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  • So far melee warriors can use small, medium and large 2h weapons.

    Casters have melee 1h "caster weapons and unarmed" and ranged 2h caster weapon.
    Is there also planned ranged 1h weapon (wand-like thing) and/or caster offhand (something like shield - I know one can use small shield while casting most spells, but while shield is purely defensive, offhand might be pure offence, or at least give such offhand only offensive enchants). Or would it affect balance too much?



    dual wand wielding 🙂


    Well there could be pletora of things to use as off-hands - sorts of catalysts that could either be universal or focused on a specific school of magic; like elemental catalysts focused on improving spells of respective element, voodoo dolls boosting hexes and necromancy, charms to boost divination and restoration, incense containers, etc.

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    @Ostaff said in Caster offhand:


    dual wand wielding 🙂

    I would love that

  • @Meiki Would love that as well, but anything would do - main thought is shields are defensive, offhands offensive


    I would rather see hand-to-hand combat aided by magic quite frankly,
    or perhaps daggers and other magic related stuff, like orbs and pocket sands.

  • @Zori many spells have "unarmed" jako caster weapon, so why not; wonder whether Enchant will be able to enchant your hands with elemental dmg just like weapons.


    Magic daggers in combination with bare hand (your wrist) for blood magic.

    Wand and book (classic) stuff.

    Voodoo doll (main hand) and pin (offhand) - there is no point combining voodoo doll with wand

    Book and bare hand.

    2 bare hands.

    You know... stuff that makes sense.

    I would set a predefined list of combinations that would "work"... and unless you use such combo you would be unable to cast.


    I don't think that would be in the spirit of "sandbox" and "classless" systems. Like you can use a wand as a focus point for a spell, while using voodoo doll as catalyst for the spell. The same can go for a spell tome and charm, spell tome would be the focus point helping to bring the spell take form and charm as catalyst to help to empower it and maintain its proper properties. Charms can also be very different in nature - you can a charm made out of bones that would help with "matter and death" spells, charm made out of ancient wood helping with "nature and life" spells, charm made out of feathers woven together helping with "enchanting and air spells" or made out of the skin of many creatures helping with "transmutation and illusion" spells. You could even just have a bundle of potent herbs bound together by ivy that could boost restoration, poisons, etc. As there are thousands of different "schools" of magic there are thousands of options on what and how to use as focus point and catalyst. It would also give it more of a freedom of choice. But all-in-all there is no reason to overcomplicate it so we can just stick to main hands, offhands and stuff that can be used as both - wands, tomes and as such - all with different bonuses, merits and even some downsides. Like staves could boost the potency of spells much more then the other tools at hand, but at a price of higher costs for example.

  • I don't really like the idea of an offhand which increases the damage/effectiveness of a certain magic school because it will make it even more obvious what kind of build the person you're fighting with has. It doesn't really matter when you find someone and fight them, but it might make a big difference in small scale pvp and diving -> one person scouts the enemies and rest of the group takes builds which will negate the enemy nuker as much as possible.

    These being said, I can see non-shield offhands being a thing: magic artefacts that give mana, cdr or damage. Horns which give very short but powerful buffs to the whole party. Flags that give small buffs and act like auras in Diablo2, but don't stack. Bucklers, which give a small passive bonus to both offense and defense. Parrying daggers, which can reset all enemy cooldowns.

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