax" races, where you chose your prefered schools, and chose race to fit those and minmax in that direction.

    Humans on the other hand I see as versatile race, no affinities, more equal stat distirbution possible, and then technology implants added to push you towards specific school needs.

    When you want to change the school, you change the implants you are using.

    In this way, you can never be as good in specific school as demon or furry minmaxer, but in exchange, you can be very good in any school you choose, and you can switch around as you wish.

    That's at least my hope.


    i'd love to see the community have to unlock tech stuff. bring back the RTS stuff. think age of empires where you have 1 person stuck in the stone age while another is progressing to information age.

    Played a mmo back when and the developers put out a mini-content to unlock a new race. it ended with needing to put some materials into a tree. 1 person in the community wrote up that i could be 1 of 9 possibilities and 1 server tried and it failed. that person said they're about 90% sure it was x pattern. our server tried that and it unlocked the new race!

    it was a fantastic community building event!

  • @Jetah said in Where is the Feature Spotlight dedicated to Technology?:

    i'd love to see the community have to unlock tech stuff. bring back the RTS stuff. think age of empires where you have 1 person stuck in the stone age while another is progressing to information age.

    Empire Earth maybe? 😛

    Anyway, how would that work? Per city? Per island? Per world?


    @Razvan Maybe all together?
    Each city will progress on its own in technologies they can craft and use in the city, but there will be regions that will "soft-lock" you, for example you can "reasearch" into Tier 2 technologies, but it will be all the slower if the other cities in the same region don't have around the same as well.
    As an example
    You could have a continent with 100 cities
    Each region would be 10 cities
    In order to progress into Tier 2 you have to have the respective tier 1 technology and for it not to be slowed down by advancing into tier 2, at least 2 other cities have to have the tier 1 tech. On the other hand, if 6 or more cities in the region already have the said tech in Tier 2, it will speed up the progress of the city trying to advance into the same tech. This would ensure that the regions don't progress too fast unless they cooperate and that in a given region no city is really left behind.
    If the devs are afraid of human tech to be advancing too fast, they can always set a hard cap on continents as in - if the continent doesn't have at least 5 regions at Tier 2 - Tier 4 will be unavailable and Tier 3 will be heavily penalized in terms of progression.
    If game population would be the concern - they can make the ruleset so it only takes into consideration cities that are active and populated.


    trust me... i am a professional!

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