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    I present to you my refuge. Built with little time (2 days) since I entered this Alpha late and it was difficult for me to get the necessary gold quickly, however I am more than satisfied with the result obtained.

    Initially I put this topic on the contest forum but later I realized that I already had an access key πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ which I obtained by purchasing a founder pack so I deleted it and brought it here simply to share.

    I hope you like it!





    Materiales para piso.jpg

    Piso terminado.jpg

    Columns, walls and doors






    Exterior 2.jpg

    Furniture and workstations

    Muebles 1.jpg

    Muebles 2.jpg

    Deserved rest


    I really enjoyed the whole process, from resource gathering, transportation, and creation.

    To think that this is an Alpha state, is promising all it has to offer in the future.



    @Chapex yeah, I am with you. After finishing building a house of that size, I just had to lay down and go to sleep as well!!!! Hope you didnt get too burnt laying that near the campfire!!!

  • I was a bit bored so I made some quick png with the deer on transparent background instead of white in case you want to use it, so it looks more like in the screenshot below.
    the one you used with transparent background:
    above, but with slightly modified horns:
    above, but with semi-transparent background inside the circle
    alt text


    @Ostaff Housing in Fractured is not an easy task!


    @Razvan Amazing, looks perfect! πŸ‘


    Why are you sleeping outside of your property fense though? That's unsafe bruh πŸ™‚


    @Gothix said in Building a home:

    re you sleeping outside of your property fense though? That's unsafe

    You must never have visited my place. It was unsafe to even sleep INSIDE my house! lol.. I'd be snoozing away, dreaming of the wonderful riches that I would find when my dreams would be rudely interrupted by a Treant looking through my log pile, or a Dire Wolf eating all the food I had stored in my large chest by my fireplace, or a Wisp playing tag with me!!!


    @Gothix I was lucky to find a plot away from curious NPCs, not too much but enough to relax outside and rest under the stars!


    @Ostaff Next to my parcel was an abandoned construction on the foundation stage. I think the owner did not like to discover that in the center of it was the spawn point of a very bad-tempered black wolf!

    On another occasion I stopped by a house in which I decided to enter to see if I could make use of an enchanting station. I made sure to close the doors well while inside to avoid surprises, what I did not expect while inspecting the workstation was to be attacked by a hungry wolf who apparently had the ability to break through the walls!

    I think those kinds of things should definitely be corrected in the future.

    The option that only the property owner, co-owners or guests can open the doors to enter (some privacy is never left out) and prevent NPCs from going through closed doors and walls.


    @Chapex said in Building a home:

    On another occasion I stopped by a house in which I decided to enter to see if I could make us

    seriously!! Though I also must say that I think my house was out to get me. Why, even in the very beginning while building the floor, I happen to get killed by a hungry stray direwolf only to respawn right back at the point but unable to get my corpse because..... wait for it...... wait for it.... MY FLOOR POPPED UP AND KEPT ME FROM IT!! from them on out, I could have sworn I saw ghosts and heard strange noises around the place!!! Warning to all: I definitely would not build my place next to an undead camp!!!!!!


    @Ostaff the dangers out there are realπŸ’€πŸ‘»πŸΊπŸ•·πŸ•Έ


    @Chapex This is awesome! How long does it take to build a house? Is it a quick process or is this over the course of days?



    depends now big the house is, there are different plots with different sizes.

    if I remember correctly, there were 3 stages to house building.

    1. Foundation stones (requires boulders) - they're very common within the game so theres nothing to worry about when ti comes to looking for em.
    2. Foundation pillars - requires a fair bit of wood planks, common as well.
    3. Walls - requires lots of wood as well.

    What I'd suggest you do is to make sure that you have some cotton/turn into cloth (forgot the actual name) before you travel with the intention to make a house cause it is one of the requirements to make a hand cart. moving building blocks would be easier then.

    The entire process would probably take you an hour or two, If you have people helping it'll naturally be much faster.

    There was also a Q&A suggesting that different type of stone and wood would give a different appearance to your house, some are supposedly rarer than others or on a different planet.


    @Hilgard Thanks Hilgard!

    Building a house in Fractured is something that requires a little more time and effort than most video games that include this option.

    In relation to how long does it take to build a house like the one in my images?

    Well, it depends on many factors. It is difficult to establish a general rule since the process will depend on each one.

    We are going to analyze it in general line.

    • First, it is about collecting enough gold to claim the land where it will be built. This aspect will depend on how self-sufficient the player is in the event that he plays in solitary mode or if he is going to count on the help of other players since obtaining gold implies facing enemies, defeating them and obtaining the gold they carry on them.

    • Following, with the gold in our inventory it is time to find that plot that fits our wishes, for this purpose one must go through the maps in search of that place and it is at that moment that one faces 2 obstacles, the enemies to face along the way during exploration and competition from other players who are looking for the same thing.

    If during the search your character dies, everything in your inventory is available to be collected, by yourself when you return to the corpse, by another player, or simply disappears after a set time. In the event of not arriving on time or another player going ahead, it will be necessary to start the gold collection process again.

    • Third, once the plot is purchased, the construction stage begins. This is summarized in the need to find the sources of resources (stone and wood for the general construction of the house and ropes, fibers and other types of creations for the furniture and work stations), collect these resources and transport them. This process requires a minimum of exploration in the area surrounding our plot, which means having to confront aggressive enemies at times, and as one advances and consumes resources, one will have to continue expanding the search area since the exhausted resources have a time waiting to be available again.

    All of these factors make the time required to complete the task very variable.

    In my case, the entire process was 4 game sessions, over four days, two days trying to get the necessary gold, 2 days to buy the plot, collect resources and build, all alone.

    I hope this information is helpful.



    4 days isn't that bad earning your way to your first house. My first house in UO took me about 6 months. Then again back then you had to wait for someone else's to fall lol.


    @Farlander Six months! OMG

    My worst experience creating a house of my own was at FFXIV.

    Acquiring it requires a huge amount of in-game money and the system itself is a nightmare.

    The locations are instantiated (exclusive maps and separate from the rest of the game world maps) and the amount of available spaces is limited. The only way to be the owner is to be in the right place and time to make the purchase, competing with a large number of players doing the same.

    The houses available are those that are abandoned for a long period of time or that are simply available because the owner decided to move, that's where a totally insane system comes into play.

    The available lot is advertised as such and enters a waiting queue with a timer invisible to players and with a random duration during which it remains locked for purchase until the waiting time expires.

    Once the time expires, the first player to interact with the interface and make the purchase keeps the lot. This translates into groups of players sitting in front of the lot for hours or days spamming the sale sign to be the first to buy, the rest who fail to do it at the right time have to find another location and start again.

    Really a sick system that generates an unhealthy stress and level of competition since many guilds usually rotate between members to make permanent guards which is impossible for a solitary player.

    Despite everything, I managed to acquire a lot and build my house, a really strange experience, the satisfaction of getting it and the feeling of a very unpleasant experience at the same time.

    Honestly, something I would never do again.


    Honestly. The open floor plans are dreadfully awful to look at and every player posted image didn’t make it look better. Everyone tried their best, but there is no helping these open bay designs. Who has a giant open bay for a house and thinks it’s a great place to live? A warehouse has more walls than these floor plans. They suck.



    In a 3D game with the ability to have first-person view and camera rotation, the presence of internal walls in a building tend to be much more relevant.

    In an isometric view game this becomes a little more relative.

    It is not that it is not possible, but the inability to position ourselves in the character's view and rotate the camera make it necessary for the internal buildings and any obstacle between us and our character to have the ability to become invisible during the movement.

    This effect is seen a lot in games of this style and with the same display restrictions, the issue is how efficient it can be in a MMORPG compared to a single player.

    I am not an expert in game engine programming or optimizing them for a massive and online environment, but it makes me think that perhaps it does not result in an addition that helps the performance of server in general.

    On the other hand, the game in the last alpha test offered a certain variety of blueprints for creating houses, some of which allowed creating internal divisions with an access door.

    This added to the fact that when it is in an alpha state, there is the possibility that the house creation system receives numerous improvements and future updates which may even include the possibility of having more than one floor in the building, internal divisions, etc.

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